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Are you Ready to Study in China? Thousands of international students are studying in China under Different Chinese Government Scholarships. Every year the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) with the Cooperation of the Chinese Government offers 25,000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in China for worldwide students. Students can pursue Bachelors / Undergraduate, Masters (MS/MPhil), and Ph.D. Degrees in all academic fields.

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If you are searching the Chinese Government CSC Scholarship Process/Procedure for Fully Funded China Scholarship 2024-2025, You are in the right place. As CSC Scholarship 2024 in China is open now, don't waste your precious time, prepare all your application documents and be Ready to apply as early as possible.

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In 2022-2023 there are about 30,000+ scholarships are offered to worldwide students to complete their dream to study in China. The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) is offering a Scholarship for International Students of any nationality. There are about 25,000+ Thousand Chinese Fully Funded Scholarship which is available in almost 250+ Chinese Universities. This scholarship finances your all expenses during your study in China. It's great Chanse to Free Study in China.

Chinese Government offered about 100+ Scholarships in each Chinese university with a total sum of 25.000+ and onward session. You just need to prepare the list of all documents for the CSC Scholarship 2024-2025 as soon as possible.

It's a complete application process to apply to any Chinese university under CSC/CGS Scholarship. It complete article for you. You should read 2-3 times for a better understanding of the complete CGS/CSC Process for the 2024 Scholarship in China. Here is a complete list of documents and procedures to apply to China. Before going further, we want to share the benefits of the Chinese Government Scholarship 2024.

What are the benefits of CSC- Chinese Government Scholarship 2024?

  1.     Undergraduate / Bachelor's Program Students get Chinese Government Scholarship benefits as follows:
    1. CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend
    2. Full tuition Free
    3. Free accommodation
  2.     MS / Master Program Students get Chinese Government Scholarship benefits as follows:
    1. CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend
    2. Free tuition
    3. Free accommodation
    4. Medical Insurance and also research benefit are offered.
  3.     Ph.D. / Doctoral Program Students can get the following benefits:
    1. CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend,
    2. Free university tuition
    3. Free accommodation

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Chinese Government Scholarship Process 2024 - Application Material:

Those International students who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 under the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) should prepare all application documents as CGS Scholarships are opening soon in October.

List of Documents/Material for CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council) Scholarship 2024 in 250+ Chinese Universities.

List of Mandatory Documents:

1. Educational Documents - Degrees and Transcripts:

Please make sure educational degrees and transcripts are attested for CSC Scholarships application submission. The applicant has to visit the Lawyer or Notary Public Office in your Area/City to Get Attested, documents.

  1.  Degrees Black Copy Notarized
  2. Transcript black copy Notarized

If the applicant is waiting for the coming convocation for a degree, then it's good news you can use Provisional Certificate/ whose degree is not completed using the Hope certificate. If the applicant's degree is not completed at the time of application, then the last semester's result can be used. Note down, please make sure your degree is completed before September because at visa Time you must have to show a Degree/Transcript in the Chinese embassy.

2. Recommendation Letters for CSC Scholarship:

Those students who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 must have to submit 2 Recommendation Letters from his/her teachers from their home universities.

  1. Ask two of your University Professors/teachers to give you a favor by writing Recommendation Letters for the Chinese Government Scholarship application and uploading them in the CSC Portal.

Please note, It is necessary documents and if you have to upload Recommendation Letters, You just have to scan and upload them, but if you have to send them in Hard form, you don’t send the original letters to the university make a copy and then send it.

 3. IELTS or HSK Certificates Requirement for CSC Scholarship : 

  1. International Students from any part of the world can apply without an IELTS/TOEFL certificate or HSK certificate (Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate) both certificates are optional if you have then it plus point.
  2. Students can provide English Proficiency Certificate from their Home University, where he/she gets their last degree. It is a very simple certificate that just states your last university/college degree was taught in the English language. Applicants can get English Proficiency Certificate for applying from their universities. (Almost all universities accept English Proficiency Certificate letter from University).

4. Physical Medical Examination Certificate:

  1. Students have provided Medically Certificate that he/she is medically fit, for CSC you have to download the Physical Examination form: Download Form
  2. Take the Physical Examination Medical form/ Chinese Medical Form to a nearby Government Hospital and carry out all the required tests which are mentioned in the physical examination form.
  3. Get all the tests and the doctor will sign and stamp your photo on the physical examination form.
    • If you face any difficulty or need any help with How to fill Physical Medical Examination Form: Check How to Fill Form

5. Study Plan / Research Proposal / Motivation letter:  

Write a Study plan / Research Proposal / Motivation letter. (Research Paper abstract/title page if you published for your CSC application 2024.) urgent care near me Urgent Care Plymouth

6. Passport:

A passport is one of the most important documents for abroad study, you must have a Passport if you want to apply for CSC Chinese Government Scholarship 2024, if you don't have a passport apply for a passport and make sure that the Passport is available at the time of submission CSC Scholarship 2024 application form.

7. Picture:

A picture With a Blue or White Background is required.

8. Police Clearance Certificate:

Students can apply without a police clearance certificate in different universities, but at the time of visa, application processing the student has to provide a police clearance certificate from his/her city police station, and please make sure that you don't have any criminal records.

List of Other Supporting Documents: Not Mandatory But Plus Point

1. Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship 2024:

If you want to win the CSC Scholarship 2024 It's time to Start Emailing now to Chinese Professors for Acceptance. Search the different professors' profiles related to your field of interest in the desired university and ask for an Acceptance Letter by sending them emails please make sure you don’t copy emails from others make it your own.

Many Top Chinese Universities preferred international applicants to have an acceptance letter from the university professor to whom he/she is applying to study under the CSC Scholarship. the Good is that some Chinese Universities do not require an acceptance letter to apply, So you can apply for China Scholarship without Acceptance Letter many universities.

How To Get an Acceptance Letter:

  1.         Find out the Desired Chinese University according to your field of interest and Degree level that supports the CSC Scholarship.
  2.         Find out the Teacher/Faculty List of targeted university/Universities.
  3.         Find a professor's Profile that matches your field Email him/her and ask for an acceptance letter.
    • Note: How to Write an Email to Professor for Acceptance Letter: HERE

Please note down, If you want to apply to high-ranked Chinese University/Universities then you must try to get an acceptance letter, So you have more chances to win. Moreover, If you want to apply for a University having a very limited quota of CSC seats then also try to get an acceptance letter, you will be preferred more.

2. Curriculum vitae (CV):

Professional CV 1-2 Pages.

3. Character Certificate:

College or University Character Certificate.

4. Experience Letter:

Professional Experience Certificate from Organization

5. Any other certificates:

You can attach any other certificate which is a bonus point for your CSC 2024 application.

Application Procedure - CSC Chinese Government Scholarship Process 2024:

It's a complete application process for study in China. Students have to apply by the following mentioned procedure given below along with all the required documents. Students have to Apply on the CSC Application Portal  (Website) and the Chinese University Admission Application Portal.

  1. Apply on the CSC Application Portal:
    1.  First Apply on CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council Application Portal), complete the application form, and print the CSC application form after submitting it to the CSC portal, take print sign on it with the date and scan again for uploading in University Application Portal )
  2. Apply on the Chinese University Admissions Portal:
    1. You have to upload the CSC Signed Application form on University Application Portal).

Apply on CSC Application Portal (Website):

The students have to follow the step-by-step application process for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 application in any Chinese University. The applicant must have scanned all the required documents above in soft form and start the Chinese application process as given below.

  1. First, you need to create your profile on CSC Application Portal with your email address, please make sure to use Outlook or Gmail, so you can get the verification link timely: Create CSC Account
  2. After creating an account, you need to log in,  fill up your personal information in your profile, Education details, and contact info in CSC Application Profile.
  3. The next step is to Select Application Type B.
  4. After that, click on the My applications Button, Then the Next step, is to Click on Add a New Application for CSC.
  5. The next step is to find the Chinese University agency number where you want to apply from a University Official Website Website.
  6. Write Chinese University Agency No in the CSC application form and It will automatically the Chinese university name in the application form.
  7. Fill the Language Proficiency Information and Study Plan Section according to your desired information.
  8. Upload all the required and supporting documents in the documents uploading section.
  9. Submit your CSC Application for the Chinese Government Scholarship in CSC Portal.
  10. Download the CSC Application form, Take a Print, and sign it and scan it again for further process.

Apply on University Admission Portal:

After completing of the CSC Application on the Chinese Scholarship Council for Scholarships, the next step is to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship at University Admission Portal. Before the process further, please make sure you have all the required documents Scanned and available in soft form (along with the Signed CSC Scholarship Application Form) and start your application as the given process below.

University Application Steps:

  1.     Find University Admission Application Section/Portal & Create your Online profile at Application Portal.
  2.     After Login Click on Application Online from the given Menu and Select Admission Application Under the Chinese Government Scholarship 2024.
  3.     Fill You're all the required information in the application form.
  4.     Upload all the required and supporting documents in the documents uploading section
  5.     Submit your online application on the university admission portal.

How to Win Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 - Tips for CSC 2024

  1. First figure out complete information about the method of applying to the required university, if that Chinese University requires only online admission application, OR application by post, or both Online and Post.
  2.     If the Chinese university requirement is only to submit an online application for admission, then first apply online first on CSC Application Portal and after that Apply on the University website and submit your application along with a signed CSC Application Form.
  3.     Double Check your CSC application before final submission.
    1.     If your required University, also required to submit the application in Hard Form by Post, and make No of sets of application documents (according to the Chinese university requirement) and dispatch/Send it to the Chinese University International Admission address via any good courier agency. (Use any good service, so your all documents are reached in good time.)
  4. The Chinese Government Scholarship sponsors international students only once a year in all Chinese Universities.
  5.     You can keep in mind that the deadline for each Chinese University under the CSC Scholarship varies in all Chinese Universities. So, the rough guess for the deadline for the CSC scholarship would be the end of March.

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