Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021 - Fully Funded for International Students

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) 2020-2021 Program is Fully Funded Scholarship Program under the World Bank Scholarship Program 2020-2021 with the Collaboration of Japan, the USA and African countries for International Students for Study in Africa, USA, and Japanese Universities. Joint World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021 is now available for applications for foreign students. International Joint Japan Bank Scholarship 2020 is for funding for 2 Years of Masters's Degree Programs Degree Program in every field and Major. wink Have you apply for Japanese Internship Program 2020 - Apply Here

Joint World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021 - Fully Funded: Every year the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) is open for International male and female students to pursue Their Master Degree in every field and major and brighten their future. Students will be Study in a Top Ranked Universities of World Bank Scholarship a partnership Universities in the USA, Africa, and Japan. This is one of the best Fully Funded scholarships for Developing Countries in the world. 

The JJ/WBGSP 2020 (Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program) provides scholarships for two years of support for a master's degree in any university under the Joint Scholarship program. After earning their master's degree, Japanese national scholars are expected to advance their professional careers with a keen focus on the alleviation of poverty and enhanced shared prosperity in developing countries. scholarships for college students

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This Joint Scholarship Program offers more than 200+ preferred programs and 14 different partner programs at different universities in the USA, African Countries, and Japan in Core Areas of Development, Including Economic policy management, Tax policy, and Infrastructure management. The List of the Universities with Degree programs offer is given below.

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All academic Fields & Majors are available. All degree program is taught in the English Language. Almost all Academic Fields are available for Master Degrees Degrees. Students can apply without IELTS/TOEFL in some universities.

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Host Country: Study in Japan, USA & Africa

Host University: Different universities in Japan, USA & Africa

Scholarships Offered: 2020-2021 Japan World Bank Scholarship

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level:  Master (MS / M.Phil) Degree Programs in different Fields.

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Joint World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021 - Fully Funded Offers:

Are you ready? to Study in Japan, the USA & Africa? This Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarships program under Japan Government Scholarship, which will cover all the Expenses for all the selected participants during the 2 Years Study. It is an excellent opportunity for those students who have a dream to complete their higher studies, but they can't afford it. scholarship for African students

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Japan Joint World Bank Scholarship will cover the following expenses during the study:

The scholarship is fully funded by the Government of Japan, and provides for each scholarship recipient the following benefits during the scholarship period:

  1.     Economy class air travel between your home country and the host university at the start of your study program and immediately following the end of the scholarship period. In addition to the two-way air travel, scholars will receive a US $500 travel allowance for each trip.
  2.     Tuition Fee for your graduate program.
  3.     Cost of basic medical insurance obtained through the university.
  4.     While on campus during the scholarship period, a monthly subsistence allowance to cover all living expenses (accommodations, food, etc., including books). The amount of the allowance varies depending on the host country.

Duration of the France Scholarship:

  1.     Master Degree Programs: 1-2 Year

Programs Offered By Japan World Bank Scholarship:  Different academic Fields & Majors are available. The Full List of academic Fields is given below. Scholarships are available in every field Including Development, Including Economic policy management, Tax policy, and Infrastructure management. Students can Select any Country to Study in Under Scholarship in Africa, scholarship in US & scholarship in Japan.

The List of the Universities with Degree programs offer is given below.

  1. List of 200+ Preferred Programs:   Click to View
  2. List of 14 Different Partner Programs: Click to View

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Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Scholarship 2020-2021 for their study in Japan, USA & Africa

  1.     Be a national of a World Bank member developing country List of Developing Countries
  2.     Not hold dual citizenship of any developed country
  3.     Be in good health
  4.     Hold a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) Degree.

Please note:

  1. All eligibility criteria are strictly adhered to.
  2. No exceptions are made.
  3. Eligibility criteria WILL NOT change during an open call for applications.
  4. However, this information is subject to change between the close of one application process and the opening of the next.

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Documents Required for Apply - Masters Scholarship:

  1.  CV
  2.  Most recent Transcripts & Degree of Bachelors/Undergraduate,
  3.  Statement of purpose,
  4.  letters of recommendation
  5.  Passeport
  6.  For more information please check the university criteria where you are applying.

Applications Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 23 April 2020

How to Apply for World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021: Please check the given links for the complete procedure:

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