DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships Program 2025 in Germany - Fully Funded

Want to Study in Germany in 2024-2025? The German Government is opening the doors for international students under "DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program 2025". It is one of the Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany that will cover all the expenses of the students. The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program is especially for those future leaders, to contribute their best of experience in the social and economic development of the country. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to free study in Germany.

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DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships Program 2025 in Germany - Fully Funded

Every year the German Government, announces different International Scholarships in Germany for worldwide students.  The applications for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program 2025 in Germany are finally open.

Those future leaders who have to contribute to social and economic development projects are invited by the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program 2025. Preference will be given to developing countries' young talented graduates who have job experience. The main aim behind the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program 2025 is to support young leaders in various fields for their professional lives. Those Applicants with excellent academic records and having participated in different social activities for the development of society are encouraged to apply for this fully-funded scholarship in Germany.

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The student's educational and cultural experience gained in Germany has excellent contributions to their communities. In addition, scholars will be highly encouraged to pursue internships, part-time jobs, and research skills at different German organizations. This is a fully-funded master’s scholarship in Germany. The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program will cover tuition fees, monthly stipends, medical insurance, research subsidies, and travel allowance.

Successful applicants will work on community development projects under the supervision of highly trained mentors. The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program aims to provide the chance to young leaders to promote the structure of civil society in developing countries.

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Host Country: Germany

University:  There are multiple Top German Universities that participate in this Scholarship program.

Fellowship Offered: German Government

No of Fellowships: Large No of Scholarships

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Masters Degree Programs in Multiple Fields.

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What are the Benefits of DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships?

Are you ready to apply for the Germany Government Scholarship 2025 Enjoy 2-3 years on the Fully Funded Germany Government Scholarship for Free Study at Top German University. This Scholarship will cover all the expenses during my stay in Germany including AirTicket.

Expenses that will be covered by the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Programme:

  1. A tuition fee waiver would be provided by the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program.
  2. A Scholarship Stipend Grant of 934 Euro/month will give
  3. Courses are offered in German and English languages.
  4. This scholarship will cover the Health insurance of the selected students.
  5. Travel allowances will be provided to the students.
  6. A research grant would be provided to international students.
  7. The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program will also provide housing allowances.
  8. Family Support will be provided in this program to support students.

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Which German Universities are Participating in DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships?

  1. Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
  2. University of Duisburg-Essen
  3. University of Erfurt
  4. Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg
  5. University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck
  6. University of Passau
  7. University of Potsdam

What Degree Programs are available for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships?

  1. Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems
  2. Management in Nonprofit Organization
  3. Governance and Public Policy
  4. Development and Governance
  5. Public Policy
  6. Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS)
  7. Development Studies
  8. Public Management (MPM)

Required Documents:

  1. DAAD application form
  2. Copy of transcripts
  3. Recent language certificates
  4. A letter of motivation
  5. Letter of reference
  6. A curriculum vitae
  7. Working experience certificates

What is the Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships?

In order to qualify for a place for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program you will need to meet the following requirements:

Eligible Countries:

  1. Argentina
  2. Albania
  3. Bosnia and
  4. Herzegovina
  5. Kosovo
  6. Montenegro
  7. Ukraine
  8. Uzbekistan
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Algeria
  11. Egypt
  12. Iran
  13. Iraq
  14. Jordan
  15. Lebanon
  16. Libya
  17. Morocco
  18. Pakistan
  19. Palestinian
  20. territories
  21. North Macedonia
  22. Serbia
  23. Turkey
  24. Armenia
  25. Azerbaijan
  26. Belarus
  27. Georgia
  28. Kazakhstan
  29. Kyrgyzstan
  30. Moldova
  31. Syria
  32. Tunisia
  33. Yemen
  34. Angola
  35. Benin
  36. Botswana
  37. Burkina Faso
  38. Burundi
  39. Cape Verde
  40. Cameroon
  41. Central African
  42. Comoros
  43. Congo
  44. Congo, Democratic
  45. Republic
  46. Côte d’Ivoire
  47. Djibouti
  48. Republic
  49. Chad
  50. Equatorial Guinea
  51. Eswatini
  52. Ethiopia
  53. Gabon
  54. Gambia
  55. Ghana
  56. Guinea
  57. Guinea-Bissau
  58. Kenya
  59. Lesotho
  60. Liberia
  61. Madagascar
  62. Malawi
  63. Mali
  64. Mauritania
  65. Mauritius
  66. Mozambique
  67. Namibia
  68. Niger
  69. Nigeria
  70. Rwanda
  71. São Tomé und
  72. Príncipe
  73. Senegal
  74. Sierra Leone
  75. Somalia
  76. South Africa
  77. South Sudan
  78. Belize
  79. Bolivia
  80. Brazil
  81. Colombia
  82. Bangladesh
  83. Bhutan
  84. Cambodia
  85. China
  86. Cook Islands
  87. Fiji
  88. India
  89. Indonesia
  90. Kiribati
  91. Laos
  92. Malaysia
  93. Maledives
  94. Marshall Islands
  95. Micronesia
  96. Mongolia
  97. Myanmar
  98. Nauru
  99. Nepal
  100. Niue
  101. North Korea
  102. Papua N. Guinea
  103. Philippines
  104. Samoa
  105. Solomon Islands
  106. Sri Lanka
  107. Thailand
  108. Tajikistan
  109. Turkmenistan
  110. Timor-Leste
  111. Tonga
  112. Tuvalu
  113. Vanuatu
  114. Vietnam
  115. Latin Am
  116. Sudan
  117. Tanzania
  118. Togo
  119. Uganda
  120. Zambia
  121. Zimbabwe
  122. Costa Rica
  123. Cuba
  124. Dominica
  125. Dominican Rep.
  126. Ecuador
  127. El Salvador
  128. Grenada
  129. Guatemala
  130. Guyana
  131. Haiti
  132. Honduras
  133. Jamaica
  134. Mexico
  135. Nicaragua
  136. Paraguay
  137. Peru
  138. Lucia
  139. Vin. & Gre.
  140. Suriname
  141. Venezuela

Other Requirements

  1. Applicants from the above-mentioned eligible countries are eligible to apply for DAAD Scholarship.
  2. An applicant must have a bachelor’s degree with good results to apply for this scholarship.
  3. An applicant must fulfill the language requirements of the relevant course.
  4. To meet the eligibility criteria applicant will provide experience certificates.
  5. Applicant should be interested to pursue his/her degree under the DAAD Helmut Schmidt program.
  6. The scholar must provide a commitment letter to return to his/her home country after completion of the degree program.

What is the Deadline for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships 2025?

Applications for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships 2025 is July 31, 2024. International applicants should apply before the deadline.

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How to Apply for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships?

All international applicants can apply for two eligible courses.
Applicants should apply on the online application portal and cannot choose more than two universities for this scholarship.
Worldwide applicants should complete the online application form with the correct information and submit the required documents to the selected university.

  1. For more information please visit the Official Website of the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships
  2. or You can also Download the Scholarships Details in PDF File - Here
  3. How to Apply - You can also WATCH COMPLETE VIDEO TO APPLY - HERE

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