Telenor Pakistan offers opportunities to Pakistani Students who are either fresh graduates or who are currently enrolled in their Bachelor’s and Master’s academic degree programs. Telenor Summer Internship Program 2019 is Fully Paid Internship Program by giving excellent chance, for the candidates to explore the Environment of the Telenor Family. This is an opportunity for one to learn and grow in Telenor’s diverse, agile and well-rounded culture and get more than just real world work experience.

Telenor Summer Internship Program 2019:

Come experience the best 6 weeks of your life!. When you intern with Telenor Pakistan you get more than just "real world work experience." You become part of the Telenor Family. Through our Internship program, you get to make valuable contributions to business-critical projects and you leave better prepared to ace your academic pursuits.

This Telenor Summer internship Program 2019 is an excellent opportunity for Students who wish to enhance their skills and make their name in the job market by associating themselves with a top-notch name in the telecom sector, i.e. Telenor.

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Telenor Internship Program 2019 in Pakistan Apply Online

Telenor Pakistan is offers Internships to candidates who are fresh graduates or postgraduates or either student who is currently enrolled in their Bachelor’s or Master Degree Programs.

Eligibility Criteria for Telenor Internship Program 2019:

Depending on the needs of the Telenor internship, the Student must have completed a minimum of:

  1.     Six semesters for Bachelor's Degree students (3/4th of their bachelor's degree)
  2.     Two semester for Master's Degree students (1/2 of their master's degree)

Aim of Telenor Pakistan Internship Program 2019:

Telenor Pakistan offers its summer internship program 2019 as an extension of its corporate social responsibility. Telenor corporate social responsibility comes with a excellent opportunities for the students to with benefits for the youth who apply and get selected for this excellent life-changing opportunity and offers jobs after completion of Internship.

The internship opportunity comes with the following aims with benefits:

  1. Telenor aims to offers a real world environment experience for both the employees and the employer for the betterment of the Telenor Family.
  2. We want diverse, culturally aware, well-adaptable, well-rounded and problem-solving undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to work in a leading multinational company in Pakistan and gain real world experience.    
  3. It aims to be an provide opportunity where candidates get to gain real work experience about the current and future prospective directions of working within the different telecom industries.
  4.     Offers excellent opportunity for students to hand's on experience on real world products.
  5.     Telenor Pakistan, being a multinational telecommunication company in Pakistan, will definitely add to the resume of the candidate, if Telenor’s paid internship opportunity is mentioned.
  6.     Telenor Summer Internships 2019 Programs prime objectives with the Internship Program is to identify talent for hiring of future employees.

Internship offers in following departments:

Telenor Pakistan Internship 2019 offering an internship different departments:

  1. Corporate Functions
  2. Finance
  3. Business   
  4. Commercial
  5. Human Capital Division
  6. Digital
  7. Technology

Duration of Internship:

Telenor Internship Program 2019 will be a 6 weeks long internship program in different departments.

Stipend of Internship:

The Telenor offers stipend with a valuable benefits to interns during internship.

List of  Benefits:

  1. Stipend
  2. Mobile Credit Allowance
  3. Laptops

Internship Locations:

Telenor Pakistan Summer Internship Program 2019 is offering internship opportunity in a few selected cities of Pakistan. Internships are offered from May to September every year.

Internship Programs run nationwide in different cities of Pakistan.

List is given below

  1.     Islamabad
  2.     Quetta
  3.     Karachi
  4.     Peshawar
  5.     Lahore
  6.     Faisalabad
  7.     Gujranwala
  8.     Multan
  9.     Muzaffarabad

Procedure for Apply Telenor Internship Program 2019

The Students are required to apply online for the Telenor Internship Program 2019.

Internships Application Deadline:

The last date to apply for Telenor Internship Program 2019 is 26th April 2019.

For Apply: Click Here

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