Youth Policy Summit 2024 in Malaysia | Fully Funded Conference

Time to apply for The Youth Policy Summit 2024 in Malaysia! If you are a young blood/leader, student, professional & social activist eager to work for policy and governance, this fully funded conference in Malaysia is for you! They are offering fully funded seats and partially funded seats to young blood to participate in this youth conference 2024. This Youth Policy Summit in Malaysia 2024 will held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11th January to 14th January 2024! There is no need for IELTS / TOEFL to apply for this youth event. Don't miss this opportunity if you are interested in leadership, governance, policy-making, and social work, it will change the lives of people!

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Youth Policy Summit 2024 in Malaysia | Fully Funded Conference

Join the Youth Policy Summit 2024 – a unique opportunity for young leaders. Whether you're a student, an activist, or just passionate about policies, this summit lets you explore the world of governance. Discover the secrets of policymaking, the complex systems behind it, and insights into related fields. This best conference is designed for young visionaries like you. We aim to empower you with knowledge, skills, and inspiration to be influential policy-makers in your communities. It's where you'll be inspired, challenged, and prepared to tackle pressing global issues through informed policymaking.

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Come and be part of a great Youth Summit in Malaysia that offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. At the Centre for Diplomatic Advancement, we're a group of young people dedicated to making the world more peaceful. We believe in talking, understanding, and working together with different countries. Our mission is to create a better, more peaceful world. We also organize events like conferences and seminars where experts from all over the world come to talk about the problems we face today and how we can solve them by working together.

We invite you to join us in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on this amazing journey of discovery, learning, and growth. Together, we'll explore how policies can make the world better and inspire a new generation of leaders who want to create a brighter and fairer future for everyone. Welcome to the Youth Policy Summit 2024 – where your passion has a purpose, and your vision turns into action.

About Youth Policy Summit 2024 in Malaysia:

Host Organization: CDA (Centre for Diplomatic Advancement)

YPS 2023 Duration: January 11th, 2024 - January 14th, 2024

😇 So You Will Never Miss Any Opportunity for your excellency. Then hurry up to join, follow and like us on different Social Networks. 😇

Highlights of YPS 2024:

  1. Uncover the Policy World: Dive deep into the diverse policymaking universe.
  2. Hands-On Learning: Join practical workshops guided by seasoned experts.
  3. Connect with Key Areas: See how policies impact vital fields like sustainability, tech, health, and education.
  4. Worldwide Perspectives: Engage in thought-provoking talks with global leaders, diplomats, and policymakers.
  5. Bond with Tomorrow's Leaders: Meet peers, activists, and change-makers worldwide.
  6. Uplifting Speeches: Get inspired by accomplished speakers in the policymaking realm.

What are the benefits of the Youth Policy Summit in Malaysia 2024?

  1. 15 Exclusive Full Scholarships
  2. 40 Partial Scholarships with generous funding
  3. Comfortable shared lodging arrangements
  4. Daily three-course meals provided
  5. Complimentary Summit Merchandise
  6. Full access pass to YPS 2024 events
  7. Global networking opportunities with kindred spirits
  8. Receive coveted graduation certificates for your career enhancement
  9. Multifaceted refinement of your professional skills
  10. Explore the vibrant Malaysian culture

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Youth Policy Conference 2024 in Malaysia?

  1. Open to individuals from diverse walks of life
  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years young
  3. Proficiency in English is a requirement
  4. Welcoming applications from every corner of society
  5. Eager and committed to nurturing innovative concepts for progress

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How to Apply for Youth Policy Summit 2024?

  1. You need to complete the Online Application Form by visiting our official website
  2. Please complete the YPS 2024 application form with the required information
  3. Share your personal touch: name, birthdate, address, and more
  4. Upload a photo of yourself and show your previous work through pictures or images.
  5. Unleash your passion in the Motivation section, particularly if you seek a Fully Funded opportunity
  6. The YPS Support Team, moved by your motivation, will reach out to shortlisted candidates for the next evaluation chapter.

What is the Application Deadline for YPS (Youth Policy Summit)  2024?

Hurry up! Complete your Application Form for Youth Policy Summit Malaysia 2024 before November 05, 2023.

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