Japan Student Visa Application Process for Study in Japan

Are you interested to study abroad in Japan? But, you don't know how to get Japan Student Visa? Want to get a funded or fully funded Japan scholarship? Due to a lot of fake Japanese Immigration consultant companies, offering fake services of Japan Visa Consultants as well as lot of incorrect information related to a Japanese Student visa available on the Internet. We research from authentic & verified sources to compile a complete list of correct information about student visas in Japan, student visa Japan requirements, student visa Japan fees, student visa Japan processing time, a complete student visa Japan checklist, well as the Japan visa student application form.

In our article, we have explained in detail the complete steps to apply/get a Japanese student visa to study abroad.

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Japan Student Visa  for International Students for Study in Japan

Everyone wants to get a Japanese student Visa for studying in Japanese universities and Schools. This Visa is for exceptionally qualified students. The status of the Visa will be a student. The duration of a student Visa is a minimum of six months to two years depending on the duration of the study period.

The Japanese government has a Visa exemption policy for many different countries. This is not for long-term purposes such as attending conferences, conducting different business, tourism and visits. If u have a Visa exemption and still want to enter Japan for more than three months you have to apply for a Visa application with proper justification of your traveling reason.

The Japanese Government provides opportunities to students from all over the world. If you are applying from out of the country and you have a current Visa to live in Japan you need to change it to a student visa for studying and you need to submit a motivational letter to the immigration department. So we do not recommend you to change your Visa as a tourist because you have to go back home and apply again. By studying in Japan you will build a bright future under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. This study will help to achieve your goals and aims for the future.

This article completely explains visa applications for students in Japan. Candidates from foreign countries are welcome to apply for study visas in Japan. By studying in Japan from different Universities and Schools students will excel in their relevant fields which helps them in their future careers. With the help of a student visa in Japan, you can register yourself for up to two years in Japanese schools. You can also renew your Visa and stay more in Japan according to the duration of your registration. The verifications of the documents take time and a student visa will take a minimum of six months.

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What are the Requirements of a Japanese Visa for studying in Japan?

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world and provides multiple opportunities to foreign students. Applying for a Japanese visa you have to submit different required documents. Following are the documents you need to apply for a Japanese student Visa:

  1. Download the student visa application form from the official website of your country's embassy in Japan.
  2. A valid passport with copies.
  3. A passport-size picture with white background, not old than three months, picture quality must be good, a face must be very clear with dimensions 4cm x 3cm.
  4. Eligibility Certificate.
  5. Admission letter from a Japanese institution.
  6. Transcripts/ Certificate of previous Academic records.
  7. A bank statement is required, as proof of scholarship, if someone is sponsoring you then a sponsor letter along with Peron’s bank statement and proof of source of income, and proof of receiving Financial Aid to fulfill the financial requirements during the study in Japan. The financial requirement for a Japanese student Visa is at least 2 million yen for one year
  8. Motivational letter for the reason for your travel.
  9. Also, send these documents to the school for the Eligibility certificate.

Please keep in mind that:

  1. The paper for printing documents is A4.
  2. Ask the consultant or Embassy before sending documents whether you submit copies or originals.
  3. As per your Embassy or Consultant choice, they tell you more if they need any other document except those listed above.

How to apply for a Japan student Visa?

There are two parts to completing Japanese student visa application process. The first one is the Submission of the Japanese student visa application form and Certificate of Eligibility.

How to obtain an Eligibility Certificate in Japan?

The foreigners who entered Japan for a short-term reason need the Eligibility Certificate from the immigration department of Japan. It supports the actual Visa application. It’s not the same as a visa application form you still need to apply for Visa from your hometown. This certificate takes two to three months.

How to apply for a Japanese student Visa after the Eligibility Certificate?

  1. When you have received an Eligibility Certificate you can use it to apply to the embassy for a Japanese student Visa.
  2. You should contact a consultant or Embassy. In some cases, you can apply through a travel agency or Visa agency.
  3. Gather the required documents for a Japanese student Visa.
  4. Submit the application form at Embassy or travel agency.
  5. If your Visa application has been processed then you have to go back to receive your passport. If this application is approved you are welcome to enter Japan
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Enter in Japan with Student Visa

  • After entering Japan with a student Visa you will give entry permission by immigration officers.
  • You need to get a Residence card if you want to reenter Japan during your visa. You can apply for a reentry Permit.

Duration of Japanese Student Visa

The Visa Application Extension will take a couple of weeks to a month. The duration of a Student Visa for Japan is as follows:

  1. Six Months
  2. One Year
  3. One Year & three months
  4. Two Years
  5. Two Years & three months

How to Extend Japan Student Visa?

The following documents are required:

  1. Japan Visa Extension Application Form
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Passport size picture with white background
  4. Residence Card
  5. Copy of Registration Certificate from Institution
  6. Copy of Results Certificate

How much is a Japanese Student Visa Fee?

You have to pay the Visa fee if it is approved. The Japanese Visa fees are as follows:

  • 3,000 Yen for a Single-entry visa
  • 6,000 Yen for a Double-entry or multiple-entry visa
  • 700 Yen for Transit Visa

Working with Japanese Student Visa

To work in Japan with a student Visa you need a work permit from the Local Japanese Immigration Office. If you are allowed to do activities other than those mentioned in your visa status, you can work half-time for up to 28 hours in seven days but there are restrictions on the type of work that can be done. If you are graduate you need to apply to change your study visa to a work Visa.

How to change Student Visa to Work Visa in Japan?

By the completion of your educational Degree, you need to apply for a work visa. To change the status of the Residence application form is required.

  1. Passport and its copy
  2. A Residence Card
  3. CV
  4. Previous Academic proof
  5. Graduation Certificate/ Transcripts
  6. Copy of Employment Contract, Employee’s Registration document, Income statement, and Financial Statement

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