Malta, Europe Work Visa Process 2024 - Types of Work Permits

Are you looking for a job in Malta, Europe? Wondering about the different types of work visas available there? Curious about how to get a Malta Work Visa? We've got you covered with all the details you need! Every year, many people find job opportunities in Malta and decide to make it their home for a better life in Europe. Malta offers work visas, job-seeker visas, and seasonal work visas for people from non-European countries, opening up chances in various fields. If you plan to live and work in Malta for more than three months, getting a Malta Work Visa is important. In this guide, we'll explain the process of getting a work visa in Malta and talk about the different types available. Whether you're changing careers, seeking new challenges, or just want to explore Malta's beauty while using your skills, the Malta Work Visa is your ticket to exciting possibilities.

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Start a journey full of chances and rich culture! Malta's Work Visas not only help you grow professionally but also let you be a part of Europe's lively mix of cultures. This guide is like your guidebook, helping you through the different aspects of getting a Malta Work Visa, from busy job markets to the peaceful beauty of the Maltese islands. So, go ahead, find out, apply, and welcome the opportunities waiting for you on Malta's sunny shores!

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Malta, Europe Work Visa Process 2024 - Types of Work Permits

Malta, a small but beautiful European country, has become popular among people worldwide. This post guides you through the easy and affordable process of moving to Malta and getting a work visa. Being in the EU, a Malta Work Visa also allows you to travel to other EU countries without an extra visa. If you're from a non-EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you'll need to apply for a work visa in Malta. There's also a special Malta Digital Nomad Visa without requiring a job offer, which I cover in a post on the Guide to Malta Digital Nomad Visa. Discover more about the types of Malta Work Visas and the application process below.

What is the Malta Work Visa / Work Permit?

The Malta Work Visa, or Work Permit, is for people from countries outside Europe (EU/EEA and Switzerland) to live and work in Malta for more than 90 days. It's needed if you're not from Europe and want to work there. The visa is connected to a specific job, and there are different types, like the Standard Work Permit or the Key Employee Initiative (KEI) Permit. To get one, you need a job offer, follow the rules set by Malta, and the visa duration depends on your job contract.

What is the Duration of Stay Allowed on a Malta Work Visa?

How much time you can stay on a Malta Work Visa depends on the kind of visa you have. It could be for a few months or several years, depending on your job or contract. Just make sure to check your visa details to know how long you're allowed to stay and if you can extend it later. Furthermore, If your visit goes beyond 90 days, you must go for the National Long Stay Visa, also known as the D Visa. Along with this long-stay visa, foreign workers will also require a work permit.

What is the Duration of a Malta Work Permit?

The Malta Work Visa permits individuals to live and work in Malta for up to one year. Visa holders should carefully review the terms in their documentation. If wishing to extend employment beyond the initial year, understanding renewal procedures outlined by Maltese authorities is crucial. Keep in mind that visa regulations may change, so staying updated is essential. For accurate information, consult official sources like the Maltese government's immigration department or seek advice from professionals familiar with current policies.

Types of Malta Work Visa / Work Permits

To acquire a Malta work visa, it's crucial to opt for the particular work permit category that matches your employment scenario. Malta offers three main classifications encompassing work permits and residency programs. The types of Malta work permits are given as follows:

  1.     Single Permit
  2.     Key employment initiative
  3.     EU Blue Card

#1 Single Permit Work Permit

This particular permit allows individuals to reside and work in Malta for an extended period. To obtain it, an individual needs a valid job offer from a Maltese employer, or the employer can initiate the application process on behalf of the employee. The processing time for a single permit typically ranges from two to three months.

#2 Malta Key Employee Initiative / Work Permit

The KEI (Key Employee Initiative) by Identity Malta offers a fast-track service for highly specialized Third-Country Nationals seeking work in Malta. Key points include:

  1. Expedited approval within five working days under the KEI (Key Employee Initiative) by Identity Malta.
  2. Applicable to managerial or highly technical positions.
  3. Criteria include a minimum annual gross salary of €30,000, relevant qualifications or warrants, and an employer declaration.
  4. Innovation scope extends to Malta Enterprise-endorsed start-up projects.
  5. The standard application process for applicants in Malta or abroad.
  6. Successful applications result in a one-year permit, renewable for up to three years with a valid contract and tax declaration.

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#2 The EU Blue Card

  1. The EU Blue Card simplifies the process for highly skilled non-EU citizens to apply for a work permit, initially valid for at least one year and renewable.
  2. Favorable treatment for applications, with conditions such as job necessity for highly qualified individuals and a salary of at least 1.5 times the average annual gross salary in Malta.
  3. Important consideration: The EU Blue Card is not revoked if employment is terminated unless it happens repeatedly or the unemployment period exceeds three consecutive months within the card's validity period.


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How to Apply for the Malta Work Visa / Malta Work Permit?

Applying for a Malta Work Visa involves several steps, and here's a detailed guide:

#1 Job Offer from Malta Employer:

Start by securing a job offer from a Maltese employer. This offer should outline essential details such as your job responsibilities, the duration of employment, and your salary.

#2 Work Permit Application:

Once you have a job offer, proceed to submit a work permit application. This application is typically made to Jobsplus, the government employment agency in Malta. You'll need to provide supporting documents, including your job offer letter, passport details, and any relevant educational or professional qualifications.

#3 Jobsplus Approval:

The work permit application undergoes review by Jobsplus. Approval is granted if your application meets the necessary criteria. This step is crucial as the work permit is a prerequisite for legal employment in Malta.

#4 Residence Permit Application:

If your intended stay in Malta is longer than 90 days, you'll also need to apply for a residence permit. This application is submitted to the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs. Ensure you comply with the specific requirements for obtaining a residence permit.

#5 Medical Examination:

Depending on the nature and duration of your work, you may be required to undergo a medical examination. This is to ensure that you meet health standards and are fit for the job.

#6 Visa Issuance:

Once your work permit and, if applicable, residence permit are approved, the Malta Work Visa will be issued. This visa allows you to legally live and work in Malta for the specified duration. Stay informed about any changes or updates in the application process by regularly checking official sources, such as the Maltese government's immigration department

What is the Malta Residency Program?

The Malta Residency Program is for people from outside Europe who want to work and live in Malta. Furthermore, You can also avail of this facility by giving money, investing in property, and having health insurance. If you're accepted, you can stay in Malta permanently. Check the Malta Residence and Visa Agency for the latest information. In this article, we will discuss Maltra Residency Programs for those who want to work in Malta!

Types of Malta Residency Programs

These residency initiatives are recent offerings from the Maltese government aimed at drawing in foreign workers. They present a more straightforward process compared to Malta's work permits. Applying is convenient as it can be done online, and you can submit your documents via mail. As far as information on different Malta residency programs for work permit holders, you can also bring your family.

  1.     Digital Nomad Visa
  2.     Startup Residence Programme
  3.     Permanent Residency Programme

Malta Nomad Residence Permit

This permit is designed for individuals who can work from home, whether as self-employed, employees, or freelancers. It's open to those who can work independently, regardless of location, using technology for communication.

Unlike other visas, you don't need a job offer from Malta for this one. You'll receive a Nomad residency permit for three years, with the option to renew. After five years, there's an opportunity to convert it into a passport.

What is the Application Process for a Malta Nomad Residence Permit?

As a freelancer, you have the option to submit your application for the Malta Nomad Visa through the official website: The website provides comprehensive information, including application forms, frequently asked questions, and detailed application procedures, accessible through a specific link.

Malta Permanent Residency Program

Malta presents an opportunity for permanent residency through an investment program, known as the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP). This initiative typically involves a processing time of 4 to 6 months. For a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and details of the MPRP, you can visit the official website: It's recommended to review the specifics on the website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Malta Startup Residence Program

The Malta Startup Residence Programme provides a 3-year residence permit, with the option for extension up to an additional 5 years. This allows beneficiaries to live in Malta while establishing their startup ventures. For comprehensive information about the residency program, including the application process, necessary documents, application costs, and more, you can refer to the official website:

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