KAUST VSRP Internship Program 2019 in Saudi Arabia Fully Funded

The Visiting Student Research Internship Program 2019 is an opportunity for exceptionally qualified international Students from all over the World. VSRP is Fully Funded an International Internship Program in Saudi Arabia which invites Students from all over the world for 3 to 6 Months Paid Internship in KAUST Saudi Arabia. VSRP Internship is Fully Funded Internship that will Covered all the expenses during internship by the University.

Students from any Nationality are eligible to Apply. Students Must Avail this Excellent Opportunity for World Wide Students to do Internship in Saudi Arabia with Fully Funded Facility which will covere Everything during the Internship Program.

VSRP KAUST l Internship 2019 Program offers internship in Multiple Fields for all the BS/BSc and MS Students who are Currently in their 3rd Year or Graduated from Bachelors Degree or those who are Enrolled in Master Degree Students can Apply for the KAUST VSRP Internship Program to do an internship in KAUST.

Each Year KAUST Accept About 130 Male and Female Interns for VSRP Internship Yearly.

All the Expenses will be Covered By KAUST Saudia Arabia During the whole Intenship Program.

VSRP is one of the Biggest International Internship Program which invites Students from all over the world to gain a valuable Experience under World Top Researcher and Scientists at KAUST. This Research Internship Program aims to provide Excellent Opportunities to talented International students to experience unique education system of KAUST  with Excellent Scientific and Research Environment.

The duration of this internship program ranges from between four and six months. Students will be experiences to Field Trips, Cultural Activities and several aspects of KAUST’s work with relevance to understanding. The internships  includes fieldwork, lab work, lectures, and data workshops at different labs.

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KAUST VSRP Internship Program 2019 Offers:

  1.     Country of Internship: Saudi Arabia
  2.     University: KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Saudi Arabia
  3.     Internship Duration: 3 to 6 Months
  4.     Cost of Internship: Fully Funded

Internship Offered Fields (Participating Area, Major):

There are Diverse Fields Available for all the Undergraduate Students (Senior), & Master Students to do an internship in KAUST.

  1.     Food
  2.     Environment
  3.     Environmental Science
  4.     Computer
  5.     Mathematical Science
  6.     Physical Science
  7.     Electrical
  8.     Water
  9.     Energy
  10.     Science
  11.     Technology
  12.     Engineering
  13.     Biological

Financial Package Coverage Under VSRP Internship 2019:

All the Expenses will be covered in the VSRP Internship in Saudi Arabia.

  1.     $1000 Monthly Stipend
  2.     Private Bedroom/Bathroom
  3.     Visa Fee
  4.     Round Trip Airfare Tickets
  5.     Health Insurance
  6.     Social & Cultural Activities
  7.     Community Resources

Required Documents for Internship Program:

  1.     Official Transcripts in English from Current & private institutions
  2.     Personal Statement
  3.     Letter of Recommendation
  4.     Valid Passport

Eligibility Criteria:

  1.     3rd Year BS/BSc Students who are Currently in their 3rd Year or Graduated from Bachelors Degree or those who are Enrolled in Master Degree
  2.     Enrolled Master Students
  3.     Strong English Skills

Application Deadline:

The Applications for the Internship KAUST VSRP Internship Program 2019 in Saudi Arabia is Open Year Around. Applicants can Apply anytime throughout the Year.

Procedure to Apply For KAUST VSRP Internship Program:

  1. You have to Fill the Online Application Form through VSRP Online portal by Click on Apply Button .
  2. Details of the program is given in Scholarship Link Button.
                                                                                       Good Luck Everyone :)

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