MOE Short Term Research Awards (STRA) in Taiwan - Fully Funded

Each year Fully Funded MOE Short Term Research Awards (STRA) offers by Ministry of Education (MOE) under Taiwan Government.TAFS (Taiwan Fellowships and Scholarships) Organization Support an International scholar who is a Ph.D. student or a postdoctoral Research Fellow to do 2 to 6 months research in Taiwan.

MOE Short Term Research Awards (STRA) in Taiwan - Fully Funded:

The Ministry of Education (MOE) created this award to encourage individuals from foreign countries (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) to undertake short-term research in Taiwan, in the hopes of enhancing their understanding of Taiwan’s culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interaction between Taiwan and the international community.

The Taiwanese Universities is one of the top leading and Presstigious World Class Research Universities in world. All the expenses of International Research Fellowship is covered by Ministry of Education (MOE) include One round-trip Air Ticket to Taiwan.

Host Country For Research : Fellowship Research in Taiwan

Host University: Multiple Taiwanese Universities, Taiwan

Fellowship Offered By: Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan, TAFS ( Taiwan Fellowships & Scholarships)

Fellowships Expense Coverage: Fully Funded

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Financial Package by MOE Short Term Research Awards (STRA):

Who want to Research in in Taiwan? It is excellent Opportunity to do 2 to 6 months research in Taiwan. Fully Funded MOE Short Term Research Awards will cover all the expenses during fellowship at Different Taiwanese Universities.

Applicants are invited for MOE Short Term Research Award from all over the world.

Here is List of Exepnses which will cover by this program:

  1.     Ph.D. Candidates will receive a monthly research allowance of NT$25,000 
  2.     Post Doctoral Fellows will receive a monthly research allowance of NT$40,000.
  3.     One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan (The maximum subsidized amount is determined by the MOE.)

Fellowship Research Areas:

The research topic area to be investigated in Taiwan must be related to Taiwanese humanities disciplines, social sciences, culture and/or arts, and/or related comparative research.

No of Fellowships: There will be approximately 20 to 40 openings available per annum, depending on the
annual budget, for that fiscal year.

Duration of Programs:  The terms of fellowship are two to six months.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail the Research Fellowships in Taiwan.

  1.     Student must be a doctoral candidate from an overseas university or a postdoctoral research fellow.
  2.     Student neither a Taiwanese national, nor an overseas Taiwanese compatriot.
  3.     Applicant not already be residing, studying (including internships), teaching or doing research in Taiwan.
  4.     Student not have received this award within the last five years.
  5.     Student not be a recipient of any other R.O.C. government-sponsored cholarship or subsidy.
  6.     Applicant not be an exchange student while receiving this award.

Documents Required for MOE Research Fellowships:

  1. 3 copies of the Application Form:
    1. Download Application Form: Click Here
  2. . A postdoctoral fellow must provide a photocopy of their Ph.D. A Ph.D. student must provide certification of their current enrollment and transcripts and documentary evidence of the academic programs they have completed.
  3.  At least two letters of recommendation:
    1. one from a senior official of the institution, university, or college where the applicant is currently working or studying (for example: the president or vice-chancellor of a university, the director of an institute, dean of a college, head of a department, or head of a research institute, or a senior official from another institution or organization)
    2. Second from a teaching scholar or expert in the applicant’s field. If the applicant is a Ph.D. student, a certification of their current enrollment must also be submitted.

How to Apply for MOE Research Fellowships in Taiwan:

Check the Following Link for Detail how to Apply: Click Here - (Check Application Procedure & Timeline )

Deadline: Before the end of September (Each Year).

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