Korea University Scholarship 2021 - Spring - Study in Korea

Korea University, South Korea is announced International Scholarship 2021 for spring sessions. The Korea University Scholarships 2021 is available for Undergraduate/Bachelors Degree Programs. Multiple Scholarships are available for worldwide students. If you are searching for Canada scholarship 2021 program, The Canad Scholarships 2021 - Brescia University College - Apply Now is also open for international students.

Korea University Scholarship 2021 - Study in Korea:

About Korea University:

Korea University is a world-class private research-oriented university in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the nation's oldest and most prominent universities of higher education.

The Korea University, South Korea is is globally ranked toward Top 50. Furthermore, according to the QS World ranking the Korea University is among 1st private university in South Korea. There is about 20,000+ undergraduate and more than 10,000 graduate local and international students are studying at Korea University, South Korea. The Thai Government Scholarship 2021 - Chulalongkorn University - Apply Now is also open for international students.

About Undergraduate Scholarship:

Currently, Korea University announced 2021 International Scholarships for multiple Undergraduate/Bachelors Degree Programs. These Scholarships are financially supported to International students for undergraduate students. There are different types of scholarships are available for spring session 2021.

There are different campuses are available for high-quality bachelor's degree programs through multiple campuses. The majors are available in the field of Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Food and Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences, IT (Information Technology), Law, Medicine Sciences, and other fields of science. The university scholarship support is provided up to full-time studies for up to 4 years to overcome the burden of students. The Indonesia Scholarship 2021 - Apply Now is also open for international students.

Host Country: Study in Seol, South Korea

Host University: Korea University, Seol, South Korea

Scholarships Offered By: University Funded

Scholarships Coverage: Full Tuition Fee for 8 semesters.

Degree Level: Bachelors / Undergraduate Degree Programs in all Fields.

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Benefits of Korea University Scholarships 2021:

It is a great opportunity to Free Study in South Korea. International students have an excellent opportunity to study and explore the beautiful countries of the world along with Undergraduate Studies. Applications are invited for Korea University (KU) Scholarships 2021 from all over the world for Undergraduate Admissions. There are 2 types of scholarships available for bachelors programs as given below:

Types of Scholarships:

Scholarships - A:

  1.     Full tuition fee waiver for 8 semesters
  2.     Admission Fee

Scholarships - B:

  1.     50% of Tuition Fee for 8 semesters
  2.     Admission Fee

Good News: There are also other scholarships available such as:

  1. Merit Scholarship
  2. Academic Scholarship
  3. Need-Based Scholarship

are available for enrolled students at Korea University.

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Available Undergraduate Degree Programs at Korea University:

There are different Bachelors / Undergraduate Degree programs available for spring 2021 admission.

Field of Study:

  1. Korea University Business Schoool
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1. Business Administration
  2. College of Liberal Arts
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1.     Korean Language and Literature
      2.     Philosophy
      3.     Koren History
      4.     History
      5.     Psychology
      6.     Sociology
      7.     Classical Chinese
      8.     English Language and Literature
      9.     German Language and Literature
      10.     French Language and Literature
      11.     Chinese Language and Literature    
      12.     Russian Language and Literature
      13.     Japanese Language and Literature
      14.     Spanish Language and Literature
      15.     Linguistics
  3. College of Life Sciences
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1.     Life Sciences
      2.     Biotechnology
      3.     Food Bioscience and Technology
      4.     Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering
    3. Field: Humanities
    4. Major:
      1.     Food and Resource Economics
  4. College of Political Science and Economics
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1.     Political Science and International Relations
      2.     Economics
      3.     Statistics
      4.     Public Administration
  5. College of Science
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1.     Mathematics
      2.     Physics
      3.     Chemistry
      4.     Earth and Environmental Sciences
  6. College of Engineering
    1. Field: Science   
    2. Major:
      1.     Chemical & Biological Engineering
      2.     Materials Science and Engineering
      3.     Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
      4.     Architecture
      5.     Mechanical Engineering
      6.     Industrial Management Engineering
      7.     Electrical Engineering
  7. College of Medicine
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1. Medicine
  8. College of Education
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1.     Education
      2.     Korean Language Education
      3.     English Education
      4.     Geography Education
      5.     History Education
    3. Field: Science
    4. Major:
      1.     Home Economics Education
      2.     Mathematics Education 
    5. Field: Phys.Ed.
    6. Major: 
      1.     Physical Education
  9. College of Nursing
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1.    Nursing
  10. College of Informatics
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1.    Computer Science and Engineering
  11. School of Art and Design
    1. Field: Art and Design
    2. Major:
      1.     Art and Design
  12. Division of International Studies
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1.     International Studies
  13. School of Media and Communication
    1. Field: Humanities
    2. Major:
      1.     Media and Communication
  14. College of Health Science
    1. Field: Science
    2. Major:
      1.     Biomedical Engineering
      2.     Biosystems and Biomedical Sciences
      3.     Health Environmental Sciences
    3. Field: Humanities
    4. Major:
      1.     Health Policy and Management
  15. School of Interdisciplinary Studies
    1. Field: Humanities + Science
    2. Major:
      1.     School of Interdisciplinary Studies

What is Eligibility Criteria for Korea University Scholarship:

Applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to avail of this South Korea Scholarship at Korea University.

  1.     Must be an International Student.

Academic Requirements:

  1. Undergraduate Students:
    1. Applicants must clear their High School/Secondary School Education or Equivalent for admission.

What Documents are Required for Apply:

 List of Documents is given below:

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. High School/Secondary School Degree
  3. High School/Secondary School Transcript/Marksheet
  4. Recommendation Letters
  5. Letter of consent
  6. Passport Scan (if available at the time of application)
  7. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  8. Photographs
  9. Personal Statements
  10. English Language Proficiency Document:
    1. English Proficiency test IELTS is required.
    2. Student Complete their High School in English Medium can submit English Proficiency Certificate
  11. Other reference documents (if applicable)

What is Deadline for Korea University Spring Admissions 2021: The deadline to apply for the Spring 2021 Korea University Admission for International Students is 7 Oct 2020

How to Apply for Korea University Scholarships 2021 - Spring Session:

The application procedure for admission completely online. Students have to apply directly to Korea University  Admission Portal and fill the Application form the following procedure given below:

  1. First filled the application form from this online portal: Online Admission Portal - Apply Now
  2. Create an Account and complete the Signup form.
  3. Fill out the application form online, upload, and submit all required documents.
  4. Upload to our online application system by the specified deadline. Late submission and incomplete application will not be processed.
  5. You can also visit the official announcement about scholarships.

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