Concordia University Scholarships 2022 | Study in Canada
Concordia University Scholarships 2022 | Study in Canada

The Canada Scholarship for International students 2022 is available at Concordia University, Canada. There are many Scholarships in Canada, Concordia University, for worldwide students. These Scholarships will financially support the Undergraduate/Bachelor's degree programs. Concordia University offers Fully Funded Concordia Presidential Scholarship 2022 for worldwide students.

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Concordia University Scholarships 2022 | Study in Canada

About Concordia University, Canada

Every student's dream is to Study in Canada College or Universities for their Bachelors, Masters's, and Ph.D. studies as Canada have excellent educational opportunities. There is a lot of scholarship for international students in Canada at different colleges and universities. 

Concordia University is one of the best Canadian universities, which is referred to as Concordia Comprehensive Public Research University. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Concordia University is ranked about 670 in Global Best universities. All the departments of Concordia are also top-ranked according to their performance of excellence.

They are offering Multiple degree programs for Undergraduate and Graduate studies. All the undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Concordia are taught in the English Language.

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About Concordia University Scholarship:

Concordia University, Canada offers a wide range of scholarships for international students. Every year Concordia University scholarship supports exceptional international students from all different parts of the world to study, comprehensive research, and innovate at our thriving Canadian institution.

At this time, Concordia Presidential Scholarships for International students are available for full-time undergraduate degree programs. It is a fully-funded scholarship in Canada for 2022. It will cover the full expenses of the undergraduate student. This full flight award will support excellent international students with academic excellence, great community leadership, and a good sense of humor.

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Host Country: Study in Canada

Host University: Concordia University, Canada

Scholarships Offered By: Concordia University Scholarship

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Bachelors / Undergraduate Degree Programs in different fields.

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Benefits of Concordia University Presidential Scholarships

It is a great opportunity to Free Study Abroad in Canada at Concordia University scholarship programs. It will cover all the expenses during the full-time undergraduate studies as given below:

  1.  Full tuition and fees
  2.  Books Allowance
  3.  Living costs according to Concordia’s residency rate.

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What Undergraduate Degree Programs are available at Concordia University?

All the Academic Fields are Available. There are about 133 different Bachelors / Undergraduate Degree programs available.

  1. Accountancy (BComm)
  2. Acting for the Theatre (BFA)
  3. Actuarial Mathematics (BA, BSc)
  4. Actuarial Mathematics/Finance (BA, BSc)
  5. Administration (BAdmin)
  6. Adult Education (Minor, Cert)
  7. Aerospace Engineering (BEng)
  8. Anthropology (BA)
  9. Anthropology and Sociology (BA)
  10. Art Education, Visual Arts (BFA)
  11. Art History (BFA)
  12. Art History and Film Studies (BFA)
  13. Art History and Studio Art (BFA)
  14. Arts and Science (Cert)
  15. Athletic Therapy (BSc)
  16. Behavioral Neuroscience (BSc)
  17. Biochemistry (BSc)
  18. Biology (BSc)
  19. Biophysics (Minor)
  20. Building Engineering (BEng)
  21. Business Studies (Minor, Cert)
  22. Business Technology Management (BComm)
  23. Cell and Molecular Biology (BSc)
  24. Ceramics (BFA)
  25. Certificate in Accountancy (Cert)
  26. Chemistry (BSc)
  27. Child Studies (BA)
  28. Civil Engineering (BEng)
  29. Classics (BA)
  30. Communication and Cultural Studies (BA)
  31. Communication Studies (BA)
  32. Community Service (Cert)
  33. Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies (BA)
  34. Computation Arts (BFA)
  35. Computer Engineering (BEng)
  36. Computer Science (BCompSc)
  37. Computer Science (Minor)
  38. Computer Science - Computation Arts (BCompSc, BFA)
  39. Computer Science - Mathematics and Statistics (BCompSc, BSc, BA)
  40. Contemporary Dance (BFA)
  41. Creative Writing (BA)
  42. Data Intelligence (Minor)
  43. Design (BFA)
  44. Design for the Theatre (BFA)
  45. Diversity and the Contemporary World (Minor)
  46. Early Childhood and Elementary Education (BA)
  47. Ecology (BSc)
  48. Economics (BA)
  49. Economics (BComm)
  50. Education (Minor)
  51. Electrical Engineering (BEng)
  52. Electroacoustic Studies (BFA)
  53. English and Creative Writing (BA)
  54. English and History (BA)
  55. English Literature (BA)
  56. Environmental Geography (BSc)
  57. Environmental Science (BSc)
  58. Études françaises (French Studies) (BA)
  59. Exercise Science (BSc)
  60. Family Life Education (Cert)
  61. Fibers and Material Practices (BFA)
  62. Film Animation (BFA)
  63. Film Production (BFA)
  64. Film Studies (BFA)
  65. Finance (BComm)
  66. First Peoples Studies (BA)
  67. Foundations for Business (Cert)
  68. French Studies
  69. Game Design (Minor)
  70. Geospatial Technologies (Minor, Cert)
  71. German Studies (Minor)
  72. History (BA)
  73. Human Environment (BA)
  74. Human Relations (BA)
  75. Human Resource Management (BComm)
  76. Human Rights Studies (Minor)
  77. Immigration Studies (Minor, Cert)
  78. Industrial Engineering (BEng)
  79. Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality (BA)
  80. Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) (BFA)
  81. International Business (BComm)
  82. Irish Studies (BA, Cert)
  83. Israel Studies (Minor)
  84. Italian (BA)
  85. Jazz Studies (BFA)
  86. Journalism (BA)
  87. Judaic Studies (BA)
  88. Kinesiology and Clinical Exercise Physiology (BSc)
  89. Law and Society (Minor)
  90. Liberal Arts (BA)
  91. Linguistics (BA)
  92. Management (BComm)
  93. Marketing (BComm)
  94. Mathematical and Computational Finance (BA, BSc)
  95. Mathematics and Statistics (BA, BSc)
  96. Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
  97. Modern Arabic Language and Culture (Minor, Cert)
  98. Modern Chinese Language and Culture (Minor, Cert)
  99. Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (Minor)
  100. Music (BFA)
  101. Painting and Drawing (BFA)
  102. Pastoral Ministry (Cert)
  103. Performance Creation (BFA)
  104. Philosophy (BA)
  105. Photography (BFA)
  106. Physics (BSc)
  107. Political Science (BA)
  108. Print Media (BFA)
  109. Professional Writing (Minor)
  110. Psychology (BA, BSc)
  111. Pure and Applied Mathematics (BA, BSc)
  112. Real Estate (Minor)
  113. Recreation and Leisure Studies (BA)
  114. Religions and Cultures (BA)
  115. Science and Technology (Cert)
  116. Science Foundations (Cert)
  117. Sculpture (BFA)
  118. Sexuality, Interdisciplinary Studies in (BA)
  119. Sociology (BA)
  120. Software Engineering (BEng)
  121. Southern Asia Studies (BA)
  122. Spanish, Hispanic Cultures and Literature (BA)
  123. Statistics (BA, BSc)
  124. Studio Art (BFA)
  125. Supply Chain Operations Management (BComm)
  126. Sustainability Studies (Minor)
  127. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (BEd)
  128. Theatre (Minor)
  129. Theological Studies (BA)
  130. Therapeutic Recreation (BA)
  131. Traduction (Translation) (BA)
  132. Urban Studies and Urban Planning (BA)
  133. Women's Studies (BA, Cert)

For more information about programs and departments - Visit Here

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Concordia University?

Applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to avail of this Canada Scholarship:

  1. Nationality:
    1. The student must be International students from all over the world.
  2. Health: All applicants must be in good health, both mentally and physically fit.

Academic Requirements:

  1. Undergraduate Students:
    1. Applicants must clear their High School/Secondary School Education or Equivalent for admission.

For more information, please visit the eligibility criteria of the program, as criteria are different for each program, for which you are applying. International Undergraduate Admissions Guide: Here

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Application Deadline for Concordia University Scholarship

The application deadline for applying for Concordia University Scholarships is 12th January 2022

How to Apply for the Concordia University Scholarship?

The students have to apply for undergraduate admission here. Students can enroll in any Undergraduate degree program according to their choice. Students must apply for undergraduate admissions prior to applying for this Concordia University scholarship. For more information, please visit the official website.

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