EUI Leadership Program in Italy 2024 | Fully Funded

The applications for the EUI Leadership Program 2024 in Italy are finally announced. If you dream of shaping your future at a top-notch European university, here's your chance! Join us in Italy for the EUI Leadership Program in Italy for the 2024 event. This fantastic opportunity lets you learn from experienced leaders and immerses you in Italy's rich history and culture. Early or mid-career professionals / International students from different parts of the world are invited, to participate in one of EUI's fully-funded fellowship programs in Italy to learn professional skills for the development of society, leadership qualities, and their bright future.

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EUI Leadership Program in Italy 2024 | Fully Funded

Hey future leaders! If you're keen on kickstarting your career at one of Europe's top universities, we've got something special for you. Join us for the EUI Leadership Program 2024 in Italy. The European University Institute has announced this EUI Leadership 2024 Program for short-term Study in Europe, to International students, and early / mid-career professionals. The EUI Leadership Program 2024 is a fully funded fellowship 2024 program that allows winners to travel to Italy for free and continue to study leadership skills, employability skills, and intellectual abilities to help them in the future.

This cool opportunity lets you learn from awesome leaders and dive deep into Italy's history and culture. Picture this: you, under the guidance of skilled leaders, gaining valuable knowledge. We want bright minds like yours to join our leadership program. Let's work together to make Italy a global leader by developing your leadership skills through exciting activities. Your journey to leadership starts here! Come be a part of the EUI Young Leadership Program! If you're in the middle of your career, here's your chance to lead and bring together a group of motivated people. Build your team not just in your area but all across the continent. This program is all about you stepping up and making a positive impact. Let's create change together!

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In September 2024, the European University Institute in Florence is hosting the EUI leadership program. It's an exciting opportunity to be part of a unique learning environment, influenced by Florence's rich legal heritage. Join this fully-funded leadership program at an Italian university to boost your career skills. You'll not only learn important professional skills but also share your ideas and persuade others through impressive presentations.

Throughout the 5 to 10 months in Florence, you'll collaborate with diverse individuals, using your enhanced knowledge and skills to contribute to your home country's economy and Italy as a whole. Let's work together to make Italy a symbol of unity, fostering humanity and a strong sense of belonging. The program is designed for an amazing experience, where fellows will explore European traditions and the literature of Rome, Italy. Join us and be a part of global development!

Learn leadership skills abroad to boost your education and career. The fully-funded fellowship at the European University Institute trains students in problem-solving and decision-making for real-world challenges. With students from diverse backgrounds, the fellowship encourages cooperation and unity across cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds. The European University Institute, known for excellence in social sciences and humanities, hosts the Leadership Program 2024 in Italy. This program supports career progression through research, debates, workshops, and more, under the guidance of influential mentors. Join us for this transformative experience!

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Host Country: Italy

Duration of Fellowship:

  • Five months: September 2024 – January 2025 or February 2025 – June 2025
  • Ten months: September 2024 – June 2025

Leadership Host Organization:  European University Institute

Leadership Offered: Funded by the European University Institute

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

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Benefits of the EUI Leadership 2024 Program in Italy

So, you are ready to join the EUI Program? in Italy in 2024? So there is a list of benefits you can avail yourself of under this international fellowship 2024!

  1. Immerse yourself in European culture through this unique opportunity!
  2. We welcome candidates of all nationalities to apply.
  3. Receive a monthly stipend of euro 2,500.
  4. Enjoy a household allowance of euro 300 per month.
  5. An extra allowance of euro 200 per month is provided for each independent child.
  6. Travel comfortably with a first-class rail and economy-class airfare allowance, totaling euro 1,200.

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Eligibility Criteria for EUI Leaderships Program 2024 in Italy

In order to qualify for a place in the Italy EUI Leadership Program, you will need to meet the EUI fellowship following requirements:

  1. Male and female applicants are both invited to apply.
  2. During the fellowship period, candidates must be able to stay for 5 to 10 months.
  3. Early or mid-career professionals showcasing both experience and future potential are sought.
  4. Those actively involved in policy matters are encouraged to apply.
  5. Eligibility includes individuals from civil services, media, politics, and non-governmental organizations.
  6. We prefer individuals driven by curiosity.
  7. Applications are open to people of all nationalities.

Documents Required for the EUI Policy Leader Fellowship 2024:

  1. Submit your CV in PDF format (100-120 words).
  2. Provide a Letter of Motivation in PDF format (up to 100 words) covering your interests, transnational policy concerns, and reasons for applying.
  3. Include a Work Plan with the title (up to 1500 words).
  4. Attach a copy of your Highest Educational certificate.
  5. Submit one Letter of Reference in PDF format.
  6. Include a work sample, such as a report, article, or blog post (1 to 3 samples).

What is the Deadline for the EUI Leadership Program in Italy 2024?

You just need to apply for the EUI fellowship program 2024, before January 25, 2024, at 24:00 CET.

How to Apply for the EUI Policy Leader Fellowship 2024 in Italy?

Applying is important because the selection committee looks at what you share to choose candidates. You need to apply online and give the correct info and documents. If you use fake stuff, your fellowship can end. Share a phone number or email where they can reach you. Keep it real for a successful application.

  1. Apply on the official website online.
  2. Start by registering your application.
  3. Fill in your application with care.
  4. Make sure to apply before the deadline.
  5. Remember, once you submit the application, you can't change it.

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