Westerwelle Young Founders Programme in Germany 2025 | Fully Funded

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme in Germany 2024-2025 offers a renowned opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide to engage in international young entrepreneurship, fostering equal opportunities within the global market. This highly sought-after fellowship in Germany provides full funding and invites talented international students from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together young leaders from around the world, this program aims to cultivate entrepreneurial excellence in a collaborative environment. Additionally, the program offers valuable opportunities for previous fellowship alumni to share their successful business strategies in emerging markets. Don't miss this Fully Funded Fellowship, as it covers all the expenses of this youth conference student

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Westerwelle Young Founders Programme in Germany 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme for Autumn 2024-2025 is dedicated to empowering young entrepreneurs by creating equitable opportunities in emerging markets. As an international fellowship in Germany, it brings together talented leaders from diverse backgrounds of the world. The program aims to foster collaboration and support exceptional young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of achieving entrepreneurial excellence. Additionally, the program provides a platform for previous fellowship alumni to contribute their expertise and share successful business strategies tailored to emerging markets. This valuable exchange of knowledge enhances the learning experience and helps participants navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship effectively

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The Westerwelle International Fellowship is a six-month German fellowship program tailored for young entrepreneurs. It offers a complete package, including mentoring, peer learning, a buddy program, a Berlin conference, and expert sessions. These components are essential in helping participants establish their distinct presence in emerging markets. One standout feature of this fully-funded opportunity is for participants to be paired with a successful entrepreneur or inventor who serves as their mentor and partner. This provides a unique experience and valuable guidance. Additionally, participants have the chance to network and explore new business opportunities with fellow participants. Moreover, the Westerwelle Germany fellowship program organizes expert sessions where participants gain in-depth insights from highly experienced professionals in their fields.

The Westerwelle Foundation Young Founders Autumn 2024 is a fully-funded international fellowship seeking entrepreneurs with the potential to become future leaders and make a positive impact through their business models. The foundation is dedicated to uplifting emerging and developing markets by selecting promising leaders from around the world. Their commitment to creating more opportunities globally is unwavering. This fellowship program is one of the ways the Westerwelle Foundation promotes international understanding and fosters a favorable environment for a market economy and tolerance.

The correlation between economic success and the Westerwelle Foundation's international fellowship program aims to empower young leaders. Participants also have the opportunity to explore and compare a middle-class socio-economic model with Germany's Mittelstand. The foundation has established partnerships with renowned organizations such as Evonik, Gi2, Google, Liquid Telecom, United International Hotspot, Oracle, Flat 6 Labs Tunis, and others. This provides young future leaders with the chance to learn the foundation's business techniques and allows the top ten participants to attend a fully-funded Conference in Berlin. During their one-week stay in Germany, they can establish connections with the world's most successful businessmen and mentors.

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Host Country: Westerwelle fellowship in Germany

Host Organization: Westerwelle Young Founders Programme

Funding Coverage: Fully Funded

Who can Apply: Students from all emerging and developing countries are eligible to apply.

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What are the benefits of Westerwelle Young Founders Programme in Germany?

As the Westerwelle fellowship is a Fully Funded German Fellowship program for young blood with the following benefits as given below:

  1. Two-day digital Kick-off conference in the first week of September.
  2. Six months of full support, including a personal mentor, alumni buddy, monthly peer mentoring sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  3. Access to contacts with investors and corporates.
  4. Top ten participants invited to a fully-funded international conference in Germany for 5 days.
  5. During the conference, participants can pitch to investors, build networks, and gain insights into Germany's start-up scene. Urgent Care Plymouth

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for Westerwelle Young Founders Programme?

You need to fullfil Westerwelle Application criteria in order to get successful in application. Please check the Westerwelle Fellowship eligibility criteria as given below:

  1. Participant must have started a for-profit company in the past five years, with a focus on developing or emerging markets.
  2. The company should have a successful business model generating ideal revenue or have secured its first round of external funding.
  3. The business should have a positive impact and aim to enhance the market quality.
  4. Participants must have a good command of English.
  5. Participants must be available for conferences and events throughout the six-month fellowship period.

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How to Apply for Westerwelle Young Fellowship Program?

  1. To apply successfully, candidates need to complete the online application form.
  2. It is mandatory for candidates to have a well-prepared startup pitch deck.
  3. Accurate and essential financial information, including revenue and funding, must be provided.
  4. Candidates must have an updated LinkedIn profile and/or a comprehensive CV.
  5. In case of any technical difficulties during the application process, assistance can be requested by emailing [email protected].
  6. Carefully and thoroughly answer all the application questions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your profile and aspirations.

· Answer all of the wasterwelle application's questions with care, and write accurate, and comprehensive information so that they may be better understood.

What is the Deadline for the Westerwelle Young Fellowship 2024?

The Application deadline for the Germany Fellowship 2024-2025 program (Westerwelle Young Founders 2024-2025) YFP is February 11, 2024.

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