10 Best South Korea Scholarships 2024 Programs | Study in South Korea

Are you interested, in studying in South Korea in 2024? on South Korea Scholarship Programs? at top Korean universities? Yes, there are thousands of funded & fully funded Scholarships in South Korea for Short Courses, Bachelors / Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. degree programs in top South Korean universities. Students from all over the world can avail these International Scholarships for South Korea for their bright future. This article will explain the top 10 Korean Scholarships for Study in South Korea.

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10 Best South Korea Scholarships 2024-2025 | Study in South Korea

South Korea is one of the top study destinations where international Students avail the opportunity of Fully Funded Scholarships by the Korean Government and Korean universities scholarships to pursue their educational careers. The monthly allowance and free education are the top joys that international students enjoy in South Korea. Korean universities are reputable, competent, highly ranked, and much more welcoming to international students as compared to other countries universities.

Korea is a student-friendly country that offers many scholarships and donations for international students. Many universities in South Korea offer a vast range of academic fields & majors. In South Korea, the education degree programs for international students are expensive, So scholarships in Korea can be of great help to overcome the financial burden. In this article, we have gathered 10 Scholarships in South Korea for international students to pursue studies in their relevant fields in 2024.

List of Top 10 Scholarship Programs in South Korea 2024-2025

In this article we have gathered 10 Scholarships in South Korea for international students can apply in their relevant fields in 2024-2025. There are thousands of funded and fully funded Korean scholarships for international students for the 2024-2025 year.

Following is the list of the top 10 scholarship programs in Korean universities. These Korean Scholarships are Fully or Partially Funded.

#1 Jeonbuk National University Scholarships for International Students

Jeonbuk National University Scholarship is open to international students from all over the world. To apply for Bachelor’s Degree course candidate needs to have a high school diploma and an English language proficiency certificate, whereas for Graduate degree programs students need to have Bachelors / Undergraduate degree as well as an English language proficiency certificate. Jeonbuk National University accepts TOEFL, iBT, IELTS, and TEPS. To check the application deadline to apply for the Jeonbuk National University Scholarship program please visit the official site.

Benefits of Jeonbuk National University Scholarships

Jeonbuk National University scholarship is available for international students with outstanding academic records and offers a grant of 25% to 100% waiver on tuition fees cost. International Students have to apply to an approved Undergraduate / Graduate program before applying to the Jeonbuk National University Scholarship program.
Jeonbuk National University is among one of the most reputed Universities in South Korea with almost 32,000 students enrolled in it and 3% of which are international students.

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#2 KNU International Graduate Scholarship Program

Kyungpook National University is located in Daegu, South Korea, and this most prestigious University is popular for providing affordable education to international students without compromising on the high standards. KNU scholarship is a graduate-level scholarship and is open to all international students regardless of citizenship.

Benefits of KNU International Graduate Scholarship in Korea

KNU International Graduate Scholarship offers a grant of 100% waiver on tuition fees cost. It is offered on elective courses and the international students do not have to apply for KNU scholarships separately. When they get accepted into the approved degree program they are automatically considered for the KNU scholarship.
KNU International Graduate Scholarship is awarded to 70 outstanding international students. KNU scholarship is open for Graduate and Ph.D. programs.

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#3 Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students

Each and every year, the South Korean Government Scholarships Program is announced for worldwide students. Many Korean universities are affiliated with this KGSP scholarship program and after acceptance, international students have to pick one of them for pursuing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program. The Bachelor’s students are supposed to apply in October-November every year and for Master’s students, it is open from March to April. International Students can apply through the embassy instead of the university track as that may prove to be more feasible for them.

Benefits of the Korean Government Scholarship Program

Korean government scholarship is offered to all international candidates by the Korean government. KGSP covers the tuition fee cost and also covers all the expenses of the selected students during their time in South Korea. KGSP includes Health and medical insurance, airfare tickets, language training expense, and settlement allowance. The purpose of the KGSP scholarship is to attract highly intelligent candidates from all over the world so that they can serve Korean society positively and efficiently.

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#4 Seoul National University of Science and Technology Scholarship Program

Seoul National University of Science and Technology has always been a prestigious university for international students who want to pursue Engineering, Technology, or Design degrees. Almost 11,500 students are currently studying. International students from all around the world can benefit from the scholarships to finance their studies in South Korea. Seoul University scholarship program is open for masters scholarships for those students having a good academic record and English Language proficiency score. The students who will get an admission offer will automatically be considered for the Korean international scholarship program. The language and admission requirement varies for different courses.

Benefits of Seoul National University of Science and Technology Scholarship

The selected candidates will get a 50% to 100% tuition fee cost waiver depending on their academic record and skills. Seoul University scholarships are renewed every single year so scholarship-holder students need to maintain a CGPA of 3.5% or higher to regain their scholarship.

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#5 Ewha Woman’s University Scholarship Program

Ewha Women’s scholarship program allows female students from developing countries to study for free. Ewha scholarship is awarded to those international students who show strong leadership skills and belong to a developing country. The language proficiency and admission requirement varies from one course to another course.

Benefits of Ewha Woman’s University Scholarship

Ewha Scholarships cover the full tuition fee cost along with the admission fee, and campus dormitory charges as well as a stipend on monthly basis. Ewha Scholarship is for both Master’s and Bachelor’s programs and can be applied through special admissions for international students.

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#6 SUNY Korea Scholarship Program

Many different programs are affiliated with the SUNY Korea scholarship program and international students must show their potential through excellent academic records, high standing in standardized tests, and language scores. Candidates applying must have to prove their skills by providing evidence of their leadership skills, special interests, voluntary work, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, etc.

Benefits of SUNY Korea Scholarship for International Students

SUNY Korean scholarship is a golden opportunity for bright candidates who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree in South Korea but the cost of it isn’t allowing them to do so. SUNY Korea Shared Prosperity Award funds under graduation of outstanding candidates from other developing countries. SUNY Scholarship program covers tuition fees fully or partially, board, room, and program fee costs.

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#7 Korea University of Technology and Education Research Scholarship Program

Advanced materiaLs Lab and Smart Microsystem in collaboration with the Korea University of Technology and Education are offering Graduate Research Assistantship Positions at the School of Mechatronics Engineering. The Korea Scholarship scheme covers half of the tuition fee cost and offers a monthly salary which is enough to pay the rest of the living and tuition expenses.

Benefits of Korea University of Technology and Education Scholarships

International candidates are required to attend conferences during the course of their education. The travel cost will also be covered by the Korea scholarship program. The Korea University scholarship holders can pursue their Graduate or Ph.D. degree programs. The number of awards is less which is 2-3 for Ph.D. students are preferred.
Candidates applying for Korea University scholarships need to demonstrate their skills through academic records, past work experience, publications, English language skills, and communication skills.

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#8 Hanyang University Scholarship Program

Hanyang University is located in the heart of Korea, Seoul. Hanyang University is a prestigious university known for its competent faculty and multiple ranges of degree programs. Many different scholarships for undergraduate & graduate degree programs are available that are awarded to merit base students.

Benefits of the Hanyang University Scholarship for International Students

Hanyang University offers Korean Government Scholarship programs, & university-funded scholarships program for all academic fields and majors, These scholarship programs are funded and fully funded for study in Korea.

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#9 Hankuk University Scholarship Program

Hankuk University is known as a research-based university in South Korea. The faculty of Hankuk University and the education provided here is highly knowledgeable and competitive scholarships are offered here every single year to outstanding candidates.

Benefits of Hankuk University Scholarship for International Students

Hankuk University offers grants of fully-funded scholarships for Bachelor’s degrees for international candidates. Hankuk University is a prestigious university known for its Linguistics, International Law, and IR programs. Hankuk University offers a diverse range of programs that are taught in the English language.

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#10 Seoul National University Scholarship Program

Seoul National University, South Korea is one of the top-rated Korean universities. There are hundreds of international students already studying at Seoul National University. They are offering hundreds of degree programs for Graduate & Doctoral degree programs. They are offering multiple scholarship programs for study in South Korea.

Benefits of Seoul National University Scholarship for International Students

Seoul National University offers funded / fully funded scholarship programs for international students. GNU Scholarships are available for Masters, Masters Leading to Ph.D. as well as Ph.D. degree programs. The fully funded scholarship will cover all the expenses of the students as well as partially cover different financial expenses.

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