Italy Scholarship 2024 without IELTS | University of Padova, Italy

Do you want to Apply for Italy Scholarship 2024-2025 that doesn't require IELTS? Have you struggled to find the ideal Italian scholarship? The University of Padova, Italy offers a wide range of domestic and international scholarships for studying in Italy. The University of Padova offers university-funded and the Italian Government Scholarships 2024-2025 programs for international students. You can avail of University of Padova scholarships to pursue Undergraduate, Masters & PhD Degree programs. And here's the best part - You can study in Italy without stressing about paying tuition fees at university! This article is all about the University of Padova Scholarships 2024-2025. We'll cover the degrees you can go for, the criteria / who can apply the benefits, and when to apply. Let's make studying in Italy your real thing!

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Italy Scholarship 2024 without IELTS | University of Padova, Italy

About the University of Padova Italy

The University of Padova is an Italian Public Research University as well as one of the top European universities that was established in 1222. It is Italy's second-oldest university and the fifth-oldest surviving university globally.  Today, Padova University, is a multidisciplinary university, with its lecturers, domestic and international students, and staff comprising nearly a third of the town's population. The University has eight schools and 32 departments including Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Economics and Political Science, Engineering, Law, Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage, Medicine, Psychology, and Science. There are hundreds of degree programs at the University of Padova for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD studies.

About Italy Scholarship 2024 without IELTS | University of Padova, Italy

The University of Padova, Italy (University of Padua, Italy) is welcoming international students to apply for the University of Padova Scholarship in Italy for the academic year 2024-2025. There are about 50+ English-taught Degree Programs for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD studies. You can apply for any degree program Bachelor / Undergraduate, Master’s & PhD degree programs.

There are multiple scholarships without IELTS and fee-waiver funding opportunities are available. These include the Padua International Excellence Scholarship 2024, Merit Scholarship 2024, fee waiver funding, and Italian Government scholarships. You can find more detailed information about these Italian Scholarship programs requirements and the application process is provided below. Don't miss out on this fantastic chance to study in Italy!

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Host Country: Free Study in Italy

Host University: University of Padova / University of Padua, Italy

Scholarships Offered By: University of Padova / Padua, and Italian Government Funded Scholarships

Scholarships Coverage: University of Padova Offering Multiple Highly Funded Scholarships

Degree Level: Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. Degree Programs in different fields.

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What are the Benefits of University of Padova Scholarships in Italy?

Here's a fantastic chance for tuition-free study in Italy, and guess what? No need for IELTS! The University of Padova/Padua offers various scholarships, both for domestic and international students. Check out the awesome benefits these scholarships bring:

Degree-seeker scholarships awarded by the University of Padua

#1 Padua International Excellence Scholarship for (Undergraduate / Masters):


  1. The University of Padua, Italy offers 59 study abroad scholarships.
  2. Fee-waiver Scholarships + €8,000 funding support (gross amount) per each academic year.

#2 Fee Waivers Scholarships Departmental scholarships


  1. 100+ full tuition fee waiver scholarships for international students for only 1 year.

#3 Departmental scholarships


  • 100+ Some University of Padua Departments offer multiple scholarships to highly talented international/domestic students wishing to pursue an undergraduate / masters degree program completely held in English in Padua. for more Information - Read

#4 Galilean School of Higher Education Scholarships


  • The Galilean School of Higher Education, part of the University of Padua, is a special place. It mixes regular university classes with unique in-house courses, like seminars and talks by famous international professors. Each year, they choose up to four talented students from around the world. for more Information - Read

Scholarships awarded by other national or international organizations

#1 Scholarship awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation MAECI


  • Each year, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation gives out scholarships for studying in Italy. They're for both international students and Italian students who live permanently in countries outside Italy (IRE). Read More

#2 Invest Your Talent Scholarship


  • The Arqus European University Alliance is excited to provide a scholarship through its Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund. This scholarship aims to bring in and keep talented postgraduate students from all over the world. Read More

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Degree Programs Available at the University of Padova for Scholarship 2024

There is a list of Multiple Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree programs offered by the University of Padova as given below.

Undergraduate / Bachelors Degree Programs

  1. School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
    1.     Animal Care
  2. School of Engineering
    1.     Information Engineering
  3. School of Psychology
    1.     Psychological Science
    2.     Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science
  4. School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage
    1.     Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  5. School of Science
    1.     Biology of human and environmental health
    2.     Earth and Climate Dynamics

Masters Degree Programs

  1. School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
    1.     Italian food and wine
    2.     Sustainable agriculture
    3.     Biotechnologies for food science
    4.     Forest Science
    5.     Food and Health
  2. School of Economics and Political Sciences
    1.     Management for Sustainable Firms
    2.     Applied Economics
    3.     European and Global Studies
    4.     Accounting, Finance, and Business Consulting
    5.     Human rights and multi-level governance
  3. School of Engineering
    1.     Energy Engineering
    2.     Environmental engineering
    3.     ICT for Internet and multimedia
    4.     Management Engineering
    5.     Materials Engineering
    6.     Mathematical Engineering
    7.     Water and Geological Risk Engineering
    8.     Chemical and Processes Engineering
    9.     Computer Engineering
    10.     Control Systems Engineering
    11.     Cybersecurity
    12.     Electronic Engineering
  4. School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage
    1.     English studies
    2.     Communication Strategies
    3.     Mobility Studies
    4.     Local development
    5.     Applied sciences to cultural heritage materials and sites
  5. School of Medicine
    1.     Medicine and Surgery (single-cycle - 6 years)
    2.     Medical biotechnologies
    3.     Pharmaceutical biotechnologies
  6. School of Psychology
    1.     Clinical, social and intercultural psychology
    2.     Developmental and Educational Psychology
    3.     Cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology
  7. School of Science
    1.     Astrophysics and Cosmology
    2.     Computational Finance
    3.     Earth Dynamics
    4.     Geophysics for Natural Risks and Resources
    5.     Materials Science
    6.     Marine Biology
    7.     Mathematics
    8.     Molecular Biology
    9.     Computer science
    10.     Cybersecurity
    11.     Data Science
    12.     Physics
    13.     Physics of Data
    14.     Sustainable chemistry and technologies for circular economy
    15.     Environmental sustainability and education

PhD Degree Programs

Please visit the official website for PhD degree program - HERE

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Padova Scholarships

Applicants must fulfill the following University of Padova eligibility criteria according to the specific degree program to avail of this Italian Study Abroad Scholarship.

  1. This European scholarship is open to applicants from all countries globally.
  2. To apply for a bachelor’s program, submit your secondary education results.
  3. For a master’s program, applicants should have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Eligibility for the Padova University Scholarship requires an outstanding academic record.
  5. Students must fulfill the specific criteria of the program they are applying for.

For more information about requirements for admission to undergraduate / masters degree programs, visit the official website.

How to Apply for Italy Scholarship 2024 without IELTS?

If you finished your studies in an English-language institution or completed a degree program entirely in English, show proof of English Language Proficiency. Read More about the English Language Proficiency Certificate HERE

For students from English-speaking countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Malta, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, USA.

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Documents Requirements for University of Padova Scholarships

  1. Valid Passport or ID card
  2. Academic transcript or Marksheet
  3. Upper secondary school certificate or Academic qualification (if already obtained)
  4. Curriculum Vitae CV - Write a Professional CV
  5. Motivation Letter
  6. Language proficiency certificate
  7. Additional documents as specified for the chosen degree program.

Application Deadline for University of Padova Scholarships 2024

Explore various degree programs and scholarship opportunities, each with its deadline. Visit the specific program and scholarship you're interested in for more details and application information.

Application Process for University of Padova Italy Scholarships

You can easily apply to three-degree programs and get your academic background checked in a few steps. To apply at the University of Padova, Italy Please visit the official University of Padova website for admission and scholarship application. Check the required documents for your application HERE. The official website link is below. Pay attention to the "Call for Admissions for the academic year 2024/2025".

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