McCall MacBain Scholarship in Canada 2025 | Full Funded Scholarships

Are you thinking about studying in Canada with a Scholarship? Here's some exciting news! McGill University is offering the McCall MacBain Scholarship for the 2025 academic year. This scholarship is for both international and domestic students. It is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields. There are 30 full scholarships and 100 entrance awards for 2025. This Fully Funded Scholarship covers full tuition fees, a monthly stipend of $2000, and a one-time relocation fund. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of the McCall MacBain Scholarship, the eligibility criteria, how to apply, and the deadline.

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McCall MacBain Scholarship in Canada 2025 | Full Funded Scholarships

Want to know about the University of McGill?

McGill University is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and is one of the best universities in the world. Founded in 1821, McGill is known for its excellent academics, groundbreaking research, and diverse student body. Here’s what you need to know about McGill University. McGill offers a variety of degrees, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Some of its top faculties are Arts, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law, and Management.

The university consistently ranks among the top globally, showing its commitment to high-quality education and innovation. McGill is a leader in research and innovation, with many research centres and institutes. McGill researchers have achieved important breakthroughs, such as creating the first artificial blood cell and making advancements in neuroscience and genomics. This focus on research means students learn from the latest developments in their fields, not just textbooks.

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About the McCall MacBain Scholarship in Canada 2025?

The McCall MacBain Scholarships are prestigious awards offered by McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Named after John and Marcy McCall MacBain, these scholarships aim to help students by providing financial support, leadership training, and mentorship. They are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields. These International Scholarships in Canada are designed to attract and support talented students from around the world. They provide the resources needed to excel academically and make a positive impact on the world. The scholarships cover the entire cost of tuition for your chosen program. Recipients also receive a monthly stipend of $2,000 to help with living expenses. Additionally, a one-time relocation fund is provided to help with moving costs, making it easier for students to settle into their new life at McGill.

There are 30 full scholarships and 100 entrance awards available for the year 2025. Scholarships are offered to both international and domestic students who want to study in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The scholarship program includes leadership training and development opportunities, helping students to grow personally and professionally. Scholars are paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance and support throughout their studies.

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Host Country: Canada

Host university: University of McGill

Scholarship Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Undergraduate and Masters Degree Program

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Benefits of the McCall MacBain Scholarships 2025?

As a McCall MacBain Scholar, you can pursue a fully funded master’s or second-entry professional undergraduate program at McGill University. Here’s what the scholarship covers:

  1. All tuition and fees for the full duration of your program.
  2. $2,000 per month for living expenses during academic terms.
  3. A one-time grant to help with moving costs to Montréal.
  4. Up to $5,000 for meaningful summer experiences if you are not taking classes during the summer.
  5. Ten scholarships are provided by the McCall MacBain Foundation.
  6. Twenty-five awards worth $20,000 each for finalists.
  7. Fifteen awards worth $10,000 each for regional applicants.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for the McCall MacBain Scholarships 2025?

To be eligible for this Canadian scholarship program applicant must meet the following criteria :

  1. Applicants currently pursuing their first bachelor’s degree and will graduate by August 2025.
  2. Applicants obtained their first bachelor’s degree within the last five years from January 2019 onwards.
  3. Applicants earned their first bachelor’s degree more than five years ago and will be under 30 years old in 2024.
  4. Additionally, the applicant must fulfil McGill's admission requirements for degrees and language proficiency, please visit - Eligibility Criteria

Field of Study for McCall MacBain Scholarships 2025 Program

Second-Entry Professional Undergraduate Degrees

  1. BCL/JD Law
  2. DMD Dentistry
  3. MDCM Medicine

Master degree programs

  1. Arts
  2. Architecture
  3. Arts in Teaching and Learning
  4. Business Administration
  5. Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Information Studies
  8. Management Analytics
  9. Finance, Retail
  10. Music
  11. Public Policy
  12. Science
  13. Social Work
  14. Urban Planning
  15.  Law
  16. Sacred Theology

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Application Process to Apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarships

Here's the process to apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada for 2025:

  1. Visit the website to start your application.
  2. Create an account if you haven't already.
  3. Log in to your account and fill in all the necessary details.
  4. Make sure to include any required supporting documents.
  5. Carefully complete the application form and submit it.

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Application Deadline to apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarships? 

  1. For domestic students of Canada and the United States, the last date is September 25, 2024.
  2. For International students, the last date to apply is August 21, 2024.

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