EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2024 in Switzerland | Fully Funded

Applications are open for the EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2024 in Switzerland. International Students are inviting to study in Master's degree program with outstanding academic achievements. This international scholarship is open to worldwide students, making it accessible to individuals with a Bachelor's degree from either EPFL or a foreign institution. All candidates are encouraged to embrace the opportunity to pursue the fellowship program in the heart of Europe, Switzerland. This global fellowship, offered to students who want to study in master's degree, offers an additional comprehensive package, including various essential benefits. The institute places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, integral components of its developmental and excellence strategies.

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EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2024 in Switzerland 2024 | Fully Funded

About EPFL(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

EFPL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) stands out as a dynamic hub for science and technology in Europe, renowned for its expertise in natural sciences and engineering. It revolves around the fundamental pillars of education, research, and innovation. The institute offers international applicants from 120 different countries to participate as students, professors, or collaborators. By fostering collaborations with various organizations, political spheres, and the public, EFPL aims to make a positive impact on society. Furthermore, by studying in EPFL students get to enjoy multi-cultural enviornment.

About EPFL Excellence Fellowships

The international fellowships in Europe want to provide assistance for everyone in science and other areas. They provide support like mentoring, coaching, and grants. The EPFL Excellence Masters Scholarship 2024 is a prestigious scholarship program offered by the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This scholarship aims to recognize and support outstanding students pursuing master's degrees at EPFL, providing financial assistance and opportunities for academic and research excellence.

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Presently EPFL announced a limited number of fellowships for masters students. The Master Fellowship at a top Swiss institute is all about making your dreams come true. They organize activities where successful leaders share their stories and talk about their careers. Working at EPFL feels like being part of a team where everyone is respected.

Host Country: EPFL Fellowship in Switzerland

Host Organization: EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne), Switzerland

Funding Coverage: Fully Funded Fellowship - Cover All Expenses!

Who can Apply for this Fellowship: Students with Undergraduate or Bachelors Degree are eligible to apply.

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Benefits of EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2024 in Switzerland

As the Excellence EPFL Fellowships Program 2024 in Switzerland is a Fully Funded Fellowship 2024 for world student with following benefits:

  1. Scholarships valued at CHF 10,000 per semester
  2. Guaranteed room reservation
  3. Certificate of excellence awarded at the end of the master’s program
  4. Opportunities for polished networking with influential industry figures
  5. To avail financial support, the student of EPFL Fellowship 2024 must be a regular student during studies. The EPFL Switzerland fellowship 2024 will support upto 4 semesters to the EPFL students.

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Eligibility Requirements for EPFL Excellence Fellowships

The application process for the Fully Funded Fellowship Program within the "EPFL Excellence Fellowships" is straightforward and transparent. To become eligible, simply adhere to the following points:

  1. The EPFL Excellence Fellowships program welcomes applications from students of all nationalities.
  2. Applicants must possess strong English language skills since English is the required medium of instruction at the university.
  3. Due to the high level of competition, applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and provide excellent references.
  4. Once applicants submit their application for the fellowship, they cannot withdraw. However, postponing admission at EPFL will result in forfeiture of the fellowship.
  5. Candidates who already hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent in the relevant field are ineligible to apply. However, those with a Bachelor’s degree in the field offered by EPFL can apply for EPFL Masters Programs.
  6. If a fellowship holder experiences sickness or pregnancy, rendering them unable to continue their studies and take examinations, their fellowship will be temporarily suspended. It will be reinstated upon their return, provided they meet the renewal criteria.

Documents Requirements for EPFL Fellowships

 The list of documents is given below:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Two letters of recommendation from relevant professors.
  3. Motivation letter / Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  4. Transcripts / Degrees

Deadline for EPFL Excellence Fellowship 2024

International students can submit their applications for a master's program using the online form. The deadlines for submission are April 15 or December 15, as specified.

Application Process for EPFL Excellence Switzerland Fellowships

  1. Apply through the official website.
  2. External candidates can indicate their fellowship application on the master’s application form.
  3. External applicants only need to submit the standard application documents.
  4. For internal candidates, the section may prompt you to apply or you can apply directly to the department.
  5. Internal candidates need to include supporting documents.
  6. Ensure careful completion of your application form before submission.

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