Russian Government Scholarship 2024 | Fully Funded Study in Russia

After a long time, the Government of Russia Announced the Russian government scholarship 2024 program for international students. Russian Government Scholarship 2024 program is open under the international financial support program - Open Doors Scholarship Russia at Russian Universities. The Russian Government offers these Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. Studies in Russia. There are no application fees to apply.

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Russian Government Scholarship 2024 - Study in Russia

Why Study in Russia?

If we talk about the Russian Education System, It is one of the best higher education systems in the world. Russia has the world's top universities which are the top-ranked academic institutions in the world according to Times Higher Education. All Russian universities are equipped with the latest scientific labs, a world-class research environment with professional faculty.

There are thousands of World-class universities in Russia, with all academic fields and majors are available for Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Studies.  The language of instructions in Russian Universities is Russian and the English language, you can choose in which language you want to study.

There are thousands of international students already studying in different Russian universities from almost all parts of the world. They are enjoying the quality education system and live in Asian & European standard life. Russia is not a very expensive country in the term of living life and education. The education system of Russia, is very affordable, even if you want to study on Self.

Each Russian University has hundreds of university-funded scholarships every year for local and international students from all over the world to study in Russia. Besides this, Every year The Government of Russia offers different Russian Government Scholarship programs for International students every year to free study in Russia.

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About Russian Government Scholarship:

Russian Government announces a scholarship for Russian and international students every year under different financial support programs for local and worldwide students. After the COVID-19 pandemic period, the Russian Government opens the doors for international students to study in top-class Russian universities under the Russian Government Scholarship 2024 program. The talented students with excellent academic records are invited to free study in Russia.

According to authentic information, the government of Russia offers more than 1500+ scholarships for international students from all parts of the world to study in Russia, last year. This year (2024) the Government of Russia also offers more than 300+ Scholarships for International students.

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The Scholarship is announced under the name "Open Doors Scholarship Russia". This Government of Russia 2024 Scholarship provides with the collaboration of the Ministery of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. This scholarship is a funded scholarship that will support the study's expenses in Russia.

This scholarship is available to pursue Masters and Ph.D. Degree programs in top leading universities of Russia. Students can choose any of the top universities to avail of this opportunity to free study in Russia. All academic fields and majors are available under Russian scholarship for international students in 2024.

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Host Country: Study in Russia

Host University: Multiple Universities of Russia

Scholarships Offered By: Government of Russia Scholarship Program - Government Funded

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs in multiple fields.

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What are the benefits of the Russian Government Scholarship?

As the Russian Government is a funded scholarship for international students in 2024 at different Russian universities. It has the following benefits as given below:

  1.     The government of Russia will pay you all university tuition fee, means 100% tuition-free scholarship.
  2.      If you want to study in the Russian Language, the Russian Language Course will be offer to you free of cost.
  3.      A governmental scholarship will offer.
  4.      You can apply to multiple universities for this scholarship.

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What Subjects are available for Study in Russia?

    In the last year, there are about 11 subject areas are offered under the Russian Government Scholarship. This year, the Government of Russia offering 14 different subject areas for Masters Track and Ph.D. Track.

  1. Biology & Biotechnology
  2. Computer & Data Science
  3. Mathematics & Artificial intelligence
  4. Business & Management
  5. Politics & International Studies
  6. Neuroscience & Psychology
  7. Physical Sciences
  8. Linguistics & Modern Languages
  9. Chemistry & Materials Science
  10. Economics & Econometrics
  11. Engineering & Technology
  12. Clinical Medicine & Public Health
  13. Earth Sciences
  14. Education

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Russian Government Scholarship?

The Application Criteria for Russian Government Scholarship under  "Open door Russia" are very simple and clear. You just have to follow the following points to become eligible as follows.

  1.      The Applicant must be an international student from any part of the world.
  2.       Russian Citizenship holders are also eligible for this scholarship if he/she is living abroad outside Russia.
  3.      The Applicant must hold a Bachelors/Undergraduate Degree for Masters Track Degree from a recognized institution.
  4.      The Applicant must hold a Masters Degree for Ph.D. Track Degree from a recognized institution.
  5.      For more information, please read the eligibility criteria of the university where you are applying.

What Documents are Required for Apply?

 The list of documents is given below:

  1. The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
  2. The highest degree Transcript verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
  3. Recommendation Letters
  4. Passport Scan
  5. CV (Curriculum Vitae) - How to write a professional CV - HERE
  6. Photographs
  7. Personal Statements
  8. For more information please check the official requirement during the application online.

Application Deadline for Russian Government Scholarship 2024

The application deadline to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship is 10th December 2023.

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How to Apply for a Russian Government Scholarship - (Open Doors Project)?

The student has to register on the Application Portal provided by the Russian Government. After that Sign up first, fill the online form according to the requirements and submit your application.

  1. International Applicants are required to create an account first. Online Application Portal
  2. After that, choose the Degree level and Degree Program from the menu.
  3. Proceed further, fill the application form according to the instructions, and complete Signup, you will receive an activation email in your mailbox, activate your account.
  4. Login in to your Application account, Fill the Education Section and upload the academic documents.
  5. Next, you have to choose 1-6 universities where you want to study, you can choose a maximum of 6 universities from the given list.
  6. Submit your application.
  7. You can also visit the official announcement about scholarships.

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