Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2024 Program | Fully Funded

Ready to Apply for the World Famous Scholarship Program offered by the Japan World Bank? The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) for 2024-2025 is a special fully-funded scholarship opportunity. It's part of the World Bank Scholarship Program 2024-2025 and is a collaboration between Japan, the USA, Europe, Oceania, and African countries. This program is meant for international students who want to study in Europe, Oceania, Africa, the USA, or Japanese universities. International students can now apply for the Joint World Bank Scholarship. It provides financial support for multiple degree programs in various fields. In this article, we will discuss details about the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2024 Program across the world!

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Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2024 Program | Fully Funded

The chance to study abroad is here with the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) 2024. It's a collaboration between the well-known World Bank and innovative Japan. The goal is to boost economic growth and build strong nations. Japan, known for its technology, has teamed up with the World Bank to offer a scholarship called the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2024.

It's for people from developing countries who have a Bachelor's degree. This fully-funded scholarship helps with master's degree studies and supports the World Bank's goal of bringing modern ways to build skills. Also, it wants to share knowledge in parts of the world that are still developing. This program focuses on quality education, capacity building, and human resource development to reach these important objectives. The World Bank Group scholarship program helps individuals improve their academic knowledge in their chosen fields and develop professional skills.

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To qualify for this international opportunity, all you need is a passion for making a unique contribution that uplifts not only your nation but the world as a whole. The prospect of securing a scholarship from one of the world's influential entities is now readily accessible. This international scholarship program has expanded its network to include over 6000 professionally trained and experienced experts and scholars. Their contributions have played a significant role in bringing about positive and progressive transformations in the involved countries and organizations.

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships 2024 are getting a lot of attention these days because big economic countries are hosting them. You can apply for this scholarship in Japan, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the US, focusing on important areas. If you want to help people and make a difference, join this international program. You'll get guidance from experienced professionals worldwide. With lots of benefits, deserving students can easily pursue their chosen career path through these Japanese scholarships.

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Host Country: Study in Multiple Countries as Given Below!    

  1. United States of America
  2.  Africa
  3.  Japan
  4.  Oceania
  5.  Europe

Host University: Multiple Universities Across the World

Scholarships Offered By: World Bank and Partners

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

No of Scholarships: Information is not available

Degree Level: 2 Years Masters, Degree Programs in all Fields.

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Benefits of Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship

Ready to study in Japan, the USA, Africa, Oceania, & Europe? The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship is a great chance. It's a fully funded scholarship under the Japan Government Scholarship, covering all expenses for the selected participants during the 2-year study. This is an excellent opportunity for students who dream of higher studies but can't afford it.

Expenses that will be covered by the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship

  1. Enhance academic knowledge in your specific area of interest.
  2. Improve career paths in your chosen domain.
  3. Open avenues for international platforms.
  4. Receive economy-class air travel assistance.
  5. Get $500 for each trip in addition to traveling support.
  6. Benefit from a granted tuition fee.
  7. Enjoy coverage for medical insurance costs.
  8. Receive a monthly subsistence allowance to cover all living expenses, including accommodations, food, and books.

Duration of Joint Japan Bank Scholarship

  1.     Master: 1.5 - 2 Years

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Programs Offered By Japan World Bank Scholarship 2024-2025

There are different academic fields and majors available, with a full list provided below. Scholarships are offered in various areas, including development, economic policy management, tax policy, and infrastructure management. Students can choose any country for their scholarship, whether it's in Africa, the US, Japan, Europe, or Oceania.

List of Degree Programs:  Read Here

Eligibility Criteria of the 2024 Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program

  1. Citizen of a World Bank-listed country.
  2. Not a dual-country citizen of a developed nation.
  3. Not employed by any organization under the World Bank Group.
  4. Not a close blood relative of employees in any World Bank Group organization.
  5. Hold a Bachelor's degree.
  6. Must have completed three years since obtaining a Bachelor's degree.
  7. Possess three years of work experience after obtaining a Bachelor's degree.

Eligible Countries List of JJWBGSP 2024 for International Students

  1. - Afghanistan
  2. - Bangladesh
  3. - Benin
  4. - Bhutan
  5. - Burkina Faso
  6. - Burundi
  7. - Cabo Verde
  8. - Cambodia
  9. - Cameroon
  10. - The Central African Republic
  11. - Chad
  12. - Comoros
  13. - Congo, Dem. Rep.
  14. - Congo, Rep.
  15. - Cote d’Ivoire
  16. - Djibouti
  17. - Dominica
  18. - Eritrea
  19. - Ethiopia
  20. - Fiji
  21. - The Gambia, The
  22. - Ghana
  23. - Grenada
  24. - Guinea
  25. - Guinea-Bissau
  26. - Guyana
  27. - Haiti
  28. - Honduras
  29. - Iraq
  30. - Kenya
  31. - Kiribati
  32. - Kosovo
  33. - Kyrgyz Republic
  34. - Lao PDR
  35. - Lebanon
  36. - Lesotho
  37. - Liberia
  38. - Libya
  39. - Madagascar
  40. - Malawi
  41. - Maldives
  42. - Mali
  43. - Marshall Islands
  44. - Mauritania
  45. - Micronesia, Fed. Sts.
  46. - Mozambique
  47. - Myanmar
  48. - Nepal
  49. - Nicaragua
  50. - Niger
  51. - Nigeria
  52. - Pakistan
  53. - Papua New Guinea
  54. - Rwanda
  55. - Samoa
  56. - Sao Tome and Principe
  57. - Senegal
  58. - Sierra Leone
  59. - Solomon Islands
  60. - Somalia
  61. - South Sudan
  62. - St. Lucia
  63. - St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  64. - Sudan
  65. - The Syrian Arab Republic
  66. - Tajikistan
  67. - Tanzania
  68. - Timor-Leste
  69. - Togo
  70. - Tonga
  71. - Tuvalu
  72. - Uganda
  73. - Uzbekistan
  74. - Vanuatu
  75. - Venezuela, RB
  76. - West Bank and Gaza
  77. - Yemen, Rep.
  78. - Zambia
  79. - Zimbabwe.

What are the Documents Requirements for the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship?

  1. Bachelor's degree or diploma.
  2. Documentation of work experience years.
  3. Admission letter.
  4. Two recommendation letters
  5. Completed application form.
  6. Medical certificate.
  7. Valid passport or alternative identification card.

Application Procedure for Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship

  1. Apply online through the World Bank’s official website.
  2. Upload supporting documents.
  3. Submit applications in English or the language of the master’s program.
  4. Provide two recommendation letters from individuals familiar with the applicant's work experience.
  5. Fill in all the required fields carefully when applying.

Application Deadline for Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2024

The deadline to apply for the JJ/WBGSP scholarship program in 2024 is February 29, 2024, for the first application window, and May 24, 2024, for the second application window.

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