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Finally, the Time is over Now! Get Ready and Prepare your documents to fly to Australia! The Australia Awards Scholarship for the 2025-2026 program is now available for international students. This Australia scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program, that is announced by Australian Government Scholarships 2025-2026 program. Australia opens up opportunities for students from around the world to study in Australia. These scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. degree programs, this study abroad scholarship provides full financial support for your studies at different Australian universities. In this article, we will discuss details about Australia Awards Scholarships, Criteria, degree programs, participating universities, and financial support for students!

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Australia Awards Scholarships 2025-2026 | Study in Australia

The Australia Awards Scholarships 2025 are for students who want to study at the best universities in Australia. These scholarships are fully funded and available to people from eligible countries. If you're facing financial difficulties but are passionate about learning, the Australian Government is offering these opportunities to help you. If you have good grades, good communication skills, and can work well with others, take this chance to do well in an international setting. Multiple Australian universities are participating in this Australian Government Scholarship Program. It's a long-term award administered by the Australian government, with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade taking care of it.

The Australian Awards Scholarship 2025-2025 is the biggest opportunity for international students who want to study in Australia. The Australian Government Scholarship supports you in your career journey and easing your financial burden during your studies. This international scholarship is not just for gaining knowledge and a degree, it represents a long-term relationship and commitment. The Australian Government Scholarship aims to play a part in the development of countries partnered with Australia. This is a shared effort by Australia to create a better future, with a helping hand always there for you.

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These comprehensive scholarships play a crucial role in Australia's development policy, with a focus on promoting prosperity and reducing poverty. The Australia Awards, known for their transformative impact, provide leaders from developing countries extensive opportunities for academic and professional growth in Australia. In 2025-2025, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is granting 989 Australia Awards scholarships to individuals from 55 countries, investing around $250 million.

Australia Award Scholarship is one of the Fully Funded Scholarship programs that cover all expenses in Australia during the studies. You are not worried about your educational fees, living in Australia, housing, airfare, medical coverage, books, and other expenses, this scholarship will cover everything.  To receive this free Australian scholarship award, you'll need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia, agreeing to comply with the scholarship conditions.

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Host Country: Study in Australia

Host University: Best 56 Australian Universities

Australia Awards Scholarships Offered By: Australian Government Scholarship - Financed by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, & Higher Education Department of Australia

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Undergraduate / Bachelors, Masters & Ph.D. Degree 500+ Programs Fields.

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Benefits of Australia Awards Scholarship 2025-2026

Australia Awards Scholarships are special because they're a big, fully funded deal from the Australian Government. They take care of all kinds of expenses when you're studying at different universities in Australia.

  1. Complete coverage of your tuition fees.
  2. Round-trip airfare in economy class.
  3. You'll get an Establishment allowance that helps with living costs, housing, textbooks, and study materials- it's a one-time payment.
  4. Assistance with living expenses.
  5. A helpful introduction program to familiarize you with life and studies in Australia.
  6. Comprehensive health coverage for international students.
  7. Support for fieldwork requirements.
  8. Extra academic assistance to boost your studies.

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Degree programs available under the Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia Scholarships are available for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD studies in various academic fields. You can choose from over 1000+ Undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. programs covered by Australia Awards Scholarships. To learn more, visit the official websites of the universities that offer these programs.

Which Australian universities host the Australia Awards Scholarship?

You can avail of this scholarship from the Australian Government at 56 top Australian universities. They cover different studies like Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. Here is a list of universities hosting the Australia Awards Scholarships for 2025-2026:

  1.     Flinders University
  2.     Griffith University
  3.     Canberra Institute of Technology
  4.     Aviation Australia
  5.     Bond University
  6.     Box Hill Institute TAFE
  7.     Bureau of Meteorology
  8.     Curtin University of Technology
  9.     Deakin University
  10.     Edith Cowan University
  11.     Federation University
  12.     Central Queensland University
  13.     Carnegie Mellon University
  14.     Australian Catholic University
  15.     Charles Darwin University
  16.     Charles Sturt University
  17.     Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  18.     The University of Western Australia
  19.     University College London
  20.     University of Canberra
  21.     University of South Australia
  22.     Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
  23.     James Cook University
  24.     The University of Sydney
  25.     Victoria University
  26.     Western Sydney University
  27.     University of Southern Queensland
  28.     The Australian Maritime College
  29.     University of Technology Sydney
  30.     University of the Sunshine Coast
  31.     The University of Tasmania
  32.     University of Wollongong
  33.     William Angliss Institute of TAFE
  34.     Monash University
  35.     Murdoch University
  36.     Queensland University of
  37.     Technology
  38.     RMIT University
  39.     Southern Cross University
  40.     Swinburne University of Technology
  41.     TAFE NSW
  42.     TAFE Queensland
  43.     TAFE SA
  44.     Tasmanian Polytechnic
  45.     Kangan Institute
  46.     La Trobe University
  47.     Macquarie University
  48.     Melbourne Polytechnic
  49.     The Australian National University
  50.     The Gordon Institute of TAFE
  51.     The University of Adelaide
  52.     The University of Melbourne
  53.     The University of Queensland
  54.     The University of New England
  55.     The University of New South Wales (including ADFA)
  56.     The University of Newcastle

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Eligibility Criteria / Requirements to Apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship

Students must fulfill the following Australian Awards Scholarship criteria to avail of this Scholarship in Australia for study.

  1. Minimum age of 18 years by February 1 when starting the Australia Award scholarship.
  2. Citizenship in one of the participating countries is listed below.
  3. Australian citizens are not eligible for Australia Award Scholarships.
  4. Commitment to return to the home country for at least two years after completing the degree.
  5. Good physical and mental health is required.
  6. A strong academic record is essential.

Academic Requirements:

  1. For Undergraduate / Bachelors Degree Program:
    1. Individuals holding a High School Certificate are eligible to apply for a bachelor’s degree.
  2. For Masters by Research or a Master of Philosophy Program:
    1. A bachelor’s degree with first or second-class honors is required.
  3. For Ph.D. Research Program:
    1. To apply for a Ph.D., you must showcase adequate prior research experience and capability. Typically, you will possess either:
    2. A bachelor's degree with first or upper-second-class honors
    3. A master's degree with fundamental research capabilities

Eligible countries students to Apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship

#1 Asian Countries for Australia Awards Scholarships

  1. - Cambodia
  2. - Bhutan
  3. - Indonesia
  4. - Laos
  5. - Malaysia
  6. - Mongolia
  7. - Myanmar
  8. - Nepal
  9. - Pakistan
  10. - Bangladesh
  11. - Philippines
  12. - Sri Lanka
  13. - Timor-Leste
  14. - Vietnam

#2 African Countries for Australia Awards Scholarships

  1. - Algeria
  2. - Botswana
  3. - Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. - Egypt
  5. - Ethiopia
  6. - Gabon
  7. - Ghana
  8. - Kenya
  9. - Liberia
  10. - Madagascar
  11. - Malawi
  12. - Mauritius
  13. - Morocco
  14. - Mozambique
  15. - Namibia
  16. - Nigeria
  17. - Rwanda
  18. - Senegal
  19. - Sierra Leone
  20. - South Africa
  21. - Sudan
  22. - Tanzania
  23. - The Gambia
  24. - Uganda
  25. - Zambia
  26. - Zimbabwe

#3 Pacific Countries for Australia Awards Scholarships

  1. - Federated States of Micronesia
  2. - Fiji
  3. - Kiribati
  4. - Marshall Islands
  5. - Nauru
  6. - Niue
  7. - Palau
  8. - Papua New Guinea
  9. - Samoa
  10. - Solomon Islands
  11. - Tonga
  12. - Tuvalu
  13. - Vanuatu
  14. - Wallis and Futuna

Application deadline for Australia Awards Scholarship 2025

The last date to apply under Australia Awards Scholarships 2025-2026 under the Australia Government Scholarships 2025 program, is April 30, 2024.

Application Process to Apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship

There are two methods for applying for the Australia Awards Scholarship 2025-2026 program Online application and by mail/post or both.

How to apply for Australia Student Visa

  1. International applicants are advised to initially verify the application deadline corresponding to their home country, as it differs from one nation to another.
  2. Please note that Australia Awards Scholarships mandate hard copies of application documents to be sent by post, alongside the online application. However, this requirement applies to only a select few countries, so applicants should verify before initiating the application process.

    For Online Application:

  1. Check your country's profile for the application link. Remember, Indonesia and the Philippines use a different system, not the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS). Look for their application links in their respective country profiles.
  2. When you sign up online, you'll answer some questions to make sure you qualify. They'll give you a special registration number, username, and password.
  3. You don't have to send your application right away. You can make a draft application and update it, along with your documents, until the closing date mentioned in participating country's profile.
  4. Once you submit, you can't change your application. It's a good idea to apply online well before the closing date because lots of people use OASIS just before it closes, and you might face delays.
  5. If you need help, check the Applicant's Online User Manual.

    For Online along with By Post:

  1. If you can't submit your application online, you can apply by mail. Look at your country's profile for contact information to get a paper application form and any other forms like referee reports (if needed).
  2. Make sure you send the filled-out paper application and supporting documents before your country's deadline. Check the specific dates for each country's application period


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