Huawei Free Online Courses 2022 | Huawei Talent Learning Program

Are you ready? for Free Online Courses from a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT)? Huawei Technologies Ltd., offers 250 free online courses in 2022 for World Wide Students female and male students of any nationality during this COVID-19 period, stay home, and learn online through video lectures.

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Huawei Technologies offers one of the best free online courses without any charges, so don't miss this chance.  Foreign students from all over the world just need to ENROLL IN Huawei Technologies E-Learning FREE ONLINE COURSES Platform and spend their Free time Learn Something more for their career under Diversified online quality courses (250+ Chinese & English online courses).

Huawei Free Online Courses 2022 | Huawei Talent Learning Program

About Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies, Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company. It provides smart telecommunications devices and equipment, and sells consumer electronics, and smartphones. Huawei headquartered is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Huawei Free Online Courses

Huawei offers massive online learning courses to worldwide students to participate in Huawei Talent Learning Program. They offer 250+ free online courses through E-Learning Online Education System to support millions of worldwide people. All the Huawei Professional Free Online Courses are delivered by Top Huawei Experts. Everyone can take advantage of free online professional courses from Huawei free of cost and Masters their skills in different academic fields.

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Don't worry if you can't go outside to learn something new with, Huawei Talent Learning Program you can learn about 250+ Free Online Courses in different academic fields and get benefits from their Short Online Courses.

You just need 1-2 hours daily with a Laptop to boost your learning at this time. The Free Online Courses are 100% Free of Cost & There is No Registration Fee Required. The Free Online Courses are available in the form of Video Lectures & Downloadable material.

Don't miss This Free Online Courses 2022 program which is totally free and eases your Coronavirus anxiety. Almost All Fields & Majors are available. Students can apply without IELTS/TOEFL for these courses.

Host Institute: Huawei Technologies

Free Online Courses Offered: Huawei Technologies

Eligible Countries: World Wide Students Can Apply.

Course Charges: Huawei Technologies courses are free for learning.

Degree Level:  Any Student from any nationality can apply for these free courses with no fees

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Benefits of Huawei Free Online Courses

Online Courses during the pandemic period of COVID-19 as There are No charges for learning 250+ online courses at home. One of the best opportunities for learning the Top Online Courses Free of Cost. scholarship for African students

  1.     Video Lectures   
  2.     No Enrollment Fee
  3.     Self-Paced
  4.     Access to any course from any part of the world
  5.     Free Enrolment is open all year, without any registration charges.
  6.     Quizzes

List of Huawei Free Online Courses

Students can apply for any of the free courses in the following subjects. The Duration of Each Free Online Course is depending upon the courses you choose.

The List Fields of Free Huawei Online Courses are given below.

  1.     Routing & Switching
  2.     WLAN
  3.     Security
  4.     IoT
  5.     5G
  6.     Transmission
  7.     Access
  8.      LTE
  9.     Datacom
  10.     Storage
  11.     Cloud Computing
  12.     Cloud Service
  13.     Big Data
  14.     AI
  15.     Data Center
  16.     Intelligent Computing
  17.     Network Energy
  18.     GaussDB
  19.     Kunpeng
  20.     Video Conference
  21.     Enterprise Communication
  22.     Video Surveillance
  23.     Contact Center
  24.     Public Safety
  25.     Finance, urgent care Plymouth
  26.     Transportation, warren urgent care
  27.     Healthcare, urgent care warren
  28.     Education

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Eligibility Criteria for Huawei Free Online Courses

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Free Online Courses 2022.

  1.     No Nationality Restrictions
  2.     No Age Restrictions
  3.     No Academic Restrictions
  4.     Absolutely No entry requirements or qualification criteria

Why choose Huawei E-Learning?

  1.     Huawei is the top leading tech industry in the world, providing information and communication technology infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei is currently operating in 170 Countries and serving more than a billion people.
  2.     Diversified Online Quality Course (250+ Chinese & English Online Courses)
  3.     Huawei wants to ensure that Learning Never Stops during this COVID-19 Period. Huawei involves the world's best expert teams to support worldwide people with UNESCO experts, and best practices for decreasing the impact of the pandemic on education.   

Applications Deadline for Huawei Free Online Courses

There is no deadline to enroll for the Huawei Free Online Courses 2022.

How to Apply for Free Huawei Free Online Courses

Huawei Free Online Courses are open worldwide for students. All you need is access to a laptop or computer, an Internet connection, and, of course, a desire to learn for this period.

Please check the given links for the complete procedure:

  • For Apply Free Online Courses at Huawei -  ENROLL NOW
  • For the Official Advertisement of Huawei Free Online Courses -  Official Advertisement
  • Choose the course from the list, get Register, Enroll and Start your online lectures.

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