International Diplomats Conference in Qatar 2024 [Fully Funded Conference]

It is time for an amazing opportunity to avail yourself, The International Diplomats conference in Qatar 2024 has just been announced, in this conference where young individuals will learn how to shape their future. Applicants from all over the world are welcome to apply. The Voice for Rights International Association Canada will select 10 fully funded, 20 partially funded, and also 20 self-funded will be selected. The International Diplomats Qatar Conference 2024 will cover Drug Abuse in youth, and also Youth Leadership to build strong leadership capabilities in youth. The conference will also explore and highlight culture exchange, leadership development, global interaction, and awareness about human rights according to the UN Charter 1948. Young Applicants from over all the world are encouraged to apply and they will have a chance to explore the beautiful Qatar culture.

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International Diplomats Conference in Qatar 2024 [Fully Funded Conference]

Qatar is located In the heart of the Middle East, diplomats from around the globe will participate in the International Diplomats conference in Qatar 2024. This prestigious event is held in Doha. The international conference will start with a message of unity with diversity. The challenges faced by geopolitical tensions the conference will focus on the importance of multilateral cooperation in overcoming shared obstacles. Delegates will engage in constructive talks, seeking common ground and exploring innovative approaches to conflict resolution.

The critical role of diplomacy, dialogue, and mediation in preventing escalation and fostering lasting peace agreements will be discussed.Climate change in the world is on the rise, and for the last decade world has seen devasting, floods that resulted in the loss of human lives, the conference will also focus on how to reduce carbon footprint. The conference will serve as a testament to the power of dialogue, cooperation, and diplomacy in addressing shared challenges for building a peaceful future.

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Host Country: Qatar

Conference Location: Doha

No of Seats Awards :

  1. 10 Fully Funded
  2. 20 Partially Funded
  3. 20 Self Funded

Eligible Students: Any Professional, Bachelors / Undergraduate Seniors or Master's and Degree student can apply

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Benefits of International Diplomats Qatar Conference 2024

  1. Roundtrip airfare will be given.
  2. A 100% waiver will be given to the 10 successful participants.
  3. Awards will also be given to the participants.
  4. Accommodation will be provided for the fully funded.
  5. Meals will also be covered.
  6. Site-seeing will be given without any cost.
  7. A celebration party will be given in the award of all the participants.

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Eligibility Criteria for International Diplomats Conference in Qatar 2024

  1. The age requirement is between 16-35 years old.
  2. Any gender can apply.
  3. Must be actively engaged in social and educational activities.
  4. Ielts are not required.
  5. A valid passport.
  6. Also, a $20 non-refundable fee will apply to the participants.

How to Apply for International Diplomats Conference in Qatar?

  1. Complete the application online.
  2. Attach payment proof. (Payment can be submitted through credit/debit card)
  3. Upload your documents.
  4. Submit your application.

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Last date to apply for International Diplomats Conference in Qatar 2024

The last date to apply is 25th March 2024.

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