GIST South Korea Scholarship 2024 for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD | Fully Funded

Want to study, live, and work In South Korea? Looking for guidelines for South Korea Scholarships 2024? at Top Korean Universities? Great news for international students GIST South Korea Scholarship 2024-2025 has been announced. This Fully Funded Scholarship in South Korea is open worldwide to students at GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) ). International students can pursue their higher studies under the GIST Scholarship 2024. You can get this Study in South Korea Scholarship for Undergraduate, Graduate, and PhD studies. This Korean Government Scholarship covers all expenses at GIST during the studies. offers a monthly stipend full tuition fee and airfare. In this GIST Scholarships 2024 article, we will discuss the Scholarship Program at GIST, the Criteria for admission and Scholarship, Benefits, Degree / Academic Programs, and Application Deadlines!

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GIST South Korea Scholarship 2024 for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD | Fully Funded

About Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

The GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), in Gwangju, South Korea, is all about science and technology research university. It's part of a special group of top-ranked universities that focus on research, like KAIST, UNIST, UST, POSTECH, and DGIST. GIST offers multiple academic programs for Undergraduate, Graduate, and PhD studies. Every year Hundreds of students join the GIST study program for their bright future. There are multiple GIST Scholarships Programs open every year to support financially international students.

In today's world getting a good education is important. But for many students, it is hard because they can not afford it. That is where scholarships come in.  One of them is the GIST Scholarship in Korea. It is a special opportunity for students great at science technology and engineering. The GIST Scholarship has a long history of helping smart people from developing countries. It was created to allow talented students to succeed in science and technology fields. Over the years it has given money mentorship and connections to lots of bright students who want to make a difference in their communities and the world. The scholarship focuses on encouraging innovation teamwork and leadership. It allows ambitious students to get support and make their dreams come true.

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About GIST South Korea Scholarship 2024

GIST stands for Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. it is a catalyst for change. a platform that nurtures innovation and fosters cross-cultural collaboration. Established with the vision of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists from emerging economies. The GIST Scholarship 2024 is a testament to the belief that talent knows no boundaries. The GIST Scholarship 2024 helps students from different countries who are interested in STEM fields. It gives them financial independence for their education and connects them with experts and other students around the world. If you are good at STEM subjects and want to learn more the GIST Scholarship can help you go to a good university. You will get to study cool things and do important research that can make the world better.

The scholarship also brings smart people from different countries together. They share ideas and work on projects that can help solve big problems. It is a chance to make friends and learn from each other. The GIST Scholarship does not just teach you facts. it helps you become a leader. You learn how to take charge and make a difference in your community. Whether it is starting a business or helping others the scholarship helps you become a leader.

The GIST Korea Scholarship 2024 program is a Korean Fully Funded Scholarship program for worldwide students. Since it is a fully-funded South Korea Scholarship for international students that will cover expenses including university tuition fees, free accommodation, living, airfare, and meals. Don't miss this life-changing opportunity.

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Host Country: Study in South Korea

Host University: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Scholarships Offered By: Korean Government Funded

Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Bachelors / Masters/Ph.D. Degree Programs in all Fields.

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Benefits of the GIST South Korea Scholarship for International Students

Following are the benefits of the GIST Scholarship 2024 in South Korea at GIST.

  1. The full tuition fee is waived.
  2. Monthly Food allowance will be given of ₩270,000.
  3. A monthly stipend of ₩130,000 will be given.
  4. The international allowance will be given ₩130,000 per month if a student scores a CGPA of 3.0 in the last semester.
  5. ₩200,000 settlement allowance will be given to international students for their expenses once they move to South Korea.
  6. One-way airfare will be given.
  7. Gist Scholarship 2024 provides free annual medical check-ups.
  8. Health insurance will be given to the students who qualify for the GIST Scholarship 2024.
  9. State-of-the-art Dormitory accommodation will be given.

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Available Degree Programs for Undergraduate Masters and Ph.D. at GIST

There are different Programs for Undergraduate Graduates and Ph.D. offered at Gist Korean Scholarship 2024. The list is below.

Field of Study:

  1. Electrical engineering and computer science.
  2. Material science and engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Earth Sciences and environmental.
  5. Life Science.
  6. Physics.
  7. Chemistry.
  8. Mathematics.
  9. Biomedical Science and Engineering.
  10. Energy.
  11. Culture Technology.
  12. Intelligent Robot.
  13. Humanities and Social Sciences.
  14. AI convergence


What are the Eligibility Criteria for the GIST Scholarship 2024?

Applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to avail of this scholarship.

  1. All international students are eligible to apply.
  2. Students must have a school certificate for an undergraduate master student need undergraduate.
  3. A student must not be a Korean national.
  4. Students must take an English proficiency test.
  5. A student must not have previously gained any scholarship in South Korea.

What Documents are Required for Apply?

 The list of documents is given below:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. One Recommendation Letter.
  3. High School Profile.
  4. High School / University Transcript.
  5. High School Diploma (or Certification of expected graduation).
  6. English Proficiency Test Score Report.
  7. Official Document of Parent-child relationship.
  8. Statement of Financial Resources.
  9. CV.

What is the Deadline for the GIST Undergraduate Graduate Phd Korea Scholarship 2024?

The Last date to apply for the GIST Korean Government Scholarship 2024 in South Korea is April 15, 2024.

Application Process for GIST Korea Scholarship

The Student has to apply online for this scholarship, for apply please follow the procedure as given below:

  1. For Undergraduate - Visit Undergraduate GIST Scholarships 2024
  2. For Masters and PhD - Visit Graduate Scholarships Programs 2024

Step by Step - Application Process:

  1. The application can only be submitted online.
  2. First, need to Create a username and password.
  3. Log into the account.
  4. Start filling out the application form.
  5. Upload all required documents.
  6. Before submitting the documents please make sure that you have completed the form correctly because once you apply you can not edit it out.
  7. After the deadline of submission University will shortlist the candidates.
  8. shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview For Gist Scholarship 2024.
  9. successful applicants will receive an invitation.

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