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Applications for 9th ASEF Conference in Spain, Madrid 2019 for International Students by Asia (ASEF) Europe Foundation. 9th ASEF Conference 2019 is Fully Funded International Youth Conference (include AirFare) for young students from 51 Asia Europe Countries. Students from Asia Europe Countries can  Apply for this Prestigious Youth Conference in Madrid, Spain Are You Ready to attend a International Conference in Spain?


9th ASEF Conference in Spain Madrid 2019 for Students - Asia Europe Foundation: 

9th ASEF International Conference 2019 is Fully Funded Youth Conference for Young Blood Students from 51 Aisa Europe Countries to attend a one Week Conference in Spain. Students from all degree levels (Undergraduate, Graduate, etc.) and from any Academic Field are eligible to Apply. All Conference Expenses are Covered by ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation).

The International ASEF Conference with Title #MODELASEM9 which is an event dedicated to young people from 51(List are given in eligibility criteria) Asia Europe Countries. ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) aims to addresses Political, Economic and Social, Cultural & Educational issues of common interest, in a spirit of mutual respect and equal partnership between Asia & European Countries.

The Conference will run from December 11, 2019 to December 16, 2019. Students from  any Academic Field are eligible to Apply.

Host Country : Madrid, Spain

Host Organization:  ASEF ( Asia Europe Foundation), Spain

Conference Offered By:  ASEF, Casa Asia , Erasmus Mundus Association, IAPSS, Asian Youth Organization, International Exchange Student Network, ESU, MALTMUN Society and others contributing to Asia Europe Meeting ASEM Madrid, Span 2019

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Students from  any Academic Field are eligible to Apply.

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Financial Package for 9th ASEF Conference 2019:

Excellent Opportunity for those students who have dream to visit Madrid, Spain and Participate in youth international conference event on Fully Funded Scholarships to dialogue on Political, Economic and Social, Cultural & Educational issues.

Fully Funded 9th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) by ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) 2019 will cover all the expenses during stay in Spain include AirTicket. Applicants are invited for 9th ASEF Progran 2019 for students of 51 Asian- European Countries.

Here is List of Exepnses which will cover by this program:

  1. No registration or participation fees for the selected participants.
  2. Travel Expenses to and from the participant’s country
  3. Transportation
  4. Accommodation
  5. 3 Time Meals.
  6. Visits will be organized for the participants to discover the host country and its culture.

Themes of the Conference:

Aims to addresses Political, Economic and Social, Cultural & Educational issues of common interest, in a spirit of mutual respect and equal  partnership between Asia & European Countries.The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) promotes understanding, strengthens relationships and facilitates cooperation among the people, institutions and organisations of Asia and Europe. ASEF enhances dialogue, enables exchanges and encourages collaboration across the thematic areas of culture, education, governance, sustainable development, economy, public health and media.

Objective of the Event:

The Model ASEM series organised by ASEF is unique as it takes place in conjunction with official ASEMFMMs and hence provides you with a golden opportunity to personally interact with ASEM Foreign Ministers and government officials.

  1. Provides you with a platform to engage with the ASEM process and personally meet with your Foreign Minister.
  2. Offers you the opportunity to fine-tune your skills in the fields of diplomacy, negotiation, consensus-buildingand public speaking.
  3. Enhances your understanding of the ASEM process and Asia-Europe relations and opens a network of AsiaEurope enthusiasts.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail the this opportunity. 150 Students will be selected for this conference.

Eligible Countries:  Students from 51 Asia Europe Countries are elibile to Apply.

List of Countries is given below.

  1.     Australia
  2.     Austria
  3.     Bangladesh
  4.     Belgium
  5.     Brunei Darussalam
  6.     Bulgaria
  7.     Cambodia
  8.     China
  9.     Croatia
  10.     Cyprus
  11.     Czech Republic
  12.     Denmark
  13.     Estonia
  14.     Finland
  15.     France
  16.     Germany
  17.     Greece
  18.     Hungary
  19.     India
  20.     Indonesia
  21.     Ireland
  22.     Italy
  23.     Japan
  24.     Kazakhstan
  25.     Korea
  26.     Lao PDR
  27.     Latvia
  28.     Lithuania
  29.     Luxembourg
  30.     Malaysia
  31.     Malta
  32.     Mongolia
  33.     Myanmar
  34.     Netherlands
  35.     New Zealand
  36.     Norway
  37.     Pakistan
  38.     Philippines
  39.     Poland
  40.     Portugal
  41.     Romania
  42.     Russian Federation
  43.     Singapore
  44.     Slovakia
  45.     Slovenia
  46.     Spain
  47.     Sweden
  48.     Switzerland
  49.     Thailand
  50.     United Kingdom
  51.     Viet Nam

with the Partner Organisations European Union & ASEAN Secretariat.

Other Requirements:

  1. Students from above Mentioned Countries ( Official List Here)
  2. Students from all levels (undergraduate, graduate, etc.) and all disciplines, between the ages of 18-30
  3. Strong verbal and written command of English

Note: Please note that filling in the application form will take about 15-30 min. In the form you will also be requested to upload your CV.

Conference Duration: Six days (excluding arrival and departure days)

Event Period: The forum will be held from 11 to 16 December 2019 (participants’ arrival is scheduled one day before the start and departure one day after).

Procedure to Apply:

Students have to directly apply for this youth ASEF Conference:

  1. Students have to Click on Apply Online ( in Green Color Below) and Fill the Online Registeration Form Which will take 15-30 minutes Only.
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Deadline: Monday, 12 August 2019, GMT 23:59

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