5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit in Spain 2023 | Fully Funded

Are you excited to attend Fully Funded Conference in Spain? Good News! The applications for 5th ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) are finally announced! One of the Fully Funded Conference with No IELTS, No application Fee / registration Fee / participation fee. International Students from 50+ Asian & European countries are invited in this Youth Conference in Spain. The ASEF will cover all the expenses during the youth summit in Spain. In this ASEF Opportunity article, we will details, benefits for attendees, criteria for participation, goals of summit as well as deadline to apply!

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5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit in Spain 2023 | Fully Funded

Do you want to visit Spain for Free? So, we are excited to announce that ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) is open their applications portal to attend fully funded conference in Spain. After long time, the coming International event of ASEF Young leaders Summit in Spain 2023 is inviting international students from more than 50 countries to spend a week in Spain. The ASEF Youth Summit brings Asian and European people together to learn from each other and have discussions on problems of modern era. It provides a forum for young students and youth to develop their leadership abilities. The theme of ASEFYLS5 is "Leadership in Society 5.0." This international youth conference will run from 12 to 16 September 2023 in Salamanca, Spain. ASEM, which stands for the Asia Europe Meeting, strives to tackle common political, economic, social, cultural, and educational issues. It promotes a sense of equal partnership and mutual respect between Asian and European countries.

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5th ASEF International Conference 2023 is one of the Fully Funded Conference for international youth of Asian and european countries. Those Students, who are currently enrolled in any degree levels (Undergraduate / Bachelors, Graduate (Masters & Ph.D., etc.) and from any Major / Academic Field are eligible to Apply for 5th ASEF youth summit. Your age must be 18 to 30 Years old to become eligible for this event. All the ASEF Conference Expenses will cover by organizers. Participation in this program is absolutely free, with no registration or fees required. Selected participants will receive accommodation, meals, and travel subsidies, ensuring that they can fully engage in the program without financial burden. With approximately 150 international participants will attend this grand event presents a unique opportunity to become an ASEM Young Leader. Don't let this chance slip away - seize the international opportunity to be part of this remarkable gathering.

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Host Country : Spain

Host Organization:  ASEF ( Asia Europe Foundation), Spain

Youth Conference Offered By:  Contributing to the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Spain, various organizations such as ASEF, Casa Asia, Erasmus Mundus Association, IAPSS, Asian Youth Organization, International Exchange Student Network, ESU, MALTMUN Society, and others are actively involved.

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Students from  any Academic Field are eligible to Apply.

What are the benefits of 5th ASEF Conference 2023 in Spain?

Attention students with a dream of visiting Spain and participating in an international conference! There's a fantastic opportunity available for you. The 5th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in 2023 is offering fully funded scholarships. This means all expenses, including travel allowances, will be covered during your stay in Spain. The conference will focus on discussing important topics like politics, economics, society, culture, and education. Students from 50 Asian-European countries are invited to apply for this exciting 5th ASEF Program in 2023.

Expenses which will cover by 5th ASEF Youth Summit:

  1. Selected participants do not need to pay any registration or participation fees.
  2. Travel expenses to and from the participant's country will be covered.
  3. Transportation within the host country will be provided.
  4. Accommodation will be arranged for the participants.
  5. Three meals a day will be provided.
  6. Organized visits will give participants the opportunity to explore the host country and experience its culture.

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Themes & Phases of the 5th ASEF Youth Summit

The 5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS5) offers a transformative leadership program exclusively for young Asians and Europeans. With a specific emphasis on "Leadership in Society 5.0," ASEFYLS5 serves as a nexus that connects and unites young professionals and students hailing from 50+ countries across Asia and Europe. This summit creates an enriching environment for learning, exchanging insights, and fostering meaningful collaborations among its diverse participants.

Phases of ASEFYLS5

This summit programme includes three phases:

  1.     1st Phase Virtual: Knowledge Building | 3 – 28 August 2023
    • An in-depth exploration into Leadership and Society 5.0 through training
  2.     2nd Phase Salamanca, Spain: Youth Summit | 12 – 16 September 2023
    • People-to-people exchanges, networking, and learning in the local context
  3.     3rd Phase Virtual: Leadership in Action | September – December 2023
    • Turning theory into action, a collaboration between participants to find solutions for real-life challenges.

Why You Should Apply for the ASEFYLS5?

  1. Network! Meet youth from all over Asia and Europe, forming new connections for future partnerships and collaborations.
  2. Collaborate! Work together with diverse groups, learning from different cultures and backgrounds.
  3. Learn! Receive training on Leadership and Society 5.0 from experts and respected institutions.
  4. Share your voice! Contribute to important policy discussions and decision-making processes.
  5. Explore Spain! Experience the vibrant Spanish culture while discovering the historic city of Salamanca.

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What is Eligibility Criteria for 5th ASEF Youth Summit?

You need to fulfill the following criteria to avail the this ASEF opportunity. This event invites 150 Students from 51 asian and european countries!

ASEF Eligible Countries:  You must be from 51 countries list of Asia Europe as given below:

List of Countries is given below.

  1.     Australia
  2.     Austria
  3.     Bangladesh
  4.     Belgium
  5.     Brunei Darussalam
  6.     Bulgaria
  7.     Cambodia
  8.     China
  9.     Croatia
  10.     Cyprus
  11.     Czech Republic
  12.     Denmark
  13.     Estonia
  14.     Finland
  15.     France
  16.     Germany
  17.     Greece
  18.     Hungary
  19.     India
  20.     Indonesia
  21.     Ireland
  22.     Italy
  23.     Japan
  24.     Kazakhstan
  25.     Korea
  26.     Lao PDR
  27.     Latvia
  28.     Lithuania
  29.     Luxembourg
  30.     Malaysia
  31.     Malta
  32.     Mongolia
  33.     Myanmar
  34.     Netherlands
  35.     New Zealand
  36.     Norway
  37.     Pakistan
  38.     Philippines
  39.     Poland
  40.     Portugal
  41.     Romania
  42.     Russian Federation
  43.     Singapore
  44.     Slovakia
  45.     Slovenia
  46.     Spain
  47.     Sweden
  48.     Switzerland
  49.     Thailand
  50.     United Kingdom
  51.     Viet Nam

with the Partner Organisations European Union & ASEAN Secretariat.

Other Requirements:

  1. You can also visit Countries List - Official Countries List
  2. Your age must be between 18-30.
  3. You can apply even if you are from any degree level (undergraduate, graduate, etc.) with any academic field.
  4. You must have Strong English verbal and written skills

Note: Please note that filling in the application form will take about 15-30 min. In the form you will also be requested to upload your CV.

5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit Duration

  • The 5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2023 will be continue upto for Six days (excluding arrival and departure in Spain).
  • Summit Period: The youth forum dates are from  12 – 16 September 2023

How to Apply for 5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit Spain?

All the International Applicants have to apply online by filling online application form. The Application is Free. For Apply, Please Visit Official Website of the ASEF Leadership Summit. OR Fill Application Form Here

What is Application Deadline for Spain 5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2023?

You must apply for 5TH ASEF Young Conference till 9th July 2023!

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