HZDR Summer Student Program 2024 in Germany | [Fully Funded]

Want to Spend you time in Germany? Looking for Fully Funded Summer School 2024 in Germany? So we have a good news for you! Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) is annunced One of the Fully Funded Summer Student Program 2024 in Germany for international students. The HZDR Summer Student Program invites individuals to join research teams and engage in their activities. This program takes place annually during the summer months from July to September.  So, make the most of your Summer 2024 in Germany by combining it with some productive work and activities! In this article of HZDR Summer Student 2024 Program we will discuss, its benefits, criteria of apply, selection criteria and deadline for apply! The details are given below!

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HZDR Summer Student Program 2024 in Germany | [Fully Funded]

HZDR, part of Germany's largest research organization, the Helmholtz Association, includes ten research institutes and large facilities. In the Summer Student program, students get the chance to learn about science in areas like physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geoscience, and medicine.

Every summer, from July to September, HZDR lets international students studying natural sciences and related subjects join our research groups. You'll be a part of their activities, with our researchers guiding and helping you throughout the project. The program also includes easy-to-understand lectures and lab tours to introduce you to different parts of our research center.

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During the program of Summer Course, students work on projects from HZDR research groups. After receiving applications and selecting participants, a matching process is done. The work in these groups is paired with lectures to give students a better understanding of the research happening in different areas of HZDR. This is our way of supporting scientific research globally and across different fields. We truly believe that combining knowledge from different areas can have a powerful impact.

Welcome to the Fully Funded HZDR Summer School 2024-2025, available to students from all around the world. This summer camp in Germany offers a research-focused learning experience, providing insight into modern labs under the guidance of highly qualified professors!

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Host Country: Germany

Summer Student Program Offered By: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)

No of Scholarships: Information Not Available at this time

Financial Coverage of Summer School: Fully Funded

Summer Course Dates: 29 July to 30 August 2024

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What are the Benefits of HZDR Summer Student Program 2024?

We welcome applications for the HZDR Summer Student Program 2024 from students worldwide. This program in Germany is designed for master's or diploma students interested in research tour activities. The Summer School of HZDR 2024 will cover all expenses for the selected participants in this research student program.

Financial Expenses Cover by HZDR Summer Student Program

  1. Engaging scientific lectures
  2. Personalized discussions and meetings with their supervisor
  3. Valuable feedback on their overall performance at the program's conclusion
  4. Complimentary accommodation for the entire stay
  5. A daily grant of 36€, sufficient to cover everyday expenses
  6. Inclusive travel insurance and bus tickets

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What is the selection criteria for Selection Criteria?

Participant selection criteria include:

  1. Quality of the resume
  2. Academic grades
  3. Content of the recommendation letter
  4. The recommendation letter should come from a professor, group leader, or scientist at the applicant's university.
  5. The recommender must be capable of evaluating the applicant's performance and achievements.

What is the Goal of the Summer Student Program of HZDR?

  1. HZDR summer programs aim to provide students with a unique opportunity in natural sciences.
  2. The scope includes physical and life sciences, emphasizing fundamental or application-driven research and technology development.
  3. Summer Students play a vital role within research groups.
  4. Specific tasks are assigned to participating students.

What is the Eligibility Criteria of HZDR Summer Student Program in Germany 2024?

  1. People of any nationality can apply.
  2. You should be a master's or diploma student in natural sciences (like physical or life sciences) or a related field.
  3. Having a Bachelor's degree is a must. If you're in a diploma program, you need to confirm passing the third year before the upcoming summer.
  4. Make sure to provide proof of being a student, like an ID.

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How to Apply for HZDR Summer Student Program 2024?

  1. Fill in the application form with your information.
  2. Share details about yourself and your education.
  3. Upload your Curriculum Vitae in English.
  4. Include a copy of your academic grades/records.
  5. Upload a copy of your student ID.
  6. Receive a link for a professor or senior scientist to submit a recommendation letter!
  7. Make sure the recommendation letter reaches us before the deadline

What is the Application Deadline for Germany HZDR Summer Student Program 2024?

Students can apply between 20 November and 23 February 2024.

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