University of Birmingham UK Scholarships 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

Do you want to Study in UK? or Looking for Scholarship in UK for your Studies? We have good News! Pack your bag for Study Abroad in UK on International Scholarship 2024-2025 program! Univerisity of Birmingham UK Scholarships 2024-2025 are announced for International students. There are hundreds of Univerisity of Birmingham Scholarships are announced for World Wide students to persue Undergraduate, Masters and PhD studies in all academic fields and majors. The University of Birmingham Scholarship 2024 are here to help students who worry about financial problems during the study. In this article we will discuss multiple University of Birmingham UK Scholarship Programs, its benefits, criteria for apply, available fields for study, application process for apply and deadlines!

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University of Birmingham UK Scholarships 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

About University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham is a leading research university located in the heart of Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK. It's known as the first English civic university and offers a fantastic chance for students. At this university, you not only receive a top-notch education but also get to experience the diverse culture of the UK. Birmingham is known for helping bright students succeed in their education, making sure they can learn as much as possible. If you're an undergraduate or graduate student, you can apply for the University of Birmingham International Scholarship program 2024-2025 in the UK. The university of Birmingham has a large community, with around 23,940 undergraduates and 14,500 postgraduates students around the globe.

In global university rankings, the University of Birmingham, UK is placed at 84th in QS Ranking, highlighting its top reputation for excellence and impact. It is a place where world students can thrive and grow academically. There are hundreds of UK scholarships 2024-2025 available for undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to study / specialize in their field. These scholarships cover all or most of the expenses.

University of Birmingham Scholarships Programs 2024-2025

The University of Birmingham is currently offers hundreds of Undergraduate to PhD Scholarships programs that are university funded, individual organization / foundations funded as well as UK Government Funded. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for these scholarships. There are merit based scholarship and need based scholarships and its open to any International students in any discipline in the UK.

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The aim of these financial support to international students provides the opportunity for students to work together. International students from all over the world can avail study abroad scholarships and study under the top professionals in UK.There are following Scholarships in UK Programs at University of Birmingham are available:

  1. Multiple Region Scholarships & Funding
  2. Africa (Sub-Sahara) Scholarships & Funding
  3. Americas Scholarships & Funding
  4. Asia Scholarships & Funding
  5. Europe Scholarships & Funding
  6. Middle East & North Africa Scholarships & Funding

Over 500 scholarships are available under these programs for students at the University in the UK. These UK scholarship 2024-2025 are for really smart students who've done great in their past studies and have lots of experience in their field.

Host Country: Study in UK (United Kingdom)

Host University: University of Birmingham, UK

Offered By: Funded By University, Individual Organizations and UK Government Funded

Benefits of Scholarship:  Funded / Fully Funded

No of Scholarships: Hundreds of Scholarships

Degree Level: Undergraduate, Masters & PhD Degree Programs in Multiple Fields

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Benefits of University of Birmingham Scholarships in UK

The university provide prestigious international scholarships to recognize exceptional talented students to make sure that worries about money don't stop talented international students from thinking about studying at the UK, University of Birmingham.There are large no of University of Birmingham Scholarships with different benefits as given below:

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Multiple Region Scholarships & Funding

  1. All Saints Educational Trust
  2. Chevening & Birmingham Partnership Scholarships
  3. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
  4. Commonwealth Scholarships
  5. Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship
  6. Gen Foundation Scholarships
  7. Global Masters Scholarships
  8. Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarships
  9. KAPLAN Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  10. Open Society Foundations Grant Programme
  11. Roberto Rocca Fellowships
  12. University of Birmingham CATS Global Schools UK, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  13. University of Birmingham Sports Scholarships
  14. University of Birmingham St Clare's, Oxford, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  15. World Bank Scholarships Program

Africa (Sub-Sahara) Scholarships & Funding

  1. Beacon Scholarship for University
  2. Kenya Higher Education Loans Board Loans & Scholarships
  3. Nigeria Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
  4. Sudan Gordon Memorial College Trust Scholarships

Americas Scholarships & Funding

  1. Argentina BEC.AR Funding
  2. Brazil British Council Women in STEM PG scholarships
  3. Canada Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  4. Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund
  5. Canada Student Loans Program
  6. Chile CONICYT (Comision Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica Y Tecnologica) Scholarships
  7. Colombia COLFUTURO Funding
  8. Mexico CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) Scholarships
  9. Mexico FIDERH Loans
  10. Mexico FUNED Grants
  11. Peru PRONABEC Funding
  12. USA Federal Student Aid / Sallie Mae Loans
  13. USA Fulbright Scholarship
  14. USA Marshall Scholarship

Asia Scholarships & Funding

  1. Bangladesh Birmingham Postgraduate Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
  2. Charles Wallace Trust Bursaries & Fellowships
  3. China Medical Board Next Generation Fellowships  
  4. China Scholarship Council (CSC) - University of Birmingham PhD Scholarships
  5. Hong Kong, Geoffrey Ma Undergraduate Scholarships
  6. Hong Kong, Geoffrey Ma Postgraduate Scholarships
  7. India Birmingham Chancellor's Scholarships
  8. India Birmingham, School of Geography, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Scholarships
  9. India Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
  10. India Inlaks Scholarships
  11. India JN Tata Endowment Loan Scholarships
  12. India Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarships
  13. India Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Program
  14. Indonesia LPDP Scholarships
  15. Kazakhstan Bolashak Scholarships  
  16. Malaysia Birmingham-MABECS Outstanding Achievement Scholarship  
  17. Pakistan Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships  
  18. Singapore Birmingham-Overseas Education Outstanding Achievement Scholarship  
  19. Singapore Birmingham-IDP Outstanding Achievement Scholarship  
  20. Singapore Birmingham-JACK Study Abroad Outstanding Achievement Scholarship  
  21. Thailand Embassy London & Thailand Office of the Civil Service Commission  
  22. Turkey Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

Europe Scholarships & Funding

  1. Europe Birmingham UG Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
  2. Europe Birmingham PG Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
  3. Norway Lanekassen Loans & Funding
  4. Turkey Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  5. Ukraine World Wide Studies (Victor Pinchuk Foundation) Scholarships

Middle East & North Africa Scholarships & Funding

  1. Egyptian Government Research Scholarships
  2. Egypt Qalaa Scholarship
  3. Israel AJA Karten Scholarship
  4. Israel Kenneth Lindsay Trust Scholarships
  5. Qaddumi Foundation Palestine Khutwa Initiative (Formerly HQSF)
  6. Lebanon 'The British Lebanese Association' Scholarships
  7. Middle East and North Africa Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
  8. Oman Government Scholarships
  9. Palestinian Territories 'Higher Education Scholarship Palestine' (HESPAL) Scholarship
  10. Saïd Foundation Scholarship
  11. Saudi Arabia Government Scholarships
  12. Sudan Gordon Memorial College Trust Scholarships

University of Birmingham Dubai Campus Scholarships & Funding

For Dubai Campus Scholarships - Visit Here

Eligibility Criteria for UK, University of Birmingham

For Apply at the University of Birmingham Scholarship Program in the United Kingdom for the 2024-2025 year, you must fullfill the following criteria as given below:

  1. You need to choose a degree program to apply to online through the university official website.
  2. You need fill up the required fields in application form and upload all the supporting documents online
  3. The applicant must complete Higher School for Bachelor’s Degree Program, For Masters He/She must completed the Undergraduate degree as well as for PhD , He/She must completed the Masters Degree.
  4. To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant needs to show outstanding academic abilities. They should provide proof of their excellence in their scholarship application statement
  5. You need to check complete requirements according the required degree program.
  6. The applicant must complete the form carefully and don’t forget to click on submit button.

What Fields are offered by University of Birmingham?

There are multiple degree programs at University of Birmingham, UK for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree programs in below mentioned colleges:

  1. College of Arts and Law
    1.     Birmingham Law School
    2.     English, Drama and Creative Studies
    3.     History and Cultures
    4.     Language, Cultures, Art History and Music
    5.     Philosophy, Theology and Religion
  2. College of Medical and Dental Sciences
    1.     Applied Health Research
    2.     Biomedical Science
    3.     Birmingham Medical School
    4.     Cancer and Genomic Sciences
    5.     Cardiovascular Sciences
    6.     Clinical Sciences
    7.     Dentistry
    8.     Graduate School
    9.     Immunology and Immunotherapy
    10.     Inflammation and Ageing
    11.     Metabolism and Systems Research
    12.     Microbiology and Infection
    13.     Nursing and Midwifery
    14.     Pharmacy
  3. College of Life and Environmental Sciences
    1.     Biosciences
    2.     Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    3.     Psychology
    4.     Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
  4. College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
    1.     Chemical Engineering
    2.     Chemistry
    3.     Computer Science
    4.     Engineering
    5.     Mathematics
    6.     Metallurgy and Materials
    7.     Physics and Astronomy
  5. College of Social Sciences
    1.     Birmingham Business School
    2.     Education
    3.     Government
    4.     Social Policy

Required Documents for University of Birmingham Scholarship

Each degree program requires different documents for apply, so you need to check the eligibility criteria and required documents in before apply. The list of main documents are given below:

  1. A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is also required.
  2. You need to upload the Photo in Admission Portal.
  3. Passport is required
  4. A copy of the last diploma and transcripts (Depend upon the degree for apply)
  5. Motivation Letter in English / SOP
  6. English Proficiency Certificate (Need English Language Tests)
  7. Recommendation Letters are required from last university for Masters and PhD
  8. You may need to provide additional documents.

How to Apply for University of Birmingham Scholarship?

During the application process, students will be asked to upload the above-required documents. following documents:

  1.  All scholarship processes at the University of Birmingham in the UK are conducted online.
  2.  Candidates are required to apply through the official University of Birmingham website.
  3.  To begin the application process, candidates must create an account on the Birmingham University portal.
  4.  After filling out the required form, applicants need to attach the necessary documents.
  5.  Finally, candidates submit their application form electronically through the online portal.

Application Deadline for University of Birmingham Scholarship 2024-2025

There are hundreds of Scholarships, The deadline for each Scholarship application is different, You need to check before apply!

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