International ILEM Summer School in Turkey 2023 | Fully Funded

Finally, Another Fully Funded Summer School in 2023 by ILEM Turkey is announced. The Summer School name "International ILEM Summer School in Turkey" is announced to explore and discuss the critical issues facing the Islamic world. This prestigious International Summer program invites international researchers, academics professional, and artists from diverse backgrounds to engage in a global dialogue.  The theme of this year's summer course is "Rethinking Art and Aesthetics in the Islamic World" with a focus on socio-political perspectives, and a range of conceptual, theoretical, and practical approaches. No Application Fee for this summer program. In this article, we will discuss ILEM Summer School, Duration, Criteria, Benefits & deadlines!

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International ILEM Summer School in Turkey 2023 | Fully Funded

The International ILEM Summer School 2023 in Turkey aims to address the significant challenges faced by the Islamic world of the modern era. To achieve this goal, the ILEM organization is bringing together international scholars, academic professionals from different fields, and artists from around the globe. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this globally recognized summer school in Turkey in 2023. The summer school theme will explore rethinking art and aesthetics in the Islamic world through conceptual, theoretical, and practical approaches in a paradigm of socio-political perspectives. The summer school will analyze the relationship between Islamic art and tradition or mystical experiences within the intellectual and artistic world.

The ILEM 2023 seeks to break free from narrow artistic expressions and construct an aesthetic pathway connecting the past and future while upholding cultural diversity. Attendees will discover the interlink between aesthetic values and the comprehension of beauty, with the course exploring the theoretical structure of Islamic aesthetics, sacred symbolism, and artistic methodology.

The fully-funded summer school explores the latest theories on Islamic art and their origin and content, examining Islamic theories in light of contemporary issues of the world. In this program, the discussion will also be on Islamic arts in the context of various significant issues, including propaganda and cultural diplomacy.

The International Summer School 2023 covers various topics, including the meaning of Islamic arts, innovation and conservatism, and art in the daily life of the Muslim world. International Participants will engage in critical thinking and participate in a global dialogue that broadens their understanding of Islamic art and its significance in contemporary society.

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Host Country: Summer School in Turkey

Duration of Summer School: The duration is about seven days in Turkey, which is starting from July 24, 2023,to end of July 30, 2023.

Summer School Offered: ILEM Academic Studies Association.

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded Summer Schools in USA

Topics: This year’s topic is “Rethinking Art and Aesthetics in the Islamic World”.

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What are the Benefits of the International ILEM Turkish Summer School?

Let's Enjoy 7 Days tour to Turkey organized by ILEM, which will cover all the expenses of the ILEM selected applicants. The following benefits by ILEM are provided to the candidate as given below:

  1.     The exposure of resolving major issues of the Islamic world.
  2.     Accommodation will also be offered
  3.     Selected applicants will avail of the facility of Daily Meals.
  4.     Transportation expenses will cover in Turkey
  5.     Social-cultural expenses will also offer.
  6.     Traveling expenses.


What is the Eligibility Criteria for the International ILEM Turkish Summer School?

In order to get the chance to participate in Turkish Summer School by ILEM, you need to meet the following criteria required by IELTS as given below:

  1. The applicant must belong from a Ph.D. degree or a junior scholar in related fields can also apply.  
  2. Students / Professionals in the related field can apply.
  3. Participants who present a paper in the program can apply.
  4. People from various backgrounds can apply.
  5. There are no age restrictions for the ILEM program.
  6. There is no nationality, race, origin & color restriction to join this program.


How To Apply for International Turkey ILEM Summer School?

You can apply to ILEM International Summer School 2023 in Turky by follow the given procedure given below:

  1. You need to Create an account on the Congress Management System to apply.
  2. After creation of the account, you need to Upload your proposal through the system.
  3. The Scientific Committe of international ILEM Summer School Scientific Committee will review and evaluate the proposals.
  4. If accepted, upload the full text of your manuscript to the Congress Management System.
  5. Successful Participants will be announced based on the final evaluation.

What is the Deadline for International Turkey ILEM Summer School 2023?

The last date to apply for International Turkey Summer School 2023 by ILEM is May 01, 2023.

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