Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2021 - Study in China

CSC Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2021 - Study in China

As the Scholarship for international students in China is open now under the Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 program. The Chinese Government Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship in China for International Students. Every year China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers more than 25,000+ Scholarships in China for worldwide students.

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After the COVID-19 pandemic period, now China Government opens CSC 2021 Scholarship again for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in more than 273+ Chinese Universities. Those students who wish to apply for the 2021 CSC Scholarship program must prepare all the required documents before the application, as it takes some time to complete your all material.

One of the most important documents for apply is the Physical Examination Form, which must be complete and verified by Hospital, that you are medically fit for Study in China.

What is CSC Physical Examination Form or Foreigner Physical Examination Form or Medical Form for CSC Scholarship 2021?

Those students who wish to apply for study in China must provide a valid medical certificate from any Government Hospital that he/she is medically fit and don't have a serious or chronic disease. The medical fitness certificate is known as CSC Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Without this medical certificate, you can't apply for any scholarship in China. It is mandatory to document in the CSC documents list.

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How to fill CSC Foreigner Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2021

First, you need to Download the CSC Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Fill in the main personal information on the form according to your national identity card and place your photo (white background) on it. The next step is to take the CSC Physical Examination Form to a nearby City Government Hospital in your area and carry out all the required tests which are mentioned in the CSC physical examination form.

When all tests are completed, the next step is that the doctor will sign, verify, and stamp your photo. The medical form can only be accepted if all the tests are from Government Hospital. The Physical Examination Form for CSC is valid for 6 months from the date of the test.

Please note, you don't need to send the original physical examination form to any university, you can send a black copy of it to all Chinese Universities. You can also check the filled sample of the Physical Examination form here, which may help you to understand how to fill it.

Filled Medical Form Sample: Filled Sample - Physical Examination Form

How to Download CSC Foreigner Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2021? 

We have shared the Physical Examination Form document in PDF format. You can download from the given link below, take a print and complete your medical form as soon as possible.

Physical Examination Form PDF Document: Download Physical Examination Form

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