Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

Looking for a Study Abroad Scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year in France? We have great news! The Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship 2024 Program has been announced by the University of Paris-Saclay, France. They are offering international Idex scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year, allowing worldwide students to study in France for free. This France Scholarship 2024-2025 is available to pursue multiple degree programs at Paris-Saclay university. The Idex Scholarship program provides full financial support to help international students pursue their dreams of studying in Europe. In this article, we will discuss details about Idex Scholarship in France, Its benefits, criteria for apply, available degree programs and idex application deadlines!

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Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Scholarship

About Universite Paris Saclay

Paris-Saclay University is undeniably among the world's leading and top-tier universities. It empowers its students to reach the higher education by offering outstanding facilities, professionally qualified teachers, prominent constituent institutions, and collaboration with several associated universities. The prestigious French Public university, located in the Paris, also it's ranked 13th in the world, and is renowned for its commitment to excellence in research, innovation, and academic programs across various disciplines.The university has many awards and its students do great things. Being part of this top-ranked university in France is an honor, and getting a scholarship in Europe makes it even more special.

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About Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarships

The IDEX Master's Scholarship in France for the 2024-25 academic year is a great chance for worldwide students to study abroad for free. It allows international students to join the well-known Université Paris-Saclay in France. This international scholarship is for students who want to pursue and continue their research and projects up to the doctoral level. The main goal of this global scholarship program is to help bright international students financially and give them easy access to a top-notch education.

The IDEX scholarships in France for 2024 at Saclay University are available for all the master’s programs the university offers to international students. Besides studying for free in France, those who get the IDEX France scholarship become part of a group of international students, helping them do well in their careers and lives. This article is a great opportunity for international students who want to study in France and pursue their academic career.

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Host Country: France

Host University:  Universite Paris-Saclay

Scholarship Offered By: University Funded

Scholarship Package: Fully Funded Scholarship

Available Degree Program: Masters Scholarship Program

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Benefits of Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship

Are you interested in pursuing a tuition-free Master's degree in France? Universite Paris-Saclay is offering an exceptional opportunity for students with aspirations to study in Europe through Fully Funded Scholarships.

Expenses that will cover by France Idex Scholarship

  1. Students receive an annual payment of 10,000€ under this scholarship grant.
  2. Candidates are awarded a travel grant, with a maximum limit of 10,00€, which also includes visa costs.
  3. The travel allowance amount varies based on the candidate's country of origin.
  4. Both scholarship and travel grants are provided to candidates upon their arrival in France.

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Eligibility Criteria for France Idex Scholarship at Universite Paris-Saclay

You must fulfill the Paris-Saclay University IDEX Masters Scholarship criteria to avail of these International Scholarship 2024-2025 for their study in the France.

  1. Applicants should be international students accepted to Paris-Saclay University.
  2. Candidates must be pursuing a master's degree.
  3. New students can apply.Age limit to apply for IDEX Masters scholarship is no more than 30 years.
  4. If international students are already in France for an internship or training, they should have been there for less than a year and not enrolled in a certification course.
  5. Candidates with a three-year gap in their studies cannot apply.
  6. Those who have been in French higher education institutions before cannot apply, but foreign students in French higher education institutions abroad can.
  7. Candidates already receiving any other scholarship or grant are not eligible.

Documents Requirements for Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship

  1. Passport
  2. Academic Degree/ Transcripts
  3. CV
  4. Recommendation Letters
  5. Personal Statement / SOP
  6. English Proficiency Certificate (You can apply without IELTS)

Application Process for the Idex Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship?

The application process holds great significance as the university committee will assess the information provided by the candidate and make selections based on the submitted details.

  1. Firstly get accepted into Paris-Saclay University for the Master’s program.
  2. No need for a separate scholarship application; the admission jury will automatically consider candidates for scholarships.
  3. If chosen, candidates get an email asking if they're interested. They have seven days to say yes. If they don't reply, it means they don't want the scholarship.
  4. Chosen students get an email and a form to fill out online.
  5. Students must have two recommendation letters from their previous degree professors where they vouch for them. The referees get forms to fill out, and it has to be done before the deadline.
  6. If the reference forms aren't sent, the application is not complete, and it won't be considered.
  7. Candidates won't be told if their application is incomplete; they have to check for themselves if their reference letters are confirmed.

Application Deadline for Universite Paris-Saclay Idex Scholarship 2024

  1. Deadline for training manager to select candidates: April 30, 2024
  2. After selection, deadline to apply for the scholarship: May 03, 2024
  3. Deadline for receiving recommendations from 2 referees and closing the application process: May 07, 2024
  4. Results announcement: end of June 2024

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