University of Manitoba, Canada is offering a Scholarship 2020 Program under International Undergraduate Student Bursary Scholarships Program for International students.  University of Manitoba Scholarship Program is a Funded Scholarship Program for International Scholarships.

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The application is open and, an international student from different all over the world can apply for International Undergraduate Student Bursary Scholarships Program. This scholarship is only for Bachelors/Undergraduate level programs in almost all academic fields of study at the University of Manitoba.

International Undergraduate Scholarships 2020 - University of Manitoba:

University of Manitoba: The University of Manitoba is one of the top public research universities in the world which is located in the province of Manitoba, Canada. The main campus of the University of Manitoba is located in the Fort Garry neighborhood of southern Winnipeg. The other campuses also throughout the city of Manitoba. It is the First University of Western Canada, which was Founded in 1877 to national and international students.

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International Undergraduate Scholarships 2020: Every year the University of Manitoba offers the International Undergraduate Student Bursary Scholarships Program for worldwide students to do their bachelor's study at the world's top university of Canada. The scholarship program is offered for all bachelor/undergraduate degree programs at the University of Manitoba. These scholarships are partially funded and only provide financial support for International students BS/Bachelors/Undergraduate Programs in all academic fields.

Host Country: Study in Canada

Host University: University of Manitoba

Scholarships Offered: University of Manitoba Funded Scholarship 2021

Scholarships Coverage: Partial Funded

No of Scholarships: Information Not Available.

Degree Level: Bachelors/Undergraduate Level Degree Programs in multiple Fields.

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University of Manitoba - International Undergraduate Scholarships - Offers:

Who wants to Free Study in Canada. Every student has a dream to study in Canada and settle there and spend their rest of life in one of the advanced countries of the world. So now, the University of Manitoba giving you this excellent opportunity to fulfill your dream to study in Canada on Funded Scholarships.

Expenses which will cover by the University of Manitoba Scholarship 2020:

They are offering financial support to every winning student the amount worth up to $240,000 available annually. Every year the scholarship award is divided among successful candidates according to their needs and requirements.

Undergraduate Programs Offered By University of Manitoba:

University of Manitoba, Canada Undergraduate Scholarships are available to pursue Bachelors Degree Programs in all fields. There are 138 Courses or Fields are available at the University of Manitoba. Please check the given list of available fields.

  1.     Bachelors of Aboriginal Business Studies
  2.     Bachelors of Aboriginal Governance
  3.     Bachelors of Accounting
  4.     Bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics - Business
  5.     Bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics - Science
  6.     Bachelors of Agribusiness
  7.     Bachelors of Agriculture
  8.     Bachelors of Agriculture Diploma
  9.     Bachelors of Agroecology
  10.     Bachelors of Agronomy
  11.     Bachelors of Animal Systems
  12.     Bachelors of Anthropology
  13.     Bachelors of Applied Mathematics
  14.     Bachelors of Architecture (Masters)
  15.     Bachelors of Art
  16.     Bachelors of Art History
  17.     Bachelors of Asian Studies
  18.     Bachelors of Astronomy
  19.     Bachelors of Athletic Therapy
  20.     Bachelors of Biochemistry
  21.     Bachelors of Biological Sciences
  22.     Bachelors of Biosystems Engineering
  23.     Bachelors of Biotechnology
  24.     Bachelors of Business
  25.     Bachelors of Canadian Studies
  26.     Bachelors of Catholic Studies
  27.     Bachelors of Central & East European Studies
  28.     Bachelors of Ceramics
  29.     Bachelors of Chemistry
  30.     Bachelors of City Planning (Masters)
  31.     Bachelors of Civil Engineering
  32.     Bachelors of Classical Studies
  33.     Bachelors of Classics
  34.     Bachelors of Commerce
  35.     Bachelors of Computer Engineering
  36.     Bachelors of Computer Science
  37.     Bachelors of Cree
  38.     Bachelors of Criminology
  39.     Bachelors of Dental Hygiene
  40.     Bachelors of Dentistry
  41.     Bachelors of Drama
  42.     Bachelors of Drawing
  43.     Bachelors of Economics
  44.     Bachelors of Education - Bachelor of Education
  45.     Bachelors of Education - Post Baccalaureate
  46.     Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
  47.     Bachelors of Engineering
  48.     Bachelors of English
  49.     Bachelors of Entomology
  50.     Bachelors of Entrepreneurship/Small Business
  51.     Bachelors of Environmental Design
  52.     Bachelors of Environmental Science
  53.     Bachelors of Environmental Studies
  54.     Bachelors of Family Social Sciences
  55.     Bachelors of Film Studies
  56.     Bachelors of Finance
  57.     Bachelors of Fine Arts
  58.     Bachelors of Food Science
  59.     Bachelors of French
  60.     Bachelors of Genetics
  61.     Bachelors of Geography
  62.     Bachelors of Geological Sciences
  63.     Bachelors of Geology
  64.     Bachelors of Geophysics
  65.     Bachelors of German
  66.     Bachelors of Global Political Economy
  67.     Bachelors of Graphic Design
  68.     Bachelors of Greek
  69.     Bachelors of Health Sciences
  70.     Bachelors of Health Studies
  71.     Bachelors of History
  72.     Bachelors of Human Nutritional Sciences
  73.     Bachelors of Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations
  74.     Bachelors of Icelandic
  75.     Bachelors of Interior Design (Masters)
  76.     Bachelors of International Business
  77.     Bachelors of Italian
  78.     Bachelors of Jazz Studies
  79.     Bachelors of Judaic Studies
  80.     Bachelors of Kinesiology
  81.     Bachelors of Labour Studies
  82.     Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (Masters)
  83.     Bachelors of Latin
  84.     Bachelors of Latin American Studies
  85.     Bachelors of Law
  86.     Bachelors of Leadership and Organizations
  87.     Bachelors of Linguistics
  88.     Bachelors of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  89.     Bachelors of Management
  90.     Bachelors of Management Information Systems
  91.     Bachelors of Marketing
  92.     Bachelors of Mathematics
  93.     Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering
  94.     Bachelors of Medicine
  95.     Bachelors of Medieval & Renaissance Studies
  96.     Bachelors of Microbiology
  97.     Bachelors of Music
  98.     Bachelors of Music Composition
  99.     Bachelors of Music Education
  100.     Bachelors of Music History
  101.     Bachelors of Music Performance
  102.     Bachelors of Native Studies
  103.     Bachelors of Nursing
  104.     Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (Masters)
  105.     Bachelors of Ojibway
  106.     Bachelors of Operations Management/Research
  107.     Bachelors of Painting
  108.     Bachelors of Pharmacy
  109.     Bachelors of Philosophy
  110.     Bachelors of Photography
  111.     Bachelors of Physical Education
  112.     Bachelors of Physical Geography
  113.     Bachelors of Physical Therapy (Masters)
  114.     Bachelors of Physics
  115.     Bachelors of Plant Biotechnology
  116.     Bachelors of Polish
  117.     Bachelors of Political Studies
  118.     Bachelors of Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  119.     Bachelors of Print Media
  120.     Bachelors of Psychology - Arts
  121.     Bachelors of Psychology - Science
  122.     Bachelors of Recreation Management and Community Development
  123.     Bachelors of Religion
  124.     Bachelors of Respiratory Therapy
  125.     Bachelors of Russian
  126.     Bachelors of Science
  127.     Bachelors of Sculpture
  128.     Bachelors of Social Work
  129.     Bachelors of Sociology
  130.     Bachelors of Soil Science
  131.     Bachelors of Spanish
  132.     Bachelors of Statistics
  133.     Bachelors of Theatre
  134.     Bachelors of Ukrainian
  135.     Bachelors of Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Studies
  136.     Bachelors of Video
  137.     Bachelors of Women's & Gender Studies

List of Degree Program can be seen: HERE

You can also apply for the following opportunities:

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Countries: World Wide Students can apply for this scholarship 2020 undergraduate program.

Other Requirements:    

  1.     A student must register for a full-time degree program and complete at least 60 percent of a full degree course load per term.
  2.     A student should meet a minimum G.P.A criteria for scholarship: Students must apply with at least a 2.0 GPA and if coming from high school must have excellent grades average of 70% or higher.
  3.     The first year of post-secondary students who are studying in Canada is not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  4. Please Check here Complete Requirement for Each Bachelor Program is different - CHK

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Deadline for International Undergraduate Scholarships:

 The deadline for international Undergraduate Scholarships in 2020 is 01, Oct 2020.

How to Apply for University of Manitoba Scholarship?

In order to apply for Undergraduate Scholarships opportunity, a student must take admission to any undergraduate degree program at the University of Manitoba, Canada. After getting enrolled in any bachelor's degree, successful applicants will be automatically considered for the International Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2020.

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