McDonald Fellowship 2024 [Fully Funded Fellowships 2024]

Time to Apply for McDonald Fellowship Program 2024-2025 for world students in top world universities. The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation is presently announced its McDonald Fellowship 2024 Program for International students to fullfill their dream of studies. Students residing in a low or middle-income country can apply to this fully funded fellowship program. Prospective participants are encouraged to join this international fellowship, providing them with valuable expertise in their proposed research projects. During the visit, participants either acquire expertise or contribute to various collaborative research projects. In this article we will discuss about McDonald Fellowship Program, participating universities, duration, benefits as well as criteria for apply!

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McDonald Fellowship 2024 [Fully Funded Fellowships 2024]

The fully-funded international fellowship in 2024 is a great opportunity for applicants who can't afford to gain research experience globally. This opportunity expects candidates to use their new skills and connections to work on MS research and patient care in low and middle-income countries. There are two types of fellowships: one with ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis), called the MSIF-ECTRIMS McDonald Fellowship, and the other with ARSEP, known as the MSIF-ARSEP McDonald Fellowship.

The McDonald Fellowship 2024 aims to help people understand different types of MS, what causes it, its symptoms, and advanced knowledge about it. The challenges in accessing MS healthcare and better treatment vary a lot between countries and are quite complex. Some challenges can be fixed locally, but the world is so connected that we need a solution that works globally. MSIF is working with national MS organizations to make a solid plan for dealing with MS healthcare challenges.

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The global research opportunity fits with MSIF's goal of bringing everyone together to improve the lives of those affected by MS. MSIF has five main goals for the next few years i.e. make positive changes in attitudes, policies, and practices, help people make informed decisions; increase our understanding of MS and find better treatments; make healthcare and treatment more accessible; and build a stronger MSIF community. To reach these goals, MSIF has set up an advanced system, filled gaps in the global research workforce, and created ways to measure research impact.

Host Country: Neighbouring or Participant own country

Host Organization: MS International Federation

Funding Coverage: Fully Funded Fellowship Program 2024 - Cover All Expenses!

Degree Level: MSc, MD, Ph.D. can apply

Duration: 2 Years

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Benefits of McDonald Fellowship Program 2024

The MSIF provide prestigious international fellowship to recognize exceptional talented students to make sure students do not worry about money and do research globally.

  1. The fellowship provides about GBP 30,000 each year.
  2. Covers travel and living costs.
  3. An extra GBP 2,000 per year goes to the host institution.
  4. Goals include enriching knowledge about Multiple Sclerosis.
  5. It aims to find effective solutions for overcoming MS challenges.
  6. The fellowship ensures professional development.
  7. It encourages international collaboration.
  8. Social networking is enhanced through the program.

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Eligibility Requirements for McDonald Fellowship

  1. Must have a Postgraduate education (Ph.D. or Master’s, including MSc or MD) in a field related to multiple sclerosis.
  2. Should be a citizen of a low or middle-income country according to the World Bank classification.
  3. Either working or studying in a low or middle-income country as per the World Bank classification.
  4. The research area should be relevant to multiple sclerosis.
  5. If studying in another country, it should be on a project supported by an MSIF grant.
  6. Working on a project in a research institute or hospital, either abroad or in the home country, or working on a virtual project.
  7. Eligibility can be confirmed by checking the field of work or discipline available on the website.

What Documents are required for McDonald Fellowship

  1. Provide a supporting statement.
  2. Include details of three referees, including the applicant’s supervisor or employer.
  3. Outline the study plan in the case of a virtual association.
  4. Degree / Transcripts

Deadline for McDonald Fellowship Program 2024

The last date to apply for International McDonald Fellowship Program 2024 is 30 June 2024

How to Apply for McDonald Fellowship 2024 Program?

  1. International applicants need to apply online for MSIF Fellowship through the link given below.
  2. Define your project and area of interest.
  3. Reach out to your host (project supervisor in a lab or clinic) and agree on the project proposal.
  4. Complete the application form.
  5. After submission, the Host will be contacted to submit a supporting statement using the same application form.
  6. Ask three referees to send their reference letters to [email protected] before the June 30 deadline.
  7. Ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of the Award to understand reporting and payment requirements.

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