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Searching for Scholarship without IELTS? For Study abroad? We have a good news for you though you want to pursue your Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. Studies Without IELTS Exams. There are hundreds of Top Rated Institutions in the World that offering International Scholarships without IELTS. They are offering funded & fully funded scholarships programs to world wide students in different academic fields and majors for Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. studies. In this article, we have listed 10 Best Scholarships Programs without IELTS.

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10 Best Scholarships without IELTS 2023-2024 | Fully Funded

Want to know about IELTS? IELTS is an English language exam for international students who want to study or work abroad where English is the primary language. Are you interested to Study abroad? Want to pursue your Higher Education? Without IELTS Exams? Now you can study abroad on Funded or Fully-Funded Scholarships with no IELTS Requirements for international students who want to pursue their Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. Degree Programs in different fields of study. In this article, we have listed Fully-Funded Scholarships without IELTS for International Students.

Their dream of everyone is to study abroad, and it is difficult due to either high tuition fee costs or language proficiency exam requirements. So, applicants no longer need to put their goals on hold because we are providing another alternative for international candidates from all across the world.

We have some interesting QnA for Scholarships without IELTS

Can I get Admission without IELTS?

Yes, you can get a Scholarship without IELTS. We are mentioning below a list of Scholarships without IELTS requirements. You can apply for an English Proficiency Certificate and you can Take Alternative English Proficiency Tests.

Which countries offer Scholarships without IELTS?

The following are the best countries for Scholarships Without IELTS certifications.

  1. There are some Australian universities that accept students with English Proficiency Certificates to offer admission / scholarships without an IELTS score.
  2. Malaysia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan
  3. Some EU Countries' universities also offer admissions without IELTS.
  4. Some US & Canadian universities are also included in it.

Which country gives Fully Funded Scholarships?

Following is the list of top countries that offer Fully Funded Scholarships to international students:

  1. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand are in top countries that offer fully funded scholarships without IELTS.
  2. A few countries in Europe Such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Romania & Norway.

Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS?

Yes, International students can now apply for Canadian Scholarships without IELTS. International students can submit IELTS alternative scores to apply for Scholarships in Canada.

Which top university does not require IELTS?

Following is the list of a few universities to Study Abroad without IELTS:

  1. Tsinghua University, China
  2. Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  3. All Universities under MEXT Japanese Scholarship Program
  4. Turkish Universities under Turkey Government Scholarship Programs

List of Top 10 Scholarships without IELTS 2023-2024 in World Universities

In this article, we have gathered the 10 Best Scholarships without IELTS for international students who can apply in their relevant fields in 2023-2024. There are thousands of without IELTS scholarship programs for international students for the 2023-2024 year

Following is the list of the 10 Best Scholarships without IELTS Programs in top world universities.

#1 Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships for International Students

Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the top leading Chinese universities in Harbin China. HIT offers many International Scholarships Programs to World Wide students for short courses, exchange programs, undergraduate programs, masters as well as Ph.D. degree programs in a vast range of academic fields and majors.

Benefits of Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships

HIT offers funded / fully funded scholarship program that covers tuition fee costs, housing, medical allowance, and living expenses.

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#2 Jean Monnet University Scholarships for International Students

Jean Monnet University is one of the most famous public universities in France, that offers multiple degree programs for international students to pursue their Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. degree programs. Jean Monnet University  Scholarships do not require an IELTS score to get admission.

Benefits of Jean Monnet University Scholarships

Jean Monnet University offers multiple International Scholarships Programs with benefits of tuition fee cost, accommodation, yearly stipend etc.

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#3 SIIT Thailand Scholarship for International Students

Every year SIIT (Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology) offers International Scholarships programs twice a year for International Students to Study in Thailand for their Masters & Ph.D. degree programs. International SIIT Scholarships are available for Foreign Students from all over the world. The SIIT does not require an IELTS exam for this scholarship program.

Benefits of SIIT Scholarship in Thailand

SIIT offers Fully Funded Scholarships programs that cover all the expenses of students including tuition, accommodation, medical, travel and research grants during the Study in Thailand.

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#4 Japanese Government Scholarships | MEXT Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Every year Government of Japan announce Japanese Government Scholarship program named as "MEXT JAPANESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS" program in public / private Japanese universities. There are many universities in Japan that does require IELTS / TOEFL for Scholarship or admission. University of Adelaide has multiple financial assistance programs which are totally based on merit and talent. MEXT Scholarships are available to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Postgraduate degree programs in Japanese universities.

Benefits of apanese Government Scholarships

The MEXT Japanese Scholarships in Japan is fully funded scholarships that cover all the expenses of the students during the study in Japan include airfare / other travel expenses.

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#5 Singapore Government Scholarships for International Students

Every year the Government of Singapore offers 900+ International Graduate Scholarships for foreign students. The Singapore International Graduate Award (Singa) is available for Masters, Masters Leading to Ph.D and Ph.D. Degree program in multiple Singaporean universities. 

Benefits of Singapore International Graduate Award

The benefits of Singapore Government Scholarships program is cover the tuition fee , medical, airfare and establishment allowances. This is one of Fully Funded Singapore Scholarship program and does not require IELTS in getting admission in Singaporean universities.

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#6 Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships 2023 For International Students

Tsinghua University is accepting international applications for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2023-2024  for international students to pursue 300+ degree programs. They are offering Undergraduate, Graduates and Ph.D. degree programs in multiple academic fields & majors. The Good News you don't need to provide IELTS at Tsinghua University for admission.

Benefits of Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships

Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship is offered under a Chinese government scholarship that is a fully funded international scholarship program. Successful applicants get scholarships to get tuition fees, medical, housing, and a monthly stipend of RMB 3,000 OR RMB 3500.

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#7 Turkey Scholarships for International Students

Every year the Government of Turkey, Turkish universities, and other Turkish organizations offer 10000+ International Turkey Scholarships program that is available for Short Courses, Undergraduate (including MBBS), Masters & Ph.D. Degree programs. Furthermore, A large no of Turkish universities participates in Turkey Government Scholarship Program. International applicants can apply for scholarships in Turkey without IELTS certification.

Benefits of Turkey Government Scholarships

  1. Turkey Government Scholarships is the most famous Fully Funded Scholarship program in Turkey that covers, full tuition fees, medical, accommodation in the university hostel, monthly stipend according to the degree program as well as Airfare for international students to overcome the major expenses of studying abroad.
  2. Different organizations & Turkish universities offer different financial support to international students depending upon the criteria and funds availability.

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#8 Donghua University Shanghai Government Scholarships

The second most famous Chinese Scholarship named "Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship" was established in 2006 with the aim of providing an advanced international education system in Shanghai universities to foreign students.

Donghua University is participating university in the Shanghai Government Scholarship program that is available to international students who want to pursue their undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs offered at Donghua University. Donghua University does not require an IELTS certificate for admission.

Benefits of Donghua University Shanghai Government Scholarships

The Donghua University Shanghai Government Scholarships program offers Full Tuition fee at the university, Accommodation on the Donghua campus, Medical insurance, and a Monthly Living Stipend for Masters students is CNY 3000 & Doctoral program grant is CNY3500, and for the Bachelors / Undergraduate program, the amount is CNY2500.

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#9 Kazakhstan Government Scholarships For International Students

Every year Kazakhstan Government offers 550+ Fully Funded Kazakhstan Government Scholarships for international students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral studies in different disciplines offered at participating Kazakhstani universities.

Benefits of Kazakhstan Government Scholarships

Kazakhstan Government Scholarship covers tuition fee costs, an international flight to Kazakhstan, a monthly stipend to bear the living expenses, medical insurance, and Kazakhstan visa and registration fees.  Kazakhstan Scholarships does not require an IELTS certificate.

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#10 Taiwan Government Scholarships for International Students

2000+ Taiwan Scholarships 2023 are announced for international students in 20+ Taiwanese universities. These Scholarships in Taiwan universities are available to brilliant international students with outstanding academic performance and research records and ready to solve the problems of real life. Taiwanese universities offer undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. Degree programs in different academic fields & majors on this International Scholarship. The applicant for this scholarship is not needed an IELTS Test Score for admission a Taiwanese university.

Benefits of Taiwan Government Scholarships

The Ministry of education of Taiwan offers Taiwan Government Scholarship with a Full Tuition fee, and Monthly Stipend, as well as there, is no registration fee in some universities. The professors also support international students in their research work by offering personal grants & aid.

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Special Guidelines to Apply for Opportunities

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