10 Best Scholarships for Indian students 2023-2024 | Study Abroad Scholarships

Are you an Indian student? Want to Study Abroad in US / Canada / or European Countries? There is a large no of International scholarships, donations, and financial programs offered for Indian students internationally. Many universities at the international level offer some of the best choices of relevant subjects to Indian students. Studying abroad is expensive so these best scholarships for Indian students can be of great help.

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10 Best Scholarships for Indian students 2023-2024 | Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad is the dream of every student for a bright career, but it is expensive for the self. We have found, the list of best international scholarships for 2023-2024 for Indian students, to overcome their financial burden during study abroad. These Scholarships for Indian students are at top universities in the world, in all academic fields and majors of the current era.

The good news is that, if you don't have an IELTS certificate, you can still avail of these scholarships without IELTS in top world countries and fulfill your dreams. So students must check the requirements / eligibility criteria of the scholarship before applying to know if they qualify for that scholarship. Most of these scholarships are meant for Indian students to study in specific countries and universities. So you can select the best institute based on where you wish to study.

List of 10 Top Scholarships for Indian Students 2023-2024 | Free Study For Indian Students

In this article, we have gathered the top 10 international scholarships for Indian students to apply for in their relevant fields in 2023-2024. Following is the list of 10 top Scholarship programs for Indian students. These Scholarships are Fully or Partially Funded.

#1 Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships

The Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships are for postgraduate students and are awarded by United States India Educational Foundation or USIEF. Indian students can pursue their Master’s Degree Program or Research at any United State Institute. Indian students must have a 4year Bachelor’s Degree along with three years of relevant work experience.

Benefits of Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships

Student selection is based on leadership, community service, communication skills, and motivation toward community building. Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships expenses cover tuition fees, airfare tickets, the cost of textbooks, and a monthly stipend. There are certain areas for which the Fullbright-Nehru fellowships are provided. Students can visit USIEF’s website for further details.

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#2 Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowships

Commonwealth scholarships are provided by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission to deserving Indian students from commonwealth countries wishing to study in the United Kingdom which can make a difference in their countries. India is among one the commonwealth countries, so Indian students who want to study in UK Universities can apply for Commonwealth scholarships.

Benefits of Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowships

Commonwealth scholarship is applicable for Graduate and Ph.D. degree programs in the United Kingdom Universities. Candidates applying must have completed their Undergraduate degree with the medium of instruction must be English. Commonwealth covers expenses of living costs, tuition fees, and airfare in this program.

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#3 Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships Program

Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships is for Indian students who want to pursue further studies in the prestigious Universities of UK, USA, and European countries. Candidates applying are applicable for special courses and degree programs both at the graduate level. Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships program is unique in the sense that these scholarships are available to Master’s, M.Phil, and Doctoral Degree programs.

Benefits of Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships Program

Candidates applying must have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized Indian higher education institute and have 2 years of professional experience. Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and air travel expenses. Candidates must visit the foundation’s website to get information such as eligibility criteria, terms, and conditions as well as the application process.

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#4 Tata Scholarships Program

Tata scholarship program is funded by Tata Education and Development Trust which provides golden opportunity for Indian students who want to study at Cornell University. Only deserving Bachelor’s students who offered admission at Cornell University and show eligibility for need-based financial aid can apply for Tata scholarship program.

Benefits of Tata Scholarships Program

Tata scholarships are given for the entire duration of the undergraduate degree program, which is 4 years. Selected candidates will be given not only tuition fees but also accommodation costs, travel expenses, food, and medical expenses. So, if you are interested, visit the webpage of the Tata Scholarship on Cornell University’s website.

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#5 India Global Leaders Scholarships Program

India Global Leaders Scholarships offered to Indian students to join the prestigious University of Queensland Global Leaders Community to pursue their degrees which can improve their employability afterward.

Benefits of India Global Leaders Scholarships Program

India Global Leaders Scholarships provides opportunity to Indian students who want to pursue their studies at the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law. Indian students can apply for Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees programs for the India Global Leaders scholarships. India Global Leaders scholarship will be given at the start of the 1st or 2nd semester which covers cover tuition fees. Admission will be open in August.

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#6 Felix Scholarship Program

The Felix Scholarship program provides golden opportunity to Indian students as well as students from other developing countries to pursue their postgraduate degree program in the United Kingdom. Felix scholarships is for candidates to pursue their postgraduate degrees programs at three universities in the United Kingdom Universities.

Benefits of Felix Scholarship Program

Felix Scholarships are offered in

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Reading
  3. University of London (School of African Studies)

Indian students from developing countries with first-class Undergraduate’s degrees from a recognized Indian university can apply for the scholarship. Felix Scholarship covers Full course fees, airfare ticket, and living expenses.

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#7 Orange Tulip Scholarships Program

Orange Tulip Scholarships are granted to those students who reside in India and want to pursue further studies in the Netherlands, or Holland. Orange Tulip Scholarships are provided by multiple organizations including educational institutions, government organizations, and multinationals. Indian Students can apply to specific Undergraduate, Graduate, and doctoral degree programs listed on the scholarship website.

Benefits of the Orange Tulip Scholarships Program

Orange Tulips Scholarship is offered in different universities and provides multiple benefits to the selected candidates. Candidates applying must be citizens of one of the countries China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Korea, Russia or Vietnam. As there are multiple Universities offering OTS scholarships so their application process, deadline, and covered expenses vary according to the university that you have selected.

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#8 Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships is a program offered to Indian students to get financial aid for pursuing their MBA from Stanford University, United States of America. Stanford Reliance was created by Reliance Industries Limited to help future leaders to bring a change in Indian Community.

Benefits of Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai provides about 80% of the total attendance fees and associated costs of an MBA at Stanford University are covered for the two-year duration of the degree program. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai covers tuition costs, accommodation allowance, books and supplies, program fees, transportation, and Medical and Health insurance fees. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai scholarship is given to three Indian citizens.

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#9 Charpak Master’s Scholarship Program

Charpak Master’s Scholarship Program provides golden opportunity for Indian students to study in France for Graduate degree program. Charpak Scholarship is run by the Embassy of France in India and available for all fields of study. Charpak offers two types of scholarships under this program.

Benefits of Charpak Master’s Scholarship Program

The Charpak AME scholarship covers accommodation allowance, tuition fees, student visa waiver, and assistance to find accommodation in France.
The second type of scholarship is a Travel Grant which covers airfare ticket, social security, and student visa. Charpak Scholarships are provided for two years of study.  You can get more details through the official website of Campus France.

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#10 Chevening Scholarships Program

Chevening scholarships Program is now open for Indian students and other countries who wants to pursue Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom University. Chevening Scholarships are fully funded scholarship for one-year Graduate programs for all fields at universities in UK.

Benefits of the Chevening Scholarships Program

The Chevening Scholarships program covers Tuition fees, a monthly stipend, round-trip airfare to UK, arrival allowance, departure allowance, and visa application cost. Chevening Scholarships also cover travel grants for attending Chevening events in the United Kingdom.

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