10 Best Scholarships in Russia 2023-2024 for Study in Russia

Are you searching to Study in Russia? but on Russian Scholarship Programs? at top Russian universities? Yes, there are thousands of Scholarships in Russia for international students of the world, avail of these opportunities and brighten your career. As per information there are fully funded as well as funded Scholarships programs for Short Courses, Bachelors / Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. degree programs in top Russian universities. This article will explain the top 10 Russian Scholarships for Study in Russia.

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10 Best Scholarships in Russia 2023-2024 for Study in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, the homeland of Tolstoy and Bulgakov,  and a student-friendly country. Besides this, thousands of international tourists came to Russia to explore the beauty of Russia. Russia is one of the top study destinations, where international students can avail international opportunities for study in Russia.

If you are thinking about Is Russia good for studies? yes, there are hundreds of internationally top-rated universities in Russia, that are among the top-ranked world universities ranking. There are many reasons to study in Russia like the most prestigious world-recognized universities having qualified faculty in the world. These Russian universities offer international opportunities for domestic & international students of the world.

We have some interesting QnA for Russia Scholarships / Study in Russia

How can I study in Russia for free?

There are hundreds of Funded / Fully Funded Russian scholarship programs offered by the Government of Russia, Russian universities as well as individual organizations. These International Russian Scholarships provide grants to cover the tuition fee, monthly expenses as well as other living costs in Russia during studies. So there is a chance to get free education in Russia if you are an international student.

Study in Russia without IELTS?

If you are thinking, you don't have IELTS / TOEFL certificates, So how can you Study in Russia without IELTS? So, we have good news for you, there are many Russian universities, that accept international students without IELTS / or they can only demand English Proficiency Certificate from your last institutions.

How much does Study Cost in Russia?

If you are thinking about self-finance studies in Russia, Studying in Russia costs very high for international students. The cost of Russian study purely depends upon university, degree program as well as location. But, don't be worried, as Russia is offering a lot of Scholarships to cover your financial burden. Besides this, along with your study, you can also work in Russia according to your University instructions.

Is it cheap to study in Russia?

Studying in Russia is really cheaper compared to the European countries and American universities tuition fees. International Students from all over the world can get an education in Russian Federation in different academic fields & majors. Tuition fee in Russian universities depends on the university location, degree level, field of study as well as academic performance of a student.

Is studying in Russia worth it?

Yes, Russian diplomas are internationally recognized and accepted all around the world countries.

Why study the Russian language?

Study in Russian language is a plus point as it is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the Russian Language improves employment prospects.


List of 10 Best Scholarships in Russia 2023-2024 for International Students

In this article we have gathered 10 Scholarships in Russia for international students can apply in their relevant fields in 2023-2024. There are thousands of Russian scholarship programs for international students for the 2023-2024 year.

Following is the list of the top 10 Russian Scholarships Programs in top Russian universities.

#1 HSE Gold Funding Program for International Students

To study in Russia for international students HSE University in Moscow is funding their education through their Gold funding program. HSE Gold scholarship is available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. students. The course classes are taught in the English language so selected students need to prove their English proficiency if their first language is not English language.

Benefits of HSE University Scholarship

HSE scholarship will give a grant tuition fee of 25% and goes up to 70% to study in Russia. Selected Students are also offered a monthly stipend of 1500 RUB. Candidates can apply to this funding program after getting enrolled in the selected program. To study in Russia official website of the HSE Scholarship is given below:

To Apply - You can read about -  HSE University Scholarship

#2 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scholarships

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the most prestigious University which offers a Ph.D. program for students to study in Russia in 2023. State Ph.D. scholarships in Russia are fully financed and the Russian Nationals are eligible to apply. State Ph.D. positions at MIPT Program are for multiple numbers of faculties but some of the faculties are offering higher grants than others.

Benefits of MIPT Russia Ph.D. Scholarship

The MIPT Scholarship is available for Ph.D study in Russia. The candidates who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program get the grant. The candidate will be required to prove their proficiency in the English language if the program is taught in the English language and proficiency in the Russian language if the program is taught in the Russian language.

To Apply - You can read about - MIPT Russia Scholarship

#3 Eastern European University Scholarship Programs

Eastern European University, Russia is one of the famous Russian universities, that offers international scholarship programs do domestic & international students to enroll in internationally recognized degree programs.

Eastern European University scholarship is available for listed courses and Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree programs of recognized institutions. Candidates will have to prove their language proficiency in the relevant program. Eastern European University Association is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to support brilliant international students from all around the world so that they can pursue their higher education in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Benefits of the International Scholarships of Eastern European University

Eastern European scholarship grant covers the tuition fee and accommodation allowance of those selected students who want to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree programs at any university in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

To Apply - You can read about the - Eastern European University Scholarship

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#4 NRU Scholarship Program for International Students

National Research University Higher School of Economics is offering international scholarship to all world students who want to pursue Undergraduate’s, Graduate’s, and PhD Degree programs. National Research University in Russia provides scholarships to exceptionally deserving international candidates. This Scholarship offers many grants for selected students. NRU Scholarship Program is one of the most competitive and innovative universities in Russia. NRU sponsorship is offered in programs like Law, Business, Finance, Management, Big Data, Economics, etc.

Benefits of NRU Scholarship Program

National Research University scholarship gives grants for up to 70% of the tuition fee and is open for 17 of the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. programs in NRU HSE. The minimum coverage of the NRU Scholarship is 25% of the tuition fee cost. The selected candidates for the scholarship will also get a monthly allowance of 1500 rubles.

To Apply - You can read about -  NRU Scholarship Program

#5 Open Doors Russian Scholarship Program for International Students

Ewha Women’s scholarship program allows female students from developing countries to study for free. Ewha scholarship is awarded to those international students who show strong leadership skills and belong to a developing country. The language proficiency and admission requirement varies from one course to another course.

Benefits of Open Doors Scholarship

Open Doors scholarship holders will get a 100% tuition fee waiver cost and there are more than 300 scholarships. International students from all around the world are welcome to apply to pursue their degrees in the field of Computer Science, AI, Biology, Management, IR, Business, Chemistry, Technology, Linguistics, Physics, Psychology, Engineering, and Economics.

To Apply - You can read about the  Open Doors Scholarship

#6 EMAS Scholarships Program for International Students

Eurasian Management and Administration School offers many scholarships every year. Russia being the top student destination is offering 50 numbers of scholarships to selected students to study Executive MBA or MBA. The EMAS scholarship program is available for both on-campus and online modes. EMAS scholarship award is based on how well the candidate performs in the scholarship test.

Benefits Of EMAS Scholarship

Many different courses are offered with this scholarship to pursue their studies in the fields of Healthcare, Marketing, Finance, Management Strategic, and General management. EMAS scholarship does not need to prove English language proficiency even for the programs that are taught in the English language. A sufficient grip on the English language is necessary in order to secure enrollment and scholarship.

To Apply - You can read about -  EMAS Scholarship

#7 Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Scholarship Program for International Students

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, also known as Skoltech and offers Ph.D. and Graduate’s scholarships to international students from all over the world. Skolkovo Institute scholarship is available for many different fields like Biotechnology, Mechanics, Mathematics, Petroleum Engineering, Space systems, Physics, Life Sciences, etc. Skoltech Institute of Science and Technology is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is MIT and is one of the leading Technology and Science Universities in Russia.

Benefits of Skolkovo Institute Scholarship

The Skolkovo scholarship grant for Master’s covers the full tuition fee and also offers a basic stipend of 40k to 55k rubles, and also includes a monthly insurance allowance. Skolkovo scholarship grant for Post Graduate offers a tuition fee waiver, gives a monthly stipend of 85k to 105k rubles, and medical and health insurance. The number of scholarships for MSc positions is 320 and for Postgraduate is almost 95. The duration for a Graduate degree is 2 years and for the Ph.D. degree is  4 years.

To Apply - You can read about -  Skolkovo Institute Scholarship

#8 Siberian Federal University Scholarship Program

Siberian Federal University Scholarship SibFU has opened up Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. degree programs for a number of its doctoral programs and international and national students are welcome to apply for this scholarship program. The programs offered are taught in the English language. The Postgraduate Degree programs are available in the fields of Metal Forming, Biophysics, Optics, Quantum Chemistry, Urban Design and Planning, and Multidimensional Complex Analysis.

Benefits of Siberian Federal University Scholarship

Siberian Federal University Scholarship offer fully financed grants for both local and international students from all around the globe.

To Apply - You can read about -  Siberian Federal University Scholarship for international student

#9 Finance and Economics Scholarship Program for International Students

HSE is known as a research-based university in Russia and its independent department of ICEF was established in collaboration with the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1997.  The faculty of the University and the education provided here is highly generous and competitive scholarships are offered here every single year to outstanding students. ICEF International College of Economics and Finance of Higher School of Economics in Moscow offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. scholarships program to outstanding candidates.

Benefits of ICEF College Scholarship

ICEF scholarships program is available for international students of all nationalities and gives partially financed scholarship. ICEF scholarships are renewed every year and offer a grant of tuition fee waiver of 15% to 75% cost.

To Apply - You can read about -  ICEF College Scholarship

#10 Russian International Olympic University Scholarship Program

Russian International Olympic University scholarship program is run by Vladimir Potanin Foundation and this scholarship offers 20 Russian Scholarships in Russia to study Graduate sports administration at the Russian university.

Benefits of RIOU Scholarship

The Russian International Olympic University scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation allowance, and a stipend on monthly basis. The RIOU program aims to provide networking opportunities for all students looking to accelerate their careers in sports Marketing and Business.

To Apply - You can read about -  RIOU Scholarship in Russia

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