Email sample to Professor for Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarships 2021

If you want to win the CSC Scholarship 2021 Its time to Start Emailing now to Chinese Professors for Acceptance. Search the different professors' profiles related to your field of interest in the desired university and ask for an Acceptance Letter by sending them emails and please make sure you don’t copy email from others make it your own. We are sharing the template of the acceptance letter for a better idea of how to get it.

Email Sample to get an Acceptance letter from Chinese University Professor:

Following is the sample of Emails to get an Acceptance Letter. It is just a sample you can mold according to your own interest.

Email Sample for Acceptance Letter:

Honorable Professor name,

I hope you are in good health!

I am your name from the country.  I have completed my your education and willing to apply for a degree you want to apply to in the desired university name China.  I have both research experience and an appealing scholastic record with 2 years of teaching experience.

Respected Professor, I am interested in your valuable research work which is in direction of Professor Research interest here, as you have earned prominent ranks and awards in your field and you have remarkable contributions in your field.  You have a valuable research record which inspired me to start my research education under your kind supervision.

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I believe that I can pursue my studies under your kind supervision more effectively and efficiently due to your valuable contribution in this field. My Study aim is to research your research interest in China. Respected Professor, I feel flexible in my research skills which can be adjusted according to your research interest.  I am attaching my research proposal if you have written any and if you haven’t don’t attach it and resume for your consideration. I am going to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2020. I request you to give me an Acceptance Letter as my Supervisor. 

It will be honour for me to be your student as your valuable research work inspired me to do my PhD education under your supervision.  I am confident if I got your acceptance I will never disappoint you about my commitments.


I am hopeful for your positive response.


Thank you!


Your name

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