Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa | 40 Fully Funded Seats

Are you Ready? to become the participent in Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa by The Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance! This is one of the Fully Funded Conferences in Cape Town, South Africa, from (4 Days Tour) March 09 - 12, 2024. There are 40 fully-funded Youth Convention seats for international youth to participate in this great event. Besides this there are also 10 partial funded and self funded slots to participate in GYC 2024 in South Africa! Previously, In last year, Hundreds of participants participate in GYC 2023 in Morocco from the world! The Global Youth Convention (#GYC 2024) is more than just a meeting – it's like a big movement. Every year, students, volunteers, workers, and people who care about making the world better come together from all around the world. This article will discuss HISA Global Youth Convention (GYC 2024) in South Africa, its Benefits, Criteria of Apply / Selection, Theme of Event & deadline.

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Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa | Fully Funded Conference

Prepare for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the HISA Global Youth Convention 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa! Presented by the Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance, this conference is a standout in their series of international events held annually. Mark your calendar for March 09 to 12, 2024, and immerse yourself in this fully-funded youth conference gathering set against the backdrop of Cape Town's captivating atmosphere. This unique event will bring together professionals from diverse sectors, fostering thought-provoking discussions on the distinctive challenges posed by global governance, public administration, and social entrepreneurship. Join us for a conference like no other!

Join the 2024 Global Youth Convention (GYC) for an exciting learning experience! At the event, you'll take part in workshops and interactive sessions. Learn more about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), find creative solutions for global problems, and get the knowledge and tools to be part of community life. The focus on leadership will help you improve your skills, understand different leadership styles, and discover how to inspire and motivate others. This youth summit is also a unique chance to be involved in making global policies and contribute to creating plans that support sustainable development.

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At the forefront of transformative initiatives, the Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA) envisions a future where processes resonate with the genuine needs of individuals. Our mission is to empower young changemakers with the essential tools and knowledge to drive positive change within their communities. Join us as we pioneer the creation of inclusive and efficient systems, ensuring that every voice is not just heard but valued. Explore the collaborative spirit at the GYC South Africa 2024, where teamwork, effective communication, and global connections form the essence of our shared mission. Dive into this opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place, and let HISA be your partner in building a brighter future.

If you miss to participate in GYC 2023 in Morocco, Don't miss out on the chance to understand important issues and make a difference in South Africa GYC 2024. The Global Youth Convention 2024 is not just an event – it's your gateway to personal and professional growth. Envision yourself acquiring new skills, connecting with a global network, and building the confidence to tackle worldwide challenges. Joining the HISA GYC is more than attendance; it's becoming part of a community committed to creating a lasting impact and shaping a future centered on sustainability and inclusivity. Your journey toward positive change starts right here!

About HISA Global Youth Convention in South Africa 2024:

Host Organization: Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA)

HISA GYC South Africa Duration: March 09, 2024 - March 12, 2024

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What are the benefits of the South Africa Global Youth Convention 2024 | GYC 2024?

  1. Fully Funded Opportunity: All your expenses covered by the organization
  2. Round Airfare provided
  3. 4-star shared accommodation
  4. Meals during the convention
  5. GYC 2024 Merchandise included
  6. All-access pass to the GYC 2024
  7. Opportunity to interact with like-minded people globally
  8. Graduation certificates for your career profile
  9. Polishing of your professional skills in various dimensions
  10. Chance to explore South African culture

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Who can Join the South Africa HISA GYC 2024?

  1. Join the HISA Youth Global Convention for a 4-day journey
  2. Welcoming students, professionals, and SDG activists from worldwide
  3. Engage with a diverse community including Governors, State Ministers, Legislators, UN Officials, researchers, global scholars, and enthusiastic youth delegates
  4. Exclusive opportunities for 40 Fully Funded and 10 Partially Funded delegates selected by HISA
  5. Fully funded delegates enjoy coverage for airfare, accommodation, meals, airport transfers, and conference access
  6. Partially funded delegates have accommodation, meals, airport transfers, and conference access covered by HISA
  7. Open to individuals from all backgrounds, including students, professionals, social or health workers, volunteers, and aspiring young leaders
  8. Don't miss the chance to broaden your horizons, immerse in Spanish culture, and contribute to meaningful discussions shaping our future
  9. Apply now for an unforgettable experience at the HISA Youth Dialogue.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Cape Town, South Africa HISA Global Youth Convention 2024?

  1. Individuals from any background are welcome to apply.
  2. Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  3. Proficiency in English communication is required.
  4. People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply.
  5. Must be passionate about contributing to the development of new ideas.

How to Apply for HISA Global Youth Convention(GYC) in South Africa?

  1. Apply through the official website to be considered for GYC 2024.
  2. Complete the registration form, providing essential details like name, date of birth, address, etc.
  3. Include a picture and a visual representation of your past social work.
  4. If applying for the Fully Funded spot, complete the Scholarship section.
  5. Shortlisted applicants showcasing strong motivation will be contacted for further evaluation by the HISA program team.
  6. The announcement of Fully Funded Delegates will be made on February 05th, 2024.

What is the Application Deadline for GYC (Global Youth Convention) 2024 South Africa?

Hurry up! You must apply for The Cape Town, South Africa HISA Global Youth Conference registration before January 10th, 2024!

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