University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2021 in Japan - Funded

Ready? for Funded University of Tokyo, Japan Summer Internship 2021 program? The applications for University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2021 is open now for International talented students from different part of the world. It is funded summer internship 2021 program. No IELTS is required for this prestigious internship program.

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University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2021 in Japan - Funded:

About University of Tokyo or Utokyo:

The University of Tokyo, Japan is one of the top leading public research and famous university in Japan. It is abbreviated as Todai or UTokyo. It is located in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan and was established in 1877, it was the first of the imperial universities in Japan. There are thousands of local and International students study different undergraduate, masters and ph.d. degree programs.

About University of Tokyo Summer Internship:

Every year The University of Tokyo offer annouce different internships program by different departments for world wide international students. Almost all the University of Tokyo internships program offers fully funded internship in japan in diverse fields of studies.

Currently, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, of University of Tokyo, Japan open the doors for their funded Summer Internship 2021 program for world wide students. UTokyo Summer Internship 2021 is one of the best opportunity to do research internship in diverse field of studies. The international applicants who are currently studying in the area/field of Biology Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, IT/Information Technology, Advanced Energy, Ocean Science, International Materials Sciences, Physics as well as Sustainability Science have maximum chances to win this funded internship in japan.

There are about 20 students will be selected for this prestigious internship from all over the world. You don't need any IELTS/TOEFL certificate for apply.  The main aim of the internship is to invites students from different part of the world and provide outstanding opportunities that will enhance the fundamental structure of the universe.

The duration of the University of Tokyo internship program is about 1 month. During this period the applicants will also be able to experience different Japanese culture and world class Japanese technology environment through weekend events and a field trip. There is good news for you, Fellowship (similar to internship) is open in Switzerland. Please read more about Fellowships in Switzerland 2021 - Fully Funded

Host Country : Japan

Research Center:  University of Tokyo, Japan

Fellowship Offered By:  Funded by University of Tokyo, Japan, and Government Research Centers.

Financial Coverage: Funded

Degree Level: Undergraduate/BS Students can Apply.

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What are the Benefits UTokyo Summer Internship 2021?

The UTokyo Summer Internship offers excellent Opportunities for International students to become the part of scientific research projects at many of the world's leading institutions every year. Students who have dream to do a Research at Japan Research Centers will become Participant in Research Work on multiple research areas.

UTokyo Summer Paid Internship 2021 will cover all the expenses during stay and research work in Japan as given below:

Exepnses which will cover by University of Tokyo Summer Internship:

  1.     UTSIP Stipend Amount: JPY 110,000 (JPY 110,000) that is enough for Six Weeks.
  2.     UTSIP offers Free Accommodation that will be offered to selected participants near the university campus.
  3.     Health insurance plan GSFS provides:
    1.         Death or Physical Disability benefits: 1 million yen
    2.         Medical Benefits: 1 million yen
    3.         Liability: 100 million yen
  4.     No Airfare offers to applicants, they have to arrange their air travel expenses by self.

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Addition Benefits of Internships:

  1.     Visits to International Research Graduate Schools and Institutes.
  2.     Information sessions also provided for how to apply to Graduate Schools at Unversity of Tokyo.
  3.     Special seminars and luncheons where students can meet and have discussions.
  4.     Access to UTokyo campus facilities such as the Library, Health Care Center and Gymnasium.
  5.     Japanese cultural events.
  6.     Excursions.

UTokyo Internship Fields - (Participating Area, Major):

Students have to check the following given schools for offering internships. Internships in multiple fields are offered by different departments professors to International Students. The fields for internship is available in the area of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies, IT(Information Technology/Computer Sciences), International Studies, Materials Sciences, Advanced Energy, Ocean Science as well as Sustainability Science Studies.

Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences:

  1. Advanced Materials Science
  2. Complexity Science and Engineering
  3. Advanced Energy

Division of Biosciences:

  1. Computational Biology and Medical Sciences
  2. Integrated Biosciences

Division of Environmental Studies:

  1. Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
  2. Graduate Program in Sustainability Science
  3. Environment Systems
  4. Human and Engineered Environment Studies
  5. Socio-cultural Environmental Studies
  6. International Studies

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Eligibility Criteria for University of Tokyo Summer Internship:

UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program applicants must be undergraduate students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Eligible Countries:  Students from any nationality are elibile to Apply.
  2. Student must be enrolled in Colleges or Universities from any part of World that award a Bachelor’s Degree (or its equivalent).
  3. Applicant must be Undergraduate Student.
  4. Applicant who are matriculating to graduate-level of study at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,  or any other graduate schools at The University of Tokyo as well as elsewhere in Japan can be considered.
  5. A letter of English Proficiency Certificate will be accepted which will specifying that you are taking your your bachelors education in English which is issued by your home university.

 Other Requirements:

  1.     To devote full effort in participation in the University of Tokyo Summer Internship program organized by UTSIP.
  2.      In addition, all participants must be able to attend the program for its entire duration.
  3.     To live in the accommodation provided by UTokyo.
  4.     To participate fully in the day-to-day life of the research group, respect the work of all members of the laboratory, and attend and participate in laboratory meetings or other gatherings.

Required Documents for Apply:

  1.     Portrait Photo
  2.     Scanned copy of Passport or ID card
  3.     Resume/CV and Cover letter
  4.     Academic Transcript
  5.     Questionnaire
  6.     Proof of your English Proficiency Certificate from your home university.
  7.     Two Recommendation Letters

How to Apply for UTokyo / University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2021:

Students have to apply online for this internship program through UTSIP online application system. To apply for the UTSIP Internship 2021, Please Visit the UTSIP Summer Internship - Official website

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Application Deadline for University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2021:

 The last date to apply for the University of Tokyo Summer Internship in Japan 2021 is 1st, February 2021. Wish you all the best dear students to win this funded internship in Japan.

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