Chinese Universities without Application Fees 2019 for CSC Scholarships
Chinese Universities without Application Fees 2019 for CSC Scholarships

Chinese Universities With out Application Fees:

Following is the list of Chinese Universities in which no Application fee is required and you can apply in these universities. As these universities are under CSC Scholarship. To know CSC Procedure with full detail.

  1. CQU,No Application Processing Fee
  2. Donghua University Shanghai (Application Fee after Selection)
  3. Jiangsu University
  4. CNU
  5. Dalian Uni of Tech
  6. NWPU
  7. Nanjing Uni,
  8. Southeast Uni
  9. UESTC
  10. Sichuan Uni
  11. SWJTU
  12. Wuhan university of technology
  13. Shandong university,
  14. NUAA,
  15. Tainjin university,
  16. Fujain University
  17. Southwest uni
  18. CQUPT
  19. Wuhan University,
  20. HEU
  21. Harbin university of science and technology.
  22. SCUT.No Application Processing Fee
  23. ZeijangUni.No Application Processing Fee
  24. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.
  25. Yanshan University,
  27. HUAZHONG AGRI.”No Application Processing Fee
  28. NORTHWEST AGRI,No Application Processing Fee
  29. SCUT. No Application Processing Fee
  30. SHANDONG university.No Application Processing Fee
  31. Renmin University of China.
  32. Northeast Normal University.
  33. Northwest A & F University.
  34. Shaanxi Normal University.
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