Miami University USA Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Scholarships

Are you dreaming of studying in the USA on a scholarship? Here’s some great news! Over the past few decades, more and more students have been pursuing higher education abroad. Miami University in the USA offers amazing International Scholarships Programs 2024-2025 for international students, creating a supportive environment for learning and skill development. For the 2024-2025 academic year, Miami University is offering USA Scholarships for multiple degree programs under the name "Miami University Presidential Fellows Program 2024-2025". In this article, we’ll explore the details of these USA Scholarships, their benefits, available degree programs, and application deadlines.

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Miami University USA Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Scholarships

More about Miami University

Miami University, one of the oldest public universities in the United States, has a rich history. Named after the Miami River Valley and the Native American tribe that once lived in the area. The university started in 1809 and held its first classes in 1824. Over the years, it has become a key part of the Midwest’s educational and cultural development. Miami University is known for producing notable alumni. Such as U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Charles Pedersen, and actress Karen Allen. This legacy of excellence continues to inspire both faculty and students.
Miami is known for its diverse population, and you'll see that reflected on campus. Students from all kinds of backgrounds come together here, making the university a lively and interesting place to be. Whether it's through clubs, events, or study abroad programs. UM celebrates different cultures and encourages everyone to learn from each other.

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About the Miami University, USA Scholarship [Presidential Fellowship Program]

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, is renowned for its strong academic programs and commitment to student success. Embarking on a journey of higher education often comes with financial considerations, but at the University of Miami (UM) in the United States, scholarships open doors to students, making their dreams of pursuing quality education a reality. One of its top scholarship offerings is the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program. This is the most prestigious scholarship at Miami University. Awarded to outstanding students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance, leadership skills, and a commitment to their communities.

The Presidential Fellowship Program offers an extraordinary college experience that extends beyond the classroom. Scholarships can cover all or part of the tuition, easing the financial burden of studying abroad. Some scholarships include additional stipends for living expenses, books, and other educational materials. Scholarship recipients have access to Miami University’s world-class facilities, including research labs, libraries, and student centres. Scholars can connect with other students, faculty, and industry professionals, building a valuable network for their future careers. Miami University offers various programs to help students develop leadership skills and prepare for successful careers.

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Host Country: USA

Host University: University of Miami

Scholarships Offered By:  University of Miami Funded Fellowship Program

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Undergraduate Degree Programs in multiple Fields.

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Benefits of the Miami University USA Scholarship For International Students

If you get selected for Presidential Scholarship / Fellowship Program at the Miami University, you can get easily support your studies in US. Presidential Fellows are typically among the top students academically. The program nurtures leadership skills by providing fellows with opportunities to engage in various leadership roles, both within the university and in the broader community. Presidential Fellows have access to a vast network of alumni, faculty, and professionals, offering valuable connections that can facilitate career advancement and personal growth.

  1. A four-year scholarship that covers tuition, fees.
  2. A one-time $5,000 stipend for academic enrichment.
  3. Unique events and activities for Presidential Fellows, including Miami's U-Lead Conference.
  4. Food allowance will be given.
  5. Accommodation will be provided.

What are the Application Requirements for the Miami University, US For International Students?

While specific application requirements for the Presidential Fellows program at the University of Miami may vary from year to year, here are some common requirements you might encounter:

  1. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at the time of application.
  2. Select "Miami Fee Waiver" to apply for free by November 1.
  3. Provide at least one recommendation from a school counsellor or academic teacher.
  4. ACT or SAT scores are optional. Refer to our test-optional FAQs for more details.
  5. For some majors in the College of Creative Arts (CCA), include a portfolio, audition, or video.
  6. Indicate your interest in the Miami Honors College and the Presidential Fellows Program on your admission application

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How to Apply for the Miami University USA Scholarship / Presidential Fellowship Program 2024-2025?

To apply for the Presidential Fellows program at the University of Miami, follow these general steps:

  1. Students can only apply online.
  2. Provide all the supporting documents.
  3. Complete the application form carefully and submit it.
  4. Look out for an email from Miami containing a link to your personalized Applicant Status Page.
  5. Applicant emails start sending in late August, with new applicants expected to receive theirs within 24 hours.
  6. Use your Applicant Status Page to track your application checklist and receive important messages ensuring Miami has received all required materials.
  7. On your designated admission decision release date, visit your status page to view a digital copy of your admission decision letter.

Application Deadline for Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program 2025

The last date to apply for this Fellowship program is 01 December 2024.

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