University of Calabria Italy Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Scholarship

Guys time is over now for Italian Scholarship 2024-2025 Programs! As Universisty of Calabria Scholarships in Italy 2024-2025 is announced for International students. This Italy Scholarship 2024-2025 at University of Calabria is one of the Fully Funded Scholarship Program for Free Study in Italy. This year, the University of Calabria (UNICAL), Italy is offering about 120 international scholarships to foreign students. This Italy International Scholarship at UNICAL covers all the expenses of the Student during the study in Italy. There are multiple degree programs available in English to persue higher education at the Italian university. Don't miss this golden italian opportunity. In this article we will discuss about University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-25 details, available degree programs at university, benefits, admission and scholarship criteria, required documents for apply and deadlines!

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University of Calabria Italy Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Scholarship

More About the University of Calabria:

The University of Calabria, Italy traces its origins back to the early 1960s when the Italian government recognized the need for higher education institutions in the region. In response to this demand, plans were set in motion to establish a university that would catalyze socio-economic development in Southern Italy. After years of planning and construction, the University of Calabria officially opened its doors in 1972, welcoming its first cohort of students.

Over the decades, this italian university has grown exponentially, expanding its academic offerings, research facilities, and campus infrastructure. Today, it boasts a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff, united by a shared commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility. From its humble beginnings to its current stature as one of Italy's leading universities, the University of Calabria remains dedicated to shaping the future through education and innovation. At the University of Calabria, academic excellence is not just a goal; it's a way of life. With a diverse array of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs spanning disciplines such as science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

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Under the guidance of renowned faculty members and researchers, students are encouraged to think critically, engage in rigorous inquiry, and push the boundaries of knowledge.Through its international exchange programs, collaborative research initiatives, and cultural events, the university celebrates diversity and promotes cross-cultural understanding among its students and scholars. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, the University of Calabria continues to attract students from around the globe, offering not only world-class education but also a range of scholarship opportunities to support deserving individuals in their academic endeavors.


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About  University of Calabria Italy Scholarship

Recognizing the importance of making higher education accessible to all, the University of Calabria offers a range of international scholarship opportunities to support deserving students in their academic pursuits. These study abroad scholarships are awarded based on merit, financial need, and other criteria, providing recipients with financial assistance to cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and living costs. Whether it's through government-funded programs, institutional scholarships, or external grants, the university is committed to ensuring that no student is denied the opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations due to financial constraints.

Moreover, the University of Calabria actively collaborates with private donors, corporations, and philanthropic organizations to expand scholarship opportunities and create new avenues for student support. Through these partnerships, the university aims to empower talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to realize their full potential and become future leaders in their respective fields.

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Host Country: Italy

Host University for Study: University of Calabria

Benefits Offered By: University of Calabria- Fully Funded

No of Awards / Scholarship: 120 scholarships

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded Scholarship

Degree Level Program: Masters Degree

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Benefits of University of Calabria Italy Scholarship 2024-2025

This Italy University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-2025 Program covers the following given benefits:

  1. 120 Fully funded scholarships for international students who want to study 2-year master's program.
  2. Full Tuition fee covered.
  3. Accommodation and utilities costs will be covered.
  4. A Monthly Stipend of  €3600 will be given.

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Eligibility Criteria for University of Calabria Scholarship in Italy 2024-25

  1. Applicant must be an international student.
  2. IELTS certification is a plus point.
  3. €10 fee is applicable once you apply.
  4. For non-EU applicants sufficient time will be given for their visa approval.

Required Documents for Italy Scholarship for University of Calabria

  1. A valid Passport is required.
  2. All educational degrees with transcripts.
  3. A letter of recommendation.
  4. Language Proficiency Certificate.

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Application Deadline for University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-25

Last date to apply for University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-25 is 10th April 2024.

Application Process to Apply University of Calabria Scholarship

  1. Applicants can apply online through the website.
  2. Complete all necessary fields while filling out an application form.
  3. Upload your Documents.
  4. Submit your application form.

As one of Italy's premier academic institutions, the University of Calabria continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. Good Luck!


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